Crossbow MK-250

Modern and stylish, the crossbows of the new models already delight fans of recreational shooting and hunters. After all, this kind of knives allows to immobilize in the far distance the victim has a stylish design and has a unique range of lesions due to the high speed of an arrow, rich basic equipment and affordable cost.

Usage patterns and the structure of the crossbow MK-250

And the combination of these characteristics makes the current models of crossbows are especially popular.

Overview of weapons

The diversity represented in the sale models of crossbows may cause obstruction in the selection, however, the brand crossbow MK 250, a well-established and owner reviews and technical parameters, especially stands out.

Externally, the model seems very elegant, as all the parts of the mechanism are made of highly durable plastic and have a compact size, which positively affects the process of using the crossbow: its low weight makes it easy to carry it and to exploit it. Also users report good quality of the material used for the string: its high strength and significant progress can give the maximum speed of the boom, which also affects the range of its flight and the killing power of the crossbow.

Due to the significant amount of benefits according to its technical in comparison with analogues, the model MK 250 occupies one of the first places in the ranking of similar types of crossbows, which are used as budding enthusiasts shooting arrows, and professionals who prefer hunting small game and birds other outdoor activities.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important positive qualities of this model, according to the owners reviews, should include the following characteristics crossbow MK 250:

  • budget the cost – price index plays an important role when choosing the right kind of crossbow, and the cost model MK 250 is a small and quite affordable for the greater part of buyers;
  • standard shoulders. This means that the size of the shoulders in this model corresponds to the standard that delivers maximum performance crossbow in the original data;
  • a particular strength and reliability of the string;
  • the simplicity of the process the replacement string in the source configuration, especially in comparison to similar models of crossbows;
  • the simplicity of the design, which allows as a replacement string, and other repair and maintenance works even in the absence of appropriate skills;
  • the absence of so-called “shoulder fatigue” that also guarantees perfect operation of the mechanism during the entire time of its usage.

High quality professional optical sight allows to make scoring shots: the use of this sight allows firing from a crossbow precision optics in the scope are not exposed to the negative influence of the environment and resistant to mechanical stress. The absence of cloudiness even over the long time using is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The disadvantage, according to the opinion of professional hunters and lovers of shooting with a crossbow, can be considered a recommendation to replace the supplied string. And although it is durable, but the degree of tension it is not perfect, and replacement due to the simplicity of the device of the crossbow and moves quickly without much difficulty.

Reinforced shoulders for crossbow MK-250 (photo)


Model MK 250, having a good functionality that can be used in hunting medium-sized animals, as well as for entertainment: shooting arrows to the development of accuracy. This type of crossbow is recommended for Amateurs who want to learn a new kind of deadly weapons and to understand the principle of its action.

This recommendation is given because of simple operation crossbow, affordable price and good technical characteristics, which are necessary for successful shooting of it.


Similar models can be considered crossbows that have similar structure, not very different technical parameters, as well as similar method of use. The varieties MK 250 include:

  • crossbow MK 52;
  • crossbow mongoose;
  • Leopard;
  • MK 400.

These models are well-proven and noted by buyers that have exhibited for their quality while using the highest rating.

About the characteristics of the crossbow MK-250 (MAN KUNG MK-250) see below.


The presence of such qualities, as the bowshot and the long service of the crossbow due to a combination of technical parameters, which determine these qualities of the crossbow. For their analysis it is possible to study initial data of the model MK 250, the most important in any form of this type of knives.

Specifications Crossbow model MK 250
Country of origin Taiwan
The initial velocity of the arrow 65m/s
The power of fire 43кгс
The number of arrows in the base set 4 PCs
The dimensions of the crossbow 95 cm x 42 cm x 19 cm
The possibility of replacing the shoulders There
The warranty from the manufacturer 12 months

Required repairs braid bow for MK-250 has been noted by many owners of the crossbow, because its better to replace it with more durable and have more free play option (recommended draconian bowstring).

Device crossbow MK-250
  • The body of the crossbow is the main component, which in this model is made of durable plastic.
  • The barrel is made of aluminum that makes the overall weight of the device.
  • Handguard and sight, and guide – also components of a device of any modern crossbow.
  • Start button has a smooth motion that provides the ease of pressing and releasing arrows. It is equipped with a fuse which does not allow to make unnecessary (blank) shot.
Picking and packing

There is a basic and advanced kit, with the basic specification is characterized by the presence of the necessary components to start the most comfortable use of the device.

The basic package includes:

  • the crossbow;
  • strap for wearing;
  • boom in number of four pieces, are made of carbon.

The whole set is offered for sale in cardboard packaging.

How to use

The use of the crossbow model MK 250 is determined by the device, and since the mechanism of the device under review, the crossbow is quite simple, its operation will not cause difficulties even for beginners training accuracy with shooting arrows.

Before using you must install the arrow, then pull the string and make the shot. Best shot due to the use of high-quality and with a significant indicator of the progress of the bowstring.

The product price

It’s time to talk about reviews and prices on compound crossbow MAN KUNG MK-250 (MC-250).

The cost model MK 250 should be considered as one of the most affordable among peers: this crossbow is offered at a price of 16 to 19 250 120 rubles.

Owner reviews

Thanks to the reviews you can get the most detailed picture of the model.

  • And most of the buyers have left positive response for model MK 250, the first place to put the possibility of its safe operation due to the presence of the guard on the trigger and sufficient speed of flight of an arrow for training accuracy.
  • Crossbow MK-250, according to the feedback, can be successfully used not only for entertainment but also for hunting small game and birds.
  • Full compliance with the standard requirements to this type of knives allows you to feel great the whole mechanism of the crossbow, where it all just works and is fully adjusted.
  • Available price and happy customers.

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