Crossbow pistol ASP

Compact and stylish, pistol-crossbow, a block type with the intriguing name “Adder” is a domestic enterprise Interloper. Designed for recreational shooting, it can be used as charges on the metal balls, Darts or arrows.

So, let us now consider aspects such as advantages and disadvantages, the reviews of those who fired the crossbow Aspid, disassembly and use.

Review of the device
Advantages and disadvantages


  • Small size, small weight.
  • In the shops the unit is sold freely.
  • Cocked easily, almost instantly.
  • There is a automatic fuse, suitable for both hands.
  • Versatility – the ability to shoot different charges.
  • Good equipment.
  • Quiet, no recoil.
  • Excellent build quality and materials.
  • The ability to shoot different ammunition.
  • There are two rails for mounting additional devices.
  • Convenient front sight.
  • A good accuracy.


  • Due to the magnetic loading mechanism, you can only use steel balls. Lead or plastic will not work.
  • Arrows, bundled, slightly sharpened in the tree is not cut.
  • The thread of the harpoon on a small reel to reel is quite long and difficult.
  • Balls of steel can ricochet.

Under water fish shoot will not work – the crossbow will be ruined. And with sushi boat and the law do not allow it.

  • The crossbow is well suited for leisure and recreational shooting, as well as for sports training and improve the skills of accuracy.
  • The presence of harpoons and reels possible to catch with it a fish.

Has the crossbow Aspid following characteristics:

Name The value Units
Ammunition Darts (arrows), harpoons, beads, metal
The weight of the crossbow 900 g
Length 29 cm
Height 13 cm
Width 28,5 cm
The tension 18 kg
Firing range from 15 to 20 m
The arrow speed (initial) 50 m/s
Guarantee 5 years
The device of the crossbow-gun Adder
  • The body of the crossbow with a pistol handle (bottom equipped with a ring-sling swivel) made from lightweight but durable alloy.
  • The shoulders are made of a composite string (part of the block system) is made of steel.
  • For fishing used harpoons and a coil (supplied). Darts and balls go on the same way. Shop for bulbs tubular type, located on top. It is required for bowstring top rail.
  • The bed, made of alloy, in the front part extended. This extension screwed on the shoulders, and the top is smooth rods of steel arrows. In the lower part for laser sight or flashlight strap there is a “dovetail”, another strap is placed over the locking mechanism. There you can set, for example, the optical sight.
  • Pillar cylindrical shape with an annular groove in screw-in “ears” on the rear of the top strap. Adjustable with a screwdriver.
  • Namushnike is part of the Lodge, fly – rod made of brass with three bulges. Easy to use. The escapement is steel, reliable and durable. Fuse automatic, two-sided.

Package contents of the crossbow pistol of the type Adder are provided below.

Picking and packing


No decorated box made of cardboard are:

  • crossbow, manual and warranty card;
  • screwdriver for adjustable rear sight;
  • three Darts, plastic length 18 cm;
  • three harpoon plastic the same length;
  • three coils;
  • string replacement;
  • color target, printed on paper;
  • package with metal balls (30 pieces) with a diameter of 6 millimeters.

Below you will find the user manual for crossbow ASP.

How to use

For the platoon it is necessary to draw to itself a small brace which is on the back. While hooks will take the string and then hold it until the latch mechanism of descent. Immediately it will be automatically fuse.

To remove the fuse of the unit by pushing on the stirrup.

  • If you intendshooting the ballsin front of a platoon need to push the latch clips into 12 balls, which is on the back side. Opens the input hole where you can load the balls. After cocking the ball appears a magnet and will not ride or fall. Arrows are inserted from the front between the clip ball and the rail.
  • When using the harpoon it is necessary to put the coil on its designated tab. When the harpoon shoot, during the flight he will hook bobbin thread. It will start to unwind.

Next, explain how to strengthen the shoulders crossbow ASP.

How to strengthen

Shoulders a force of 18 pounds give quite a good boost of power. However, if desired, and reinforced shoulders for a crossbow, ASP buy. As usual, this is done by replacing the shoulders.

The price of crossbow-gun-Adder is given below.


On the website of the manufacturer of the kit of this model will cost five and a half thousand rubles. Same price roughly and in other online stores.

Below are reviews of the owners of pistol-crossbow ASP.

Owner reviews
  • The ease and also the mechanism of a platoon, not requiring undue effort, like the female. For them, this model fits very well. Children and teenagers under the guidance of parents is also successful with her training.
  • The presence of two planks (top and bottom), as well as a convenient sighting devices gives riders the ability to hone to the max your accuracy, shooting at targets.
  • As for the fishermen, their feedback has yet been received. Probably because of the prohibition of the use of harpoons, for example, from the boat.

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