Compound crossbow Cheetah-sport

Compound crossbow the “Cheetah-sports” is one of the first domestic models, and very successful. Company Interloper has created a reliable, powerful, and quiet device. Fleet-footed cheetahs, of course, it will not impress, but for hunting at medium and even big game in our forests is fine.

The cost

On the website of the manufacturer both (and black, and khaki) are the same – nineteen thousand rubles. The reinforced shoulders (eighty-four kilograms) can be bought for eight-ten thousand roubles. Below are reviews of the owners of the crossbow Interloper Cheetah Sports.

Review of the device
Advantages and disadvantages


  • A durable and reliable construction.
  • License for use is not required (with the shoulders 43 kg).
  • The bed is adjustable, which is convenient.
  • A strap weaver.
  • Circuit breaker suitable for both hands.
  • String Fast String durability and strength. To change it without using the press.
  • This crossbow is able to be a long time in a charged state.
  • Included is a collimator (optical) sight with an adjustable mount.
  • A high initial velocity of the flying arrow.
  • Good precision, accuracy is very high.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • When shooting, the front bolt a little, Unscrew the collimator.
  • The crossbow is quite heavy. For women is unlikely to fit.
  • A long and difficult descent.
  • The screws that secure the metal rail to the plastic substrate, eventually bumped.
  • Arrows from the kit is too light and not very durable.
  • With the shako’s center of gravity shifts forward.

The crossbow is designed for hunters. With native shoulders (43 kg) can chase prey of medium size (like rabbits, for example), and reinforced (84 kg) and larger animals. Also, the device is suitable for sport shooting at targets.

Compound crossbow Interloper Cheetah (black c equipment)

  • Models differ in design to the shoulders. They can be either solid or Quad version.
  • In addition, there are two color options of the device. One involves a completely black color, the second is black with accents of camo. These options are a little different equipment (scopes).

These are the characteristics of the crossbow Cheetah-sports:

Name The value Units
Ammunition boom length 16 or 20 inch
The weight of the crossbow 4120 g
Length 92 cm
Height 17 cm
Width between axes 64,9 cm
The tension from 43 to 84 kg
The course of a bowstring (work) 27 cm
Range aiming 70 m
The arrow speed (initial) 94 m/s
Guarantee 5 years
Device crossbow Cheetah-sports
  • The crossbow has a rubber-coated stirrup classic type.
  • The pad is attached to the rail Central fixing bolt for fixing the shoulders is used by two bolts. On the bottom there is the option to install kiver.
  • Machined guide rail is made of aluminum alloy, it has an in-depth profile.
  • String one piece of durable synthetic material, it runs through blocks – simple round eccentrics.
  • Rough cast plate made of metal, and blocks, as well as the mechanism of descent. Shoulders fiberglass, butt – plastic, resistant to frost.

To the rear there is a possibility of installation of the tensioner, at the bottom there are two swivels for the sling.

  • Bilateral fuse, auto type.
  • Strap for rifle scope adjustable with a special bolt – the angle of inclination can be changed.
Picking and packing

Packaging – cardboard box. It contains:

  • the crossbow, the regulations thereunder and warranty card;
  • kiver;
  • glasses;
  • a set of hexagons for the Assembly of the apparatus;
  • four arrows made of aluminium;
  • the collimator 4 on 32 (color khaki) or optical sight 4 to 32 (for black color);
  • wax for lubricating the string,
  • belt.
How to use
  1. For the platoon have to put my foot in the stirrup, switch the fuse to “fire”, to take up the string with two hands, raise it up until it clicks. The crossbow will return to the fuse.
  2. Now take the arrow and put it in the guide.
  3. Now it is necessary to remove the Assembly from the fuse. You can shoot.

The price of crossbow Interloper Cheetah-Sports is given below.

Owner reviews
  • Hunters who have experienced this model tend to believe that she’s in this price range the best power and reliability. Helps to cope with a variety of game – ducks beats on the fly, for example. With reinforced shoulders can take down a boar.
  • A big plus is that the crossbow can be kept in a charged condition from four to six hours. The sound when shooting quiet is on the hunt helps. But not everyone likes short and not too aesthetic box.
  • Users are not recommended for use in aluminum and carbon arrows. They pulled out of the target easily with the help of silicon spray. They are more durable and stronger, but more expensive. Native scope supplied, too, as a rule, they are passionate about people

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