Crossbow pistol from the Taiwanese company Yarrow Model D

In the model lineup recursive crossbows in the form factor of the pistol, produced by Yarrow, Model D is the most powerful, the tension force is equal to the crossbows with the rifle bed. It’s convenient, easy and compact throwing weapons for recreational shooting at distances up to 30 meters.

The description of the weapon

Recursive crossbow in the form factor of the pistol. Made of aluminum alloy and plastic. The tension force of 36 pounds, enough power for target shooting at distances up to 30 meters. As ammunition is used a dart with a length of 6.5 inches.


This is a throwing weapon for recreational shooting at distances up to 30 meters. Can be used as open areas, and shooting galleries.

About how many meters shoot Yarrow Model D, as well as about other properties, see below.

Advantages and disadvantages

The basis of design – a frame made of aluminum alloy. This increases the reliability and durability of the crossbow. To use them without special precautions. The hook behind the bushes and branches or accidental drop will not be for Yarrow Model D fatal.

  • Elastic shoulder enough to make shooting at a distance up to 30 meters was quite effective. The arrow enters the dry boards to a depth of 10 mm.
  • On the bottom face of the forearm, under the guide, there are five circular grooves in which fit the replacement bolts.
  • Well thought out system of string tension. A U-shaped metal bracket with hooks. It frees the shooter from having to take up the bowstring by the hands, and prevents its distortion at the toe for a tooth of the trigger.
  • The trigger mechanism is simple, with no travel adjustment. So move the trigger tight and uninformative. The fuse is mechanical, it must include yourself. On the one hand, this design is more dangerous. On the other, it is more convenient to use (does not change scope) from the point of view of experienced shooters. The box fuse is available on both the right and left side.
  • There is a strip of the type “dovetail” to install optics. But it is short, so secure it can only be a small assault rifle with one-piece mount. The rear sight and front sight do not have fiber-optic strands, which complicates aiming.

The rear sight is adjustable in one plane in height, giving the opportunity to customize the line of sight depending on the intended firing range.

Feature The value
Form factor gun
Bow Recursive
Material shoulders Composite
Length (cm) 42
Tension force (kg) 36
The speed of the arrow’s flight (m/s) 46
Sighting range (m) 30
The design of the lodges and guide Aluminum, high impact plastic
Length with stirrup (cm) 32
Weight (kg) 0,92
A rail for optics There, the swallow’s tail 11 mm.
Device crossbow Yarrow Model D

Recursive crossbow gun type.

  • The shoulders of the composite, the basis of design guide and handle is aluminum alloy.
  • Bow is attached to one clamping screw in the inner groove massive pads which are constructive part of the guide. On top of it is a rectangular metal brace for protection of the boom from accidentally shifting the grounds for flies. Below it is mounted (installation of legs in the grooves) the stirrup of a metal bar with a bright decorative cover.
  • A guide frame mounted on the screws with Phillips.
  • Lightweight frame with three rectangular cutouts. On its lower face there are five annular grooves, in which you can store a supply of arrows.
  • The trigger is protected by the bracket, the locking mechanism unregulated, with a mechanical fuse that is switched on and off manually.
  • The fuse box is accessible from both sides.
  • The pistol grip is rectangular in cross section, with a slight bend on the back side. It is supplied at an angle of 450 to the rail and are easy to grab.
  • For the tension of the string is used by U-shaped metal bracket with a direct loop from the backplate of the handle and hooks on the ends. She glides over the notches located on the right and left side rail.
Picking and packing

Crossbow Packed in the foam box with sliding cardboard shell in light gray that says “Yarrow Crossbow pistol” and presents his picture. On the box are basic characteristics and rules of use of the crossbow (in Russian).

Inner foam box with recesses for details (crossbow comes collapsible) sealed in plastic bag.

Inside are:

  1. the base of the crossbow with the handle, a guide pad;
  2. shoulders bow;
  3. string;
  4. three aluminum arrows 6.5 inches;
  5. two endings of the shoulders for fastening a bowstring;
  6. stirrup;
  7. set of fastening parts of two damping pads, centering pads, metal plates, bolts and hex key for him;
  8. the manual and certificate.
How to use
  1. Before Assembly on the shoulders of the bow stick (the adhesive layer and protected with a film) damping pads, pad, focusing on the white stripes. The bow fits inside of the pad and is clamped with the bolt. Pads must not be deformed.
  2. The stirrup is installed in the round hole pads on its lower edge. So it was not removed, snap the brace on his legs.
  3. Loops of a bowstring snapped in the annular groove plugs installed on the ends of the bow. It is better to carry out this operation together.
  4. To pull the string, hold the stirrup of the feet, with one hand hold the crossbow by the handle, pull the other bracket of nadajniki up. When the string engages with a tooth of the trigger, you will hear a distinct click.
  5. Put the trigger lock by sliding the box forward. Install the arrow on the guide, resting the end in the string. Remove the crossbow from the guard, aim at your target, building a line of sight alignment of the slot of the rear sight with the front sight.
The possibility of strengthening

Opportunities to strengthen the crossbow is limited to a maximum load that can withstand the tooth of the trigger. At Yarrow Model D it is 80 kilograms – a normal proportion (one to two), guaranteeing safety of use. Therefore, the only permissible amplification is twisting the string to seal the bundle of threads, which is done before installing it on the bow.

Crossbow pistol Yarrow Model D has received good reviews, about them and about the price of the device we will discuss below.

Prices and reviews

The cost of this crossbow in different online stores ranging from 1,500 to 1,900 rubles.

  • The owners of crossbows like his power. At a distance of 20 meters the arrow, gaining strength and speed, breaks through the bottle of sparkling water.
  • The ellipse of dispersion does not exceed 15 cm When shooting at small distances arrows much ricocheting.
  • With careful use of the string can withstand up to hundreds of shots. To find a replacement for her can be problematic. Tension when using the stirrup does not cause difficulties.
Similar models
  • Very similar in design and specifications are MK 80 models A1 and A3.
  • A large part of the products range Yarrow way or another similar to each other, for example, is a Model of F, H, Z, and E. This is just the main products in this category, the choice of crossbows of this type are much broader.

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