Compound crossbow INTERLOPER Styx (Styx)

One of the most powerful and accurate crossbows on the budget (up to 30 thousand rubles) the price was quite a new model Stiks from domestic producers Interloper. Learn more about her.

The cost

On the manufacturer’s website you can buy the basic package of this model for 24.5 thousand rubles. Adding 9 thousand rubles, you can buy a complete package. Compound crossbow INTERLOPER Styx (Styx) got a lot of feedback from owners, which we will discuss below.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good build quality and materials, durable plastic crossbow Styx.
  • The presence of the weaver strap with movable fore-end and an optical sight with protective caps. Rib is regulated by screws it.
  • Design scheme bullpup improved technical quality, in particular, balancing.
  • The lack of vibration when firing the crossbow Styx.
  • Comfortable rubberized inserts, not giving the crossbow to slip out of his hands. In the winter they are not cold hands.
  • There is protection for hands in the form of a comb, which helps when loading.
  • You can adjust the clamping bar.
  • There is a special system of protection against a shot in vain.
  • Fuse auto type convenient for both left and right-hand.


  • Decent size – for women, for example, the device is too big and heavy.
  • The stated speed of a bullet relates to reinforced shoulders. They are more than 14 thousand rubles.
  • Basic very scarce.
  • This unit is designed for hunting big game, as well as
  • for training, hone their skills of handling weapons of this type.

The options differ only in color scheme. Three of them:

  • black color;
  • Next G-1;
  • Treeleaf Camo.

The last two colors are camouflage. Will allow the crossbow to be invisible in the woods.



Crossbow Styx has the following characteristics:

Name The value Units
The weight of the crossbow 3800 g
Length 94 cm
Width (axes) 48,3 65 cm
The tension from 43 to 84 kg
Working stroke of the bowstring 36,8 cm
The arrow speed (initial) 122 m/s
Device crossbow INTERLOPER Styx
  • Besstremyannaya pad, forearm and butt is made of durable plastic.
  • It weighs a bit and the vibration softens significantly.
  • Guide to crossbow arrows Styx aluminum made by the method of milling.
  • Blocks of aluminum used in this model have a completely new design. They are faster and more powerful. The shoulders are almost parallel to each other, which reduces noise and vibration.

Above is a strip of the weaver, it can be adjusted vertically by screws. Downstairs is another bar (for the LCC, for example).

  • All screw connections are made neatly and well, they are not in plastic, and the aluminum sleeve, fused into it. This increases reliability and durability.
  • Tylnik and podsednik soft, rubber. Descent traditional products of the firm, and a bullpup. There is an automatic fuse on the two sides.
Picking and packing

Packaging is a big black box. The basic set includes:

  • Assembly kit along with a crossbow;
  • the wax necessary for the string.

The complete set includes:

  • Assembly kit (same as above);
  • three arrows to the crossbow and the quiver for them.
  • belt;
  • an optical sight 4 to 32;
  • the tensioner of the string;
  • wax for bowstrings.
How to use
  1. Loading the crossbow with an arrow, you have to put it down and step on the stirrup leg.
  2. Butt abut in the stomach, and pull the string back until it clicks.
  3. Now the arrow is in the right place to insert.
  4. Shooting, you have a little legs apart, and knees bent.
  5. Aim (there is a crosshair), press the hook descent. The arrow will fly forward.
How to strengthen

Initially, the device is equipped with shoulders, the maximum allowed in Russia (with a force of 43 kg). If you change them on the shoulders with a force of 84 pounds, the crossbow will become more powerful.

Below we outline the price of the crossbow Interloper Styx.

Owner reviews

The owners appreciated the power and speed of the new crossbow. He showed himself quite well, particularly for hunting. Moreover, it is possible to hunt with arrows of any size. But higher quality charges (e.g., Easton flatline) will give higher accuracy of shots.

Note users of soft down, light weight, good balance. However, the full vehicle model (in particular, reinforced shoulders for hunting) will cost “a pretty penny”. That’s why you should keep this in mind.


Similar foreign models are available, but their cost is much higher. Examples of analogues:

  • TenPoint crossbow block “Vapor” PKG (ACU-50) allows the arrow to fly at a speed of 110 meters per second. Has a length of 95 cm, the net weight of 3.1 kilograms, is 35 thousand rubles.
  • Crossbow block Reaper 410 – new this year from the company Interloper. The length is 98 inches, weight of 3.4 pounds, the arrow speed is 125 meters per second. The price has not yet been folded.

However, there are other good block model, for example:

  • Predator
  • Rex,
  • Archon,
  • Mans series Kung MK-400, MK 380, MK-250, MK-52.

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