Features of the device block crossbow Interloper Leopard

The combination of the unique technical characteristics and lethality even at a considerable distance can explain the constant interest in contemporary models of crossbows.

Because this type of knives can be used not only with hunting but also target shooting for training accuracy.

Among the variety of models that you can see on the market today, one should dwell on the crossbow Leopard Interloper: compact size and light weight when combined with high power and range allow us to consider the model one of the most sought after and popular among peers.

Overview of crossbow

Great move arrows and unique capacity, with apparent grace the exterior design – it characterizes the majority of the owners of the crossbow. And indeed, with its technical parameters Leopard Interloper is well suited both for professionals and beginners, a simple design and trouble-free mechanism ensure ease of operation.

Smoothness when you press the start button combined with the existing fuse, which prevents the possibility of making a single shot. Bed, and the stock, made of durable plastic, can withstand significant changes in temperature and load, while retaining their initial properties.

The lack of oscillations and shifts even with the active use of crossbow due to the secure mounting of the front of the rail.

Stylish appearance “under camouflage” is attracting attention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most significant and important to the user characteristics of this model include the following:

  • there are two fuses – this important feature indicates a high level of safety when using a crossbow that is guaranteed by the manufacturer and that note purchasers;
  • the increase in the degree of accuracy of each shot due to the ride – a special mechanism is responsible for the lack of pronounced resistance when you press the trigger, and it positively affects the usability of the model;
  • light weight due to compact size, ensures the possibility of using the crossbow even adolescents and women;
  • the reliability of the whole mechanism due to the presence of aluminum pads;
  • ease the shoulders ensures ease of use and better balance during shooting.

And finding the most optimal price point provides a constant interest in this model crossbow from buyers on every budget. The disadvantages include the inability to gain only a probable replacement of the optical sight on the same third-party manufacturer.

Shoulders for crossbow Leopard


Use the model Leopard can how for use in the professional hunting and sports shooting. The training accuracy is achieved by using an optical sight of a high class.


For each model crossbow there are a number of parameters stipulated by the manufacturer and can help create a preliminary picture of its capabilities and functionality. The crossbow Leopard has such features:

Specifications Crossbow model Leopard Interloper
The total weight of the device 2.9 kg
Manufacturer Russia
The presence of arrows in the base There, carbon, 4 PCs.
Device type Block
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow 98,6 m/s
The dimensions of the crossbow 48 cm x 39,3 cm x 12.1 cm
Manufacturer’s warranty 24 months

A significant indicator of the progress of the bowstring allows us to give the arrow the maximum speed, and is made of solid, has a small weight of modern polymeric material, the shoulders and the body itself provide convenience when transporting the crossbow. The indicator value will please customers even with a limited budget for the purchase.

Device crossbow Leopard

Due to the simplicity of the device its use is increasing: even beginners quickly and easily learn shooting arrows from the model.

If the base set of everything you need to start using allows not to waste time to prepare this type of a cold weapon to action. Optical sight with excellent qualities is for finding targets even at a considerable distance. After selecting the target in the designated place set arrow with the manual tensioner, it is produced with giving her the maximum speed.

Picking and packing

Rich basic set allows not to waste time searching for the necessity of operating the crossbow. It includes the following names:

  1. the crossbow;
  2. natuial manual;
  3. strap for easy transportation;
  4. wax to go over the thread of the string”
  5. kiver”
  6. the optical sight;
  7. arrows carbon in the amount of four pieces.

All this Packed in a cardboard box.

How to use

A simple device crossbow model Leopard allows Interloper to begin using it immediately after purchase. After finding a goal in sight, you should install the arrow. Then use the manual tensioner as much to pull the string and release the arrow.

How to strengthen

To improve the technical capabilities of the model by replacing the base of the optical sight at sight third party. And although the accompanying sight has excellent features and allows you to hit the target even at a considerable distance, some owners of the model the increase of the degree of accuracy of contact when you replace the base of the sight.

Prices and owner reviews about the crossbow Leopard is given below.

The product price

The cost model can be considered as one of the lowest in this class of crossbows. Depending on the size of the trade margin the price can vary from 9 to 11 870 250 rubles.

Owner reviews
  • According to the reviews of those who have applied in action the model, a crossbow Leopard is proven in target shooting: a high degree of accuracy of the shot, no sudden movements when pressing the starter button, good functionality allows you to call a crossbow is especially convenient when using.
  • And it is suitable for use in professional hunting: the ability to hit even moving targets at a considerable distance provided a high power shot and good indicators of the speed of an arrow.
  • Arrows also included in the basic kit, are easy use and lightness combined with high strength.

The owners consider it a positive thing the possibility of using a crossbow Leopard for first time users: the lack of complexity in the control mechanism provides ease of use and the security provided by the manufacturer, gives you the ability to not worry about unplanned shots due to the presence of the fuse on the launch button.

  • To peers can be attributed to the block model crossbows MK 52 and MK 250, which possess similar characteristics, have a lot of positive reviews from their owners and can be recommended for use in both hunting and training shooting accuracy.
  • Mongoose also has compact exterior dimensions and relatively small weight with a significant indicator of the power of the shot.

If you do not seek an absolute counterparts, but simply to choose a good compound crossbow, you should pay attention to the Cheetah, Penetrating, Ghost-400, Styx, Tactics, Legat, Scald, Phobos, Black Python, Reaper-410, Archon and some others. The choice is yours as they say!

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