Compound crossbow Hori-Zone Penetrator

The company from Taiwan “Hori-zone outdoors equipment” produces 2014 high-quality, powerful and inexpensive block model Hori-Zone Penetrator, which was loved by domestic users because of affordable prices coupled with very good technical parameters and low weight.


The crossbow can be used for sports training, recreational shooting and hunting (on small and medium game).



  • Low weight due to the fact that most of the parts are plastic.
  • Good speed arrows even with the force of 43 pounds. This is achieved thanks to the steel excentricum.
  • The presence of complete optical sight.
  • The scheme bullpup, allowing you to make a platoon of easy.
  • There is a strap weaver.
  • Foregrip is adjustable.
  • A bed combined with a butt – unit alloplastiki.
  • Comfortable and easy grip rubber-like coating “Soft touch”.
  • Comes with the quiver.
  • Plastic in the winter is not cold hands.
  • The escapement is easily dismantled and assembled with only one hexagon.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Low cost.


  • The guide is made of plastic and inferior in strength metal.
  • Arrows not included carbon fiber, and aluminum.
  • After installing shako space on lower level for additional devices remains very small.
  • There is no strap included.
  • Optics included is not too good (it is plastic).
  • Keeping his finger on the trigger, this hand did not reach safety – he’s too far away.
Name The value Units
Ammunition boom length 20 or 22 inch
The weight of the crossbow 3450 g
Length (with stirrup) 90 cm
Width between axles (discharged) 48 cm
Width between centers (in the cocked) 38 cm
The course of a bowstring (work) 35,6 cm
The tension from 43 to 75 kg
The arrow speed (initial) from 82,3 to 105,2 m/s
Device crossbow Hori-Zone Penetrator
  • Butt here shortened, with vent holes. He United with the bed.
  • The forearm can be adjusted.
  • Apparatus (including the guide) almost all plastic, the top has a coating “Soft touch”.
  • Scheme performance – bullpup.
  • There is an automatic fuse.
  • There are two straps weaver.
  • Top is included in the scope 4 by 32, bottom – kiver.
Picking and packing

Packaging cardboard box contains:

  • crossbow;
  • the wax is intended for lubricating the bowstring;
  • the quiver which holds five arrows.
  • sight 4 on 32 without backlight with printed grid;
  • three arrows made of aluminum;
  • the manual tensioner of the string type.
How to use
  1. By putting one foot in the stirrup of the crossbow, by stretching the string (either manually or using a complete manual tensioner) until a clearly audible click.
  2. Then you need the arrow to stick to the end, moving it along the rail.

The crossbow during a cocking becomes automatic fuse before firing it is necessary to remove.

How to strengthen

As usual, the power and speed of arrow flight can be improved by replacing the supplied standard for Russia the shoulders (they are still “childish” name) with a force of 43 pounds on the reinforced shoulders (75 kilograms).

The rate will rise to 105 meters per second. To use the apparatus with reinforced shoulders can only be outside of Russia. By the way, a primitive model of crossbow you can create with your own hands.

The cost

Crossbow Penetrator (Penetrator) has a value of about twenty-one thousand rubles. For such devices the price is very budget.

Owner reviews
  • Owners say the lightness of the device (especially for women this is a big plus) and comfortable enough butt and coating “Soft touch” that prevent slipping the crossbow from his hands. Well, the price certainly pleases.
  • Due to displacement of the center of gravity closer to shooting accuracy is quite good patterning even at a distance of forty meters is also very impressive. Small scale arcs on the axes made crossbow is compact enough.
  • The platoon with the manual tensioner is convenient and easy, and here the case has to facilitate this operation a special “lip”.

Analogs of this crossbow:

  • Compact (on the shoulders with a size of only 43 centimeters) compound crossbow INTERLOPER Ifrit a bit longer and 500 grams heavier. With reinforced shoulders (84 kg), he gives the arrow speed of 108 meters per second, “child” is 84 meters per second. Costs from 33 thousand rubles from the manufacturer.
  • Compound crossbow BARNETT Penetrator (Barnett Penetrating) less compact in the shoulders (55 centimeters), it has a weight of 3.9 kg, a length of 94 cm and a speed of up to 107 metres per second (shoulders force 79 kilograms). The price of the product – 71 thousand roubles.

Good qualities and have such block model as:

  • Cheetah-Sports and Cheetah;
  • Ghost-400;
  • Styx;
  • Tactics
  • MK-380 and 400;
  • Legat;
  • Black Python;
  • Reaper-410;
  • Archon etc.

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