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Classic bow Deer Master is the top model of the company Samick Sports from South Korea. Often encountered in the online shopping the Polaris console is a separate model of classical (traditional) recursive bow for the same company, but intended for beginners. Deer Master hunting bow traditional company from Samick Sports

Device description

A classic bow made of wood with a collapsible recursive (double bend) shoulder. Very powerful, suitable for use in hunting and sport shooting.

Advantages and disadvantages

This is a work of art. In the manufacture of a handle used three wood – white oak, rosewood, maple.

Prior to 1975, the company specialized Samick musical instruments – pianos, it has placed a mark on all that it produced.

  • The handle is glued, the layers located in the plane of bending of the bow, which increases the elasticity and efficiency of the weapons.
  • Collapsible design makes it easy to transport the bow in a case without risk of damage.
  • Optimal for hunting bow swing arms 60 inches (150 cm), powerful enough to successfully hunt with him even on small ungulates.
  • Seven varieties of the shoulders, wherein the elasticity – tension force of from 30 to 60 pounds.
  • The opportunity to choose a bow for right (model RH) or left (LH) hands.
  • Design sectional, but without the special tool (Allen key) this operation cannot be performed. Although this is justified by the fact that the connecting bolt with head-lamb prone to uncontrolled weakening.
  • The shoulders are made from wood, plating them on quality, but the hunt in wet weather or crawling along the marshy wilds can affect their shape, elasticity, lead to other damage.
  • On the bow there is nothing that would pin him to a modern kit that increases accuracy. It is theoretically possible to drill a hole for the plunger, but it is very scary and it is a pity to spoil such beauty.

In stock form (without the special shelves) from this bow can only shoot arrows with stabilizers of natural feathers, which significantly increases the cost of a single shot.

Arm Samick Polaris Handle

  • The manufacturer positions as Deer Master hunting bow.
  • It can be used for sports.
Feature The value
Type Recursive, classical
Design Collapsible
Material Hilt and shoulders – puff tree, the ends of the shoulders with fiberglassing pads
Swing arms (inches/cm) 60/152,4
Tension force (LBS) 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60
Base bow (inches) 8-9
Initial velocity (feet/meter per second) 150/ 45.72 per
The weight of harvested onion (kg) 1,3
Device bows from Samick Deer Master
  • Collapsible recurve bow out of wood. A handle of length 46 cm glued from three types of wood – rosewood, maple and white oak. The direction of the lamellae parallel to the plane of bending of the bow.
  • On the handle there is only classical (stationary) shelf is in boom and is no hole for the plunger and other elements of the kit, which you can use to turn the bow in the sports (Olympic).
  • The shoulders of laminated wood with fiberglassing plates black and white on the ends. To handle they are attached with screws under the key hex. The lower shoulder of the bow longer. It shows the tension force in pounds. The bow comes in one of seven variants, whose shoulders are elastic. The tension force from 30 to 60 pounds. The swing arms are the same – 60 inches (152.4 cm).
  • In stock version of this bow can only shoot arrows with natural feathers. For use fiberglass arrows with plastic (hard) regulators need to install the shelf with Pogranichny flip-up mustache.

The bow only comes in a set of handle and shoulder. The string is sold separately.

How to use

For a bow with the swing arms 60 inches suitable string no longer than 57 inches. Better if it is purchased. Now for its production using the filaments from high molecular weight polyethylene under the brand Fast Light (fastlist) or Dyneema (Dyneema). According to professional shooters from recursive bows, the latter is preferable, because they have slightly more stretch and not so demanding to operate.

To pull the string on the bow, it is necessary to use an auxiliary cord with loops on the ends, which is three inches longer than the span of his shoulders.

The string is put on the tip of one shoulder and pushed on, until about the middle. At the end of the other shoulder it is worn normally. Cord loops fits over both of the tip, the handle is placed on the floor and pressed the feet. Pulling the cord, it is necessary to manage to move the loop of string from mid-shoulder to the place of its regular installation (notch, undercut at the end). Therefore it is better to perform this operation together.

After the tension of the string it is necessary to determine the location of the focus arrows so that when you stretch, it was strictly perpendicular to the handle. To do this, take something like a drafting t-square ruler with a perpendicular crossbar at the end. Put it on the shelf of the handle so that the cross member along the string. At the intersection of the clip the nock point a piece of plastic material which can be compressed around the string and so fasten it. As an option – bead fishing sinkers with the notch.

The bowstring is pulled with the right hand so that the fingers holding it were on the level of right corner of the lips. This is the classic position from which to deviate is to pull a little stronger or weaker. But in General, archery is very important to the magnitude of the tension was constant, so the rule is first to control this parameter. After it will become a habit, as the operation of the three pedals of the car without peeping.

When shooting from a classical onion is used and the classic release (the grip) of the boom over the rear end of the index and middle finger. However, you can use “Indian” grip – three fingers (index, middle, ring) for the string below the knock point.

If you want to shoot a Deer Master shafts with a hard tail (synthetic), attach the handle to the shelf with Pogranichny flip-up mustache. Otherwise, the arrow will fly into the unknown because of the impact of plumage on a fixed shelf handle.


Deer Master is not cheap. It costs no less than 11 thousand roubles. There are proposals for 16 thousand.

Reviews about Samick bows are given below.

Owner reviews
  • The owners of these bows I think that in skilled hands he is capable of miracles. From such a bow would be William tell, and Robin hood.
  • For beginners the use of them can be difficult because it requires constant self-control and desire to improve, despite the difficulties.

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