Compound crossbow MK-380

MK-380 – crossbow block type manufactured by the Taiwanese company Man Kung, the official distributor in Russia is the company Bowmaster. Powerful projectile weapons suitable for sports and hunting.

The description of the weapon

Crossbow block type with the standard tension force of 43 pounds. It is possible to change the shoulders on stronger – up to 80 pounds.

Bed classic poliestireno type, plastic, light-weight – cut-outs in the forend and the butt. Very rich equipment supply, which includes a four times optical sight.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Well thought-out ergonomics of the Lodge. It is plastic, but covered with a rubberized compound that absorbs accidental bumps and facilitates the retention of weapons in hand. On the shank there is a pad with a projection, which prevents finger under the string.
  • Two options that increase the safety of use. This is an automatic fuse, and the device, blocking a single shot. The latter can be deactivated, if desired.
  • Powerful, with standard shoulders and a tensile load is 43 kg, the flight speed of arrows up to 85 m/s. After the upgrade, this figure increases to 110 m/s.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, but with two septulae, the descent of the bowstring soft and predictable. On the back side of the pads has two vibration dampener that receives the blow of the bowstring. All this increases the shooting accuracy.
  • Of sighting devices only optics mounted on the bar weaver. It is good quality – a fourfold increase, highlighting grades, good aperture (lens diameter 5 cm). But the set of normal completely and flies would come in handy in case of a very probable damage to the lenses while hunting in the forest.
  • Package includes a quiver with 4 arrows, it is set across a box under a Shoe. For hunting in zasobnik areas this option is not too convenient.
  • The weight of a fully loaded crossbow 4.5 kilograms. If you compare the ratio of its capacity and effectiveness (range, accuracy) and the weight of firearms, then he obviously loses.

Hunting with a crossbow in Russia is still prohibited, so the use of MK-380 for these purposes is possible only on own risk.

Compound crossbow MK-380 Hornet (photo)


The purpose and varieties

The main purpose of the sports and entertainment shooting. By its power this crossbow suitable for hunting fowl, and small mammals – hares, for example. To fill up the boar of it will fail.

Comes with the box black in color and has a camouflage coloring.

Feature The value
Type Block
The scope of the free arms (cm) 61,5
Tension force (kg) 43
The course of the string (cm) 37
The speed of the arrow’s flight (m/s) 85
Ammunition Arrow length of 20 inches
Bed Polupoltina, plastic
The trigger mechanism Unregulated
Safety options Circuit breaker, blocker single shot
Sights 4x optical sight, strap weaver.
Length (cm) 89
The weight of a fully loaded crossbow (kg) 4,5
Device crossbow MK-380
  • Crossbow block type. Guide, pad the bow and the trigger mechanism is made of metal.
  • The shoulders are separate, consisting of two elastic bars, between which the fixed obnarujeny pulley (two units – twice the effort). On the back side of the pads bow fixed two rods with rubber shock-absorbers – dampers for vibration of the string.
  • Bed polupoltina, delivered with cool handle, a large cutout in the butt stock and rubber butt pad fixed on it. Made of high impact plastic with shock absorbing rubber-like coating. The fore-end with a massive grip with the projections on the upper edges, which ensures the safety of the fingers when shooting.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, dual sear. Fuse auto, its check box is on the back. To enhance security the lock provides single shot. It is deactivated at the moment when the arrow rests feathers in the string stretched and is under a clamping lath. This can be done manually.
  • For installation of optics is strap weaver. The package includes four-time rifle scope with illuminated models.
  • The crossbow shoots arrows with a length of 20 inches. You can use hollow aluminum or solid carbon.
Picking and packing

Crossbow Packed in a cardboard box with elegant printing performance. It is divided into compartments with cardboard walls. Package includes:

  1. bed with trigger and strap weaver;
  2. shoulders the bow on the Shoe with the installed cables and the bowstring;
  3. four times optical sight;
  4. manual cord tensioner of the string;
  5. four aluminum hollow arrows;
  6. the quiver (quiver) for temporary storage of arrows under the forearm;
  7. the genuine leather strap to carry the crossbow on your shoulder;
  8. set of mounting bolts and their keys;
  9. a jar of wax for rubbing the bowstring;
  10. instruction manual;
  11. the certificate of conformity of the civil weapon.
How to use

To assemble, following the manual. This is a simple operation for connection with the shoulder pads, quiver and setting sight on the bar.

  1. To set the crossbow stirrup down and lock it in this position foot.
  2. To pull the arrow using the cord tensioner grips for the string supplied. When excess force this can be done by hand. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the bowstring for fighting tooth should hold the middle part.
  3. Mounting of the arm on the rail, resting her rear end to the bowstring.
  4. To rest the butt plate in the shoulder, bring the crossbow to aim, thumb to click on the check box of the fuse and allow the trigger mechanism into the firing position.
  5. Pull the trigger to make a shot.

Next will be the reviews of crossbow block MK-380 (Man Kung MK-380).

Owner reviews
  • Owners say the good workmanship and ease of use of the crossbow.
  • Its capacity to provoke to try this weapon not only at paper targets.
  • The accuracy and precision of the battle satisfactory.

They believe that the crossbow is quite invested in him.

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