Crossbow block type Tactics

Model block type called “Tactics” is made with the use of advanced technologies, high speed boom out, excellent build quality and materials, functionality and customizable crossbow INTERLOPER Tactics.

One of the most effective and powerful hunting crossbows budget produces 2013 domestic enterprise Interloper.

Review of the device
Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of block crossbow INTERLOPER Tactics:

  • Execution according to the scheme bullpup to reduce the device length and balance to improve.
  • The descent is very light and smooth.
  • The upper locking mechanism of the lock (not the bottom, as most analogues).
  • The outer layer is durable plastic rubberized butt.
  • Quality aluminium guide rail with a special coating.
  • Ergonomic pistol grip.
  • There is an automatic two-way fuse.
  • Sight comes, it is provided with two-color backlight.
  • Carbon arrows are also supplied.
  • Lining on butt make accurate individual adjustment.
  • A high initial velocity of the arrow’s flight.


  • Weight can not be called small.
  • Basic meagre, full have to pay extra.

It’s a hunting model, which is suitable for lesions of medium and large (with reinforced shoulder) game. Also the crossbow is well suited for sports training. It has an effective range of 70 meters.

Crossbow block Interloper Tactics black pkg


There are two colors of this model is pure black and camouflage, which kiver and arc covered with a layer of “Next Generation G-1”. Both versions have slightly different packaging and cost features are the same.

Name The value Units
Ammunition boom length 20 or 22 inch
The weight of the crossbow 4300 g
Length 89,9 cm
Width between axes 42,9 cm
The tension from 43 to 84 kg
The course of a bowstring (work) 33,7 cm
The arrow speed (initial) 116 m/s
Guarantee 5 years
Device crossbow Tactics

Selenometionina frame – the key strength of the crossbow. The stock model is made of very sturdy plastic, the top layer is a rubberized coating.

  • Removable pads on the butt allow you to vary the dimensions under the image of the arrow. The descent thanks to the technology of “Power Touch” soft and smooth.
  • Shoulders very compact.
  • Arm in five positions adjustable, it can continue handguard.
  • Planck weaver fitted with hidden screws for adjustment.

The kit includes a scope that has an illuminated red and green. To protect the sight are special caps.

Picking and packing

Packaging comes in a long box out of cardboard without inscriptions and drawings. Inside we have (if fully loaded):

  • crossbow;
  • quiver for 6 arrows (only for version with camouflage print);
  • tensioner manual type;
  • book-the passport;
  • wax for lubricating the string,
  • four arrows carbon;
  • trim for butt removable;
  • the sight on the crossbow Tactician INTERLOPER optical 4 32 illuminated red and green colors;
  • goggles;
  • five-way hand grip;
  • handguard (only for option black color);
  • belt.

As for the basic configuration, it is more scarce. This is a replacement butt pad for the stock, goggles, wax and the hilt of the 5 positions.

How to use
  1. For the platoon you have to insert a foot in the stirrup, pre-dropping machine this part down, then pulling the string back until it clicks. Simplifies the task of using a manual tensioner (included).
  2. Inserting the arrow in the gutter down the strip of feathers is different from the other colors (this marking, the tail made specially), remove the crossbow with auto guard. You can shoot.

On how to modernize crossbow INTERLOPER Tactics, which our review described below.

How to strengthen

Like other crossbows, to increase the power of the crossbow INTERLOPER Tactics enough to use reinforced shoulders. Included are the shoulders with a force of 43 pounds is allowed in Russia, the maximum. Reinforced shoulders (to 84 kg) should be stored separately from the crossbow, to use only abroad. For example, when hunting elephants in Zimbabwe.

Following are the price of the crossbow Interloper Tactics.

The cost

On the website of the manufacturer model camouflage is 39 thousand rubles. Model black color has a price of 35.5 thousand. For the full package will have to pay 10 or 9 per thousand (respectively).

Below are reviews of the owners of the crossbow INTERLOPER Tactics, which is dedicated to our review.

Owner reviews
  • Users note the extraordinary compactness of the shoulders of the crossbow, which greatly facilitates its transportation and movement over rough terrain and dense forest.
  • Still here are pleased with the softness and smoothness of descent. Good and stick to five positions that you can move around the forearm to where the arrow is most convenient. And accessories can be attached any which will need.
  • Very strong and durable carbon arrows, which comes with the crossbow. If you need to shoot with reinforced shoulders, you can change the arrow heads. This can be done easily.
  • The precision and accuracy of the model, as stated in the reviews above and beyond. And power too – penetrating ability of arrows more than sufficient for hunting.

Analogs of this crossbow:

  • Crossbow block type “Skal” companies Interloper. Available also with 2013. Different from the hero of our review of the smaller (two centimeters) long and hard rigid butt. Technical parameters almost similar “Tactics”. The price of 29,5 thousand rubles.
  • Crossbow block type TEN POINT Carbon Fusion CLS is equipped with the same shoulders, it weighs less (3.2 kg), has the arrow speed is slightly lower (111 meters per second). Will cost 170 thousand rubles.
  • Compound crossbow INTERLOPER Ifrit weighs 4 pounds, has shoulders 43 to 84 pounds and a length of 92 inches, an arrow he flies at a speed of 116 meters per second. Price – 33 thousand rubles.

Yes, the choice of crossbow can be difficult. Good qualities and have such block model as:

  • Cheetah-Sports;
  • Ghost-400;
  • Styx;
  • MK-380 and 400;
  • Legat;
  • Black Python;
  • Reaper-410;
  • Archon etc.

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