Crossbow Reaper 410

The manufacturer promises high speed of flight of an arrow (125 meters per second), adjustable buttstock and the convenient location of the shako, which are the replacement bolts. And the rest of the parameters are expected to be on the level.

All look forward to the promised new items. After all, it promises to be a budget analogue Ten Point Vapor and Barnett Ghost 410.

New model of block crossbow “Reaper 410” will be presented this winter, the well-known domestic brand of Interloper.

Review of the device

The model is suitable for hunting (medium or large game, depending on the type of shoulder), and for the entertainment and training of fire defeat targets.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The butt can be adjusted. The stroke is 9 inches.
  • Lightweight at just 3.3 pounds.
  • The kiver can be placed across (like most crossbows), and along the butt.
  • The high speed at which arrows fly.
  • Quality aluminium guide rail with a special coating.
  • The trunk can be set to choose the handle with five positions or one-piece handguard.
  • There is a level weaver.
  • The shots turn out quiet thanks to the vibration damper of the string STS.
  • Carbon arrows, solid and strong, are included.
  • Also included is a telescopic sight with illuminated red and green.
  • Easy launching (force of only 1.35 kg).
  • There is an automatic fuse, and the protective system of the shot empty.
  • Five-year warranty.

Cons: not too low cost.

Reaper Crossbow Ballistics 410 (410 Crossbow Ballistic)

Name The value Units
Ammunition boom length 20 or 22 inch
The weight of the crossbow 3350 g
Length 88,9 cm
Width between axes 43,75 cm
The tension from 43 to 90 kg
Force for lowering of the hook 1,35 kg
The course of a bowstring (work) 36,83 cm
The arrow speed (initial) 125 m/s
Guarantee 5 years
Device crossbow Reaper 410
  • Located silently milled stirrup guide rail in anodised aluminium, branched block type, from the milled aluminum apparatus.
  • The shoulders are made of very strong fiberglass, used the technology of parallel shoulders “Quad-Limbs”.
  • The stock made of reinforced composite, it is adjustable in length.
  • The bowstring is equipped with vibration dampers.
  • Tactical arms (mounted on the bar weaver) are two – place or five-way or one-piece. The quiver is mounted on the external rallinge platform.
  • It can be positioned across a crossbow, and along.
  • On the body there are swivels, which fasten the strap (included).
Picking and packing

Packaging – traditional Interloper box of cardboard, containing:

  • crossbow;
  • the quiver for six arrows;
  • tensioner manual;
  • the wax is intended for lubricating the bowstring;
  • three arrows carbon 20-inch length;
  • the suppressor (damper closed strings, they are already installed);
  • optical sight four by thirty-two, equipped with lights green and red;
  • five-position handle and one-piece handguard;
  • the stock is retractable;
  • the carrying strap of the crossbow;
  • the keys in the set;
  • Planck weaver;
  • passport, certificate, warranty card for 5 years.
How to use
  1. Dropping the crossbow by the stirrup down, pull it with a manual tensioner supplied. Which would drop the cable tensioner on the rear sight (in the groove).
  2. Hooks sazalee tensioner for a string on both sides of the rail.
  3. Further ubiraem foot in the stirrup and pull on the handle until until the string snaps into the castle.
  4. Then remove the crossbow from the guard and shoot after aiming.
How to strengthen

Strengthening involves replacing the standard shoulder (43 kg) increased (up to 90 kg). This action is possible only outside of Russia, as domestic spaces can be used only by the shoulders with a force of 43 pounds.

The cost

And what is the price of Reaper crossbow 410 from the Interloper? In stores and on the website of the manufacturer model no sale. Previously stated at a cost of from fifty to sixty thousand rubles.

Now consider the reviews of Reaper crossbow block 410 INTERLOPER.

Owner reviews

Since the model is still not sold, and those who used the crossbow poll is not yet possible. However, the anticipation of the rainbow, most wanting to buy this device, as its features promise an easy, convenient and powerful crossbow with a smooth slope and a fairly compact size.

Now consider analogues of the crossbow Reaper 410 INTERLOPER.

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