Crossbow pistol Scout

Small, lightweight, but powerful enough pistol-crossbow from the Russian manufacturer Interloper is very good at target shooting. Carry it with you absolutely not tedious.

Owner reviews

Those who managed to purchase this model, like its low weight and compact dimensions. And power for target shooting and training is more than enough. Extremely comfortable, the versatility of the charges.

If you shoot at a distance up to ten meters, the accuracy is just perfect. And the convenience of the mechanism of the platoon appreciated, perhaps all the owners. The presence of laths weaver is another significant plus.

Review of the device


  • Compactness in conjunction with power.
  • No permit is required for purchase.
  • Charge easier than a bow. The mechanism platoon is great.
  • Good accuracy of hitting the target.
  • Quite a modest price.
  • Boom for this model are inexpensive.
  • Five-year warranty from a reliable manufacturer.
  • Included are three arrows-bolts.
  • The ability to shoot different ammunition.
  • The presence of lath weaver.

Cons :

  • The screw that holds the shoulders crossbow Scout, prone to self-loosening.
  • Plastic arrows can bounce off a wooden target and fly back. Have to be wary of ricochets.
  • The bowstring of the crossbow Scout often enough to change it.
  • Overlays on the handle are a significant backlash.
  • Standard sight is tightened due to the construction at a distance of not more than 10 meters.


The model is designed to relax and target shooting (banks, bottles), as well as training to improve accuracy.


Options differ by the colors:

  • black color;
  • color under the tree.
Name The value Units
Ammunition the arrows are 6.5 inch, harpoons, beads
The weight of the crossbow 900 g
Length 50 cm
Width (axes) 43 cm
The tension 36 kg
Working stroke of the bowstring 14 cm
The arrow speed (initial) 50 m/s
Guarantee 5 years
Device crossbow Scout
  • This recursive crossbow, pistol type.
  • Materials – composite (aluminum alloy), plastic.
  • The lock and mechanism of reinforced steel.
  • On the handle and handguard are provided notches and recesses for the convenience of owners.
  • To increase accuracy, at the end of the butt, the manufacturer has provided ball. It to shoulder know.
  • A platoon of the lever type that is easy to use.
  • Here automatic fuse, suitable for both hands.
  • There is a level weaver that allows you to maximize the functionality.
Picking and packing

Packaging – cardboard box. The kit includes:

  • crossbow;
  • three Darts of aluminum.
How to use

Lever the platoon can be accomplished using one hand, which is very convenient. Holding the second hand in the center of the shoulders, assign a platoon back, then forward. The fuse in this case is done automatically.

Insert under the clip the dart, remove the unit from the fuse, aim and press the shutter. It is better to keep the crossbow in two hands stretched forward.

On how to strengthen the pistol type crossbows for hunting, read below.

How to strengthen

Initially, the crossbow include the shoulder with a force of 36 pounds. If you take the shoulders with a more solid force, the power of the unit will increase.

The only catch for this model do not produce reinforced shoulders. But craftsmen do not stop it, however.

The cost

On the manufacturer’s website you can buy this model for just 2.8 thousand rubles. It’s a really small amount.

Below are reviews of the owners about the crossbow Scout.

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