Crossbow MK-52

Among models with similar technical specifications, the crossbow MK 52 stands out for its data: it includes the most important for this type of knives quality at the most reasonable cost.

Thanks to its exterior design and excellent technical data, and unique lethality crossbows today are popular and purchase it will be the right step for all fans of hunting and training shooting accuracy.

It is in the crossbow centered qualities such as ease of use, the ability to control such important factors as the size of the shoulders and the length of the butt, as well as affordable price, which also affects the choice of buyers.

Overview of weapons

Thanks to the use of crossbow MK 52 for hunting and training accuracy (as entertainment), this model is in constant demand and those who are just starting to learn the skills of shooting arrows and having the experience of professionals. Owner reviews enable you to understand the reason for the demand of the model, and the retractable stock has the most ergonomic shape that provides ease of use.

Swing arms crossbow MK-52 and a sufficiently large stroke of the bowstring to allow the maximum range of the boom, and the possibility of choosing among several varieties of this model allows to choose the variant, which by its characteristics will be most suitable. A large number of advantages in comparison with similar models allow us to understand why the model MK 52 has become popular to participate in the hunt even big game.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important technical specifications that distinguish the model from the same crossbow should include the following parameters:

  • increased security level guaranteed by the manufacturer. Here is a view of a fuse from an unplanned shot, and even the most smooth running from the very light touch of the start button will not trigger a shot, if one goal did not stand. Also important to fuse in the mechanism of the crossbow, also increases the degree of safety when using;
  • significant progress in the bowstring and able to perform the most effective and far shot;
  • the presence of vibration dampers, as well as vibrogasyaschih strip ensures that no sharp and painful recoil, which is especially important when a small amount of experience with the use of the crossbow;
  • the fore-end, which can be moved depending on the physical structure of the body, to provide extra convenience to ensure comfort during shooting;
  • professional optical sight that increases accuracy of a shot.

These characteristics allow to understand the reason for the popularity of the model MK 52. And the combination of their availability at an affordable cost makes this crossbow an indispensable companion on the hunt.

According to owners of this model, weaknesses in it were noted. Easy to use in any conditions, guaranteed safety of operation of the mechanism and rich basic equipment ensures that the demand for crossbow all who appreciate the combination of convenience and reliability of such weapons.


Used model MK 52 can as a weapon on the hunt for the extraction of any animal, and the reliability of its range and allows the use of the crossbow, even when hunting big game.

The light in the optical sight provides an excellent overview in the absence or lack of natural light. Its brightness is determined by a strong enough light bulbs with a long life of active work.


The market today, you can see several varieties of model MK 52. They all have a number of similar parameters and their technical characteristics allow to call them also popular among fans of precise and reliable knives.

The most well-known today, the varieties should include the MK 250 crossbow and brand of mongoose, which is also reliable in use, have a high degree of security and are relatively low and affordable cost.


Positive feedback from many owners of this model relate to its technical data, which will ensure a high level of comfort of the use of the crossbow MK 52, range arrows, and also a great striking ability, which is due to significant progress in the string and its high elasticity.

Specifications Crossbow MK 52
Manufacturer Taiwan
View of the device of the crossbow Block
The initial velocity of the arrow 112 m/s
The stroke length of the string 34.5 cm
Length crossbow 93 cm
Swing arms, or the width of the crossbow 53.5 cm
Guaranteed lifetime from the manufacturer 12 months

The highest speed of flight of an arrow can surprise even professional hunter that uses this kind of bladed weapons, and the relatively small size and weight allow you to comfortably carry a crossbow.

Device crossbow MK-52

Current models of crossbows have similar device, which is easy.

  • The case, which is the main part of the crossbow is made of durable plastic with a special coating that protects it from scratches and chips.
  • The barrel is made of steel, resist corrosion.
  • Arrows aluminum, which gives them lightness.
  • A guide determines a direction of arrow flight and range, and the foregrip, which can be adjusted and provides comfort when shooting.
  • The start button is equipped with a fuse to ensure the safety of the use of the model and not allowing unplanned shot. However, the course of the trigger smooth and soft that allows you to use the crossbow MK even women.
Picking and packing

This model presents the basic specification, which provides full use of the crossbow. It includes the following names:

  • the crossbow;
  • four arrows, made of durable and lightweight aluminum;
  • strap for fixing the crossbow.

All this is housed in a cardboard box.

How to use the device

The use of crossbow MK 52 is relatively simple since the device is not complex and basic allows you to begin to use it immediately after purchase. Before the shot should be set to arrow, the goal is to find in the included in sight.

Significant progress of the bowstring allows you to send the arrow to the maximum distance. The string is stretched, and using the trigger is shot.

About the price of crossbow MK-XB52 (XB-52) see below.

The product price

Cost factor greatly influences the level of demand of the crossbow. And the model of the MK 52 has a price, which can please buyers with different income levels.

In sale the model is presented at a price of 16 to 18 580 100 rubles, compared with peers can be considered a democratic value of this kind of weapon.

Then the reviews on the crossbow block MK-XB52 (MAN KUNG man Kung XB-52).

Owner reviews
  • Those who have had the experience of using a crossbow brand MK-52, noted the high degree of damage, provided that the bowshot.
  • The range of an arrow’s flight dates are significant figure of free walking string.These specifications give an idea of the possibilities consider the crossbow.
  • It is also noted ease of use: fairly simple device allows you to operate it not only professional shooters, but for beginners and Amateurs, whose experience is small.
  • Significant further positive feedback about the quality used in the creation of models of materials: high strength, high toughness and the ability to operate a crossbow with any conditions of the environment encouraging those who are involved in the hunt and tends not to depend on weather conditions.
  • The price indicator is also important. And the cost largely determines the level of demand for the model.

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