Fobos block crossbow

Crossbow and INTERLOPER Phobos, has long been proving its superiority over other similar options block crossbows from other companies, gives its owners the joy of using all of its features and functional features, while providing full safety even for models Teens.

Design features a block crossbow Phobos and its technical capabilities

Current models of crossbows combines unique technical capabilities and a high degree of reliability. Manufacturers delight their fans with a variety of models, providing the owner the pleasure of its operation and the possibility of hitting the target, even at a considerable distance.

Overview of weapons

Thanks to the technical capabilities of the crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos may surprise those who seek to reveal the maximum indicators of the model. After all, the arrow’s range, provided a unique degree of stretching of the string and the initial velocity of the boom barks the ability to hit the target not only at a considerable distance, but in motion.

The case of the crossbow, made of high quality resin material, capable of withstanding heavy loads and even a mechanical effect that allows you to operate the crossbow, even with changes in ambient temperature and active mode.

Low weight due to the compactness of the model allows its use for shooting women and teenagers, and a simple device mechanism provides ease of use. Also light-weight, convenient to transport crossbow, which is facilitated in the base of the belt.


Use the crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos can both for hunting and for training accuracy, but also in sports shooting. Excellent technical characteristics and functional features ensure the effectiveness of each shot.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important qualities that should be considered advantage of this model include:

  • external design, which immediately attracts the attention of buyers due to the presence of inserts in the housing, with the painting “camouflage”: stylish and modern, it allows you to always be the center of attention and provides camouflage while hunting;
  • smooth walking the trigger button ensures the absence of unpleasant sensations during the shot;
  • rich equipment allows you to begin using the model immediately after its purchase;
  • high quality materials that were used in the manufacture of the hull and bow and arrows included in the basic package, ensures long life of the crossbow and its resistance to mechanical stress;
  • relatively low cost, which makes it possible to relate the model to the economical acquisition and its available for customers with any financial opportunities.

Because to use the crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos just and security is guaranteed by the manufacturer, it is recommended to start with this type of knives with this model having many of the above advantages.

The presence of rubber inserts in the body of the model makes it possible to provide the greatest fit of butt stock to the hand during firing, which gives the opportunity for every shot to produce as accurately as possible. Also inserts allow you to not get cold hands while using the crossbow in winter and at high humidity. In the opinion of the majority of owners, the shortcomings of the model were found.


The most important parameters that determine the quality and effectiveness of any model of crossbow block type, the power rating, the bowshot, the overall dimensions of the crossbow, the force of string tension that the manufacturer and the warranty from the manufacturer.

Specifications Crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos
Country of origin Russia
The dimensions of the crossbow 114,8 cm x 73,1 m x 12.1 cm
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow 112,4 m/s
The range of 45-51 m
The force of string tension 46-71 kg
Case material Polymer GRP
Warranty 24 months

Through the analysis of existing technical characteristics it is possible to obtain the most complete picture of the model that allows to evaluate its effectiveness and functionality.

Device crossbow Phobos

Due to the fact that the model has a relatively simple device, its operation is quite simple and even novice shooting with a crossbow. The main structural parts of the model are considered to be the case, quiver, forearm, guides.

Picking and packing

The basic kit includes the crossbow, wax, designed for the care of a bowstring to maintain its elasticity and strength, the strap for carrying the device, shako, optical sight and foregrip. All Packed into a carton box of small size.

How to use

The use of models can be considered simple.

  1. Before selecting a goal set in the destined place on the bowstring arrow.
  2. With the help of an optical sight the chosen target.
  3. The string is stretched as tightly, fire a round by pressing the trigger.
  4. The presence of a guard prevents accidental single shot, and smooth ride of the start button provides comfort when firing.
How to strengthen

Strengthening and improving such factors as the force, power and velocity of flight of an arrow, perhaps with the help of certain substitutions of certain structural parts of the mechanism of the crossbow.

  • Thus, by varying the degree of tension of the string, you can change the indicator of the power of the shot. And installing optical sight third party instead of the one supplied in the basic configuration, it is possible to enhance accuracy of each shot.
  • It is also possible to replace the guide and the shoulders of the crossbow Phobos. Similar models offered by this manufacturer may have interchangeable parts: that means, setting the crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos a certain component with another with similar characteristics, models, change and performance.

Prices and reviews on crossbow INTERLOPER (Interloper) Phobos is given below.

The product price

The cost of the model may be different depending on the size of the trading extra charge established by the company. Today, the crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos can be purchased at a price of 10 750-11 210 rubles, many buyers believe enough affordable cost.

Owner reviews
  • Buyers and owners speak about the model as a very safe and pleasing to their capabilities. Especially noted the power of the shot and the arrow’s range, which determines largely the effectiveness of the shot. It is also noted ergonomic shape and rubberized for odd inserts, adds convenience in the operation of the crossbow.
  • Also the crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos is recognized as one of the best for beginners: easy cocking, smooth its course allow you to make the shot more full-time and with great comfort.
  • Light weight, compact size and surprising even professionals capacity allows you to use the crossbow to a professional hunting.
  • Quality materials and provide long string life and excellent performance of each shot.

Similar models include the crossbow block type of the same manufacturer, which has already proven itself as a reliable and regularly improve their crossbows. Crossbow and INTERLOPER Phobos can be considered “advanced” variant of the predecessor model, the Cheetah.

The same is to be considered the following options:

  • crossbow INTERLOPER Coyote;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Legat;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Ifrit.

They are characterized by high firing rates, have a high degree of power, and the body has high usability due to the shape of the butt. Overall, excellent choice!

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