Crossbow MK-400

Manufacturers pleased with the professional hunters and beginners firing arrows such models, which allow you to adjust depending on the height of the external parameters, which ensures greater convenience and comfort during operation.

Through the use of modern technologies and innovations in the structure of crossbows and materials for their production increased important parameters such as reliability, safety and functionality.

And among peers need special attention in a variety of crossbows from the man Kung MK-400, which is well proven and has many positive owner reviews.

Overview of the device

The modern silhouette of the model MK-400 attracts attention, and technical characteristics allow to obtain the most complete idea of its capabilities. Basic surprised by the presence of all necessary: several arrows of various lengths wax for the care of crossbow mechanism, a strap for attaching to a crossbow that increases the comfort of travel.

And by analyzing existing models of advantages in comparison with the same varieties presented in the market today, one can imagine the degree of functionality and convenience in use.

Advantages and disadvantages

The relatively small weight of the model well allows you to hold the crossbow, even the woman, and the bow range that may surprise even the professional who ensures the elasticity of the bowstring and a large measure of its freewheel.

The most important characteristics that can be attributed to the benefits that include the following characteristics of the model man kung MK 400:

  1. the strength of the material of the string and ensures continuous use of the crossbow;
  2. the range is determined by the manufacturer, which has proven successful previous models, the unit of which was the changes that made them more reliable and effective;
  3. the combination of cost models and functionality provided a high level of demand for this crossbow.

Carbon arrows that came with the basic kit, very durable. They are located at the front of the crossbow, which determines the ease of use and quick installation of arrows.

Light weight (only 3.6 kg) allows you to have no difficulties when carrying the crossbow, and the quality of the materials from which is made the body ensures its safety from scratches.

According to the owner reviews of this model, deficiencies in the model MK-400 is not revealed. A large number of advantages allows us to call it particularly popular.

Reinforced shoulders for crossbow MK-400


  • To use the model for professional hunting, and for the development of accuracy for entertainment.
  • The strength of the hull ensures the possibility of using a crossbow in any weather conditions, and special coating helps to prevent scratches.
  • The classic design makes the crossbow popular, and a large number of advantages makes the model especially popular among those who seek to obtain quality execution and a high functionality.

The market today, you can see several varieties that vary slightly in their technical characteristics but they all have high reliability and safety. Most popular models:

  1. the recursive crossbow man kung mk xb21;
  2. model mongoose;
  3. Scorpio.

These varieties have the most optimal combination of quality, functionality and cost, which is affordable for everyone and makes them especially popular.


The most complete picture is presented the technical characteristics of the crossbow man kung MK 400. After reviewing them, you can see how reliable the mechanism of the crossbow, a high degree of reliability and level of comfort during its operation.

Specifications Crossbow man kung MK 400
Manufacturer Taiwan
The weight of the model 3.6 kg
The initial velocity of the arrow when departing 110 m/s
The number of arrows in the base set 4
The size of the arrows 20 inch
Width and length of the crossbow 86 cm x 36 cm
Guaranteed duration 12 months

Sufficient progress string (39 cm) provides the maximum range of flight of an arrow, and its durability allows you to be confident in the quality work of the mechanism of the crossbow. Referring to the block type of the crossbows, the considered model is the most reliable, high degree of functionality and ensures safety when using.

Device crossbow MK-400

Made of durable plastic, the crossbow is durable, reliable and easy to use. The characteristic of the crossbows of similar models:

  • housing;
  • shoulders;
  • arc;
  • guide;
  • the barrel of aluminum, reinforced and covered with a special coating to prevent scratches;
  • the telescopic sight of a high class, with excellent performance results.

Supplied complete carbon arrows have a length of 20 cm with replaceable tips.

Picking and packing

This model is presented in a cardboard box, the kit (basic) includes four arrows with replaceable tip, wax for the care of crossbow and strap. which is used for carrying the crossbow.

More extended completion implies the possibility of increased functionality through the installation of another optical sight, the shoulders.

How to use

The simplicity of the device implies the use of the crossbow, even by non-professionals without any difficulties. Installing the boom, you should see the goal in sight.

Optical sight allows as clearly as possible to send the arrow, and its high quality ensures a high hit probability.

  • Press on the trigger has a very smooth ride, and pressing it defines a quick shot.
  • The possibility of snapping the arms of the crossbow allows you to make use of it more comfortable.
  • The effectiveness of the shot depends on the use of high-quality sight, and the shooter’s skills.

Price and owner reviews block crossbow MK-400 (Man Kung MK-400) is presented below.

The product price

The value indicator of the model makes the crossbow man kung MK 400 are popular because the combination of its performance and excellent striking ability with a fairly affordable price is especially important for buyers. Today, the crossbow man kung MK 400 is offered at a price of 18 750 19 to 380 rubles in the base set.

Think the price too high? Try to make yourself a crossbow.

Owner reviews

According to owner reviews, crossbow MK-400 has proved itself in the hunt: high efficiency due to the lethality of the model and the following free movement of the bowstring firing crossbow accurate. Train your accuracy with it, and the application is in the hunting and arrow the novice and the professional hunter.

Also got positive reviews as the appearance of the crossbow: the classic appearance, use of the most durable materials and the use of modern technologies has ensured a constant demand for this model. A democratic value in comparison with the same species also adds advantages to the crossbow.

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