How to choose a crossbow

This symbiosis allows the use of materials with a high coefficient of elasticity, so that the crossbow was the first weapon with armor-piercing properties, and significantly improve shooting effectiveness. Learn to wield “the bow” can be much faster than a traditional bow.

Crossbow is a kind of missile weapon, whose bow is rigidly fixed on the bed in a horizontal position.

Types of modern crossbows

To classify a crossbow can be based on several parameters, but more complete it gives an idea of their combination.

  1. Structurally, crossbows are recursive and block.
    • The first work solely due to the elastic force of the shoulders of the bow. Recursive call them for a double bend, which, when the tension of the string working the counter – one on compression the other in tension. Popular recursive models: Yarrow (F, H, D, Z, E), Fox, Coyote, tarantula, mongoose, Man Kung MK-XB21, etc.
    • Second use the principle of pulley system, blocks and ropes, they missed, to overcome the elastic resistance of the shoulders. Known block model: Hori-Zone Penetrator, Leopard, Cheetah and Cheetah-Sport, Scald, Phobos, Legat, Ifrit, Tactics, Reaper-410, MK-300, Ghost-400, YC-400, Archon, MK-250 and MK-52.
  2. By appointment. Crossbows hunting, sports, for entertainment.
  3. The type of munitions used. Short arrows (16 to 21 inch), Darts (8 inches or less), and steel balls, which shoot a bow snappery.

That is more powerful and generally better for hunting and sport, bow or crossbow, differ from each other in the comparison, described below.

Comparison with bows

Therefore, the crossbow vs the bow.

  • The main advantage of the crossbow is that to learn how to shoot with it much easier. For the reason that the arrow is not required to do two things at once is to hold the string and build a line of sight.

But for this he had to pay the weight along with the box and trigger it weighs at least twice more classical bow.

  • When pulling the crossbow uses a variety of tools. From the stirrup in which the foot is placed for holding, to the mechanical tensioners. Thanks to them, you can use a bow much more resilient, strong, able to throw heavy arrows (bolts), possessing high energy and penetrating ability. For comparison, the maximum tensile strength at Sāmik Deer hunting bow Master no more than 60 lbs 27.3 kg, and the crossbow Scorpion Interloper, having a similar recursive construction, in the base case it is equal to 43 kgs.
  • For crossbows, you can install scopes from red dot to the rear, which greatly improves the efficiency of fire. In Luky block the line of sight is under construction much more complicated, using a peep site (ringlet in the string at eye level arrow) and sight-osprey. Classic and traditional bows don’t have this set. To get of them in goal, requires great skill, acquired by long hours of training.

The choice of crossbow for underwater and land hunting, sports, and entertainment read below.

How to choose a crossbow

In this case, will be of great help knowing the basics of mechanics and Newton’s laws. and for starters find out what and how to choose a crossbow for hunting (e.g. wild boar) and sport what prices and reviews of different models of weapons.

For hunting and sport


  • First, hunting with projectile weapons in Russia is prohibited.
  • Second, none of the freely selling models of crossbows has no tension force in excess of 43 kilos. Even if it costs close to one hundred thousand rubles, and the manufacturer is positioned as hunting. Anything above this value is subjected to licensing as weapons of war.

The stopping power of the arrows, due to its mass and geometry, comparable to the bullet 20 caliber. Usually hunting with a smoothbore weapon passes at distances not more than 50 meters. Therefore, the term “hunting crossbow” refers to the weapon that can throw an arrow with such force that at a distance of 30 meters, it is almost never lost power and could fly a hundred. For this it must have special technical characteristics, the main of which – the string and the tension. About the latter we assume that it is equal to the legally allowed maximum.

The course of the bowstring is the distance from the point where it crosses the top face of the forearm, until the retaining tooth of the trigger. It provides duration of action of the force and sets the amount of energy transferred to the arrow. Depends on the swing arms of the bow. For example, at block crossbow MK-380, which is able to accurately send the arrow at 100 meters and further, when the length of the onion 61.5 cm, it is 37 centimeters. And recursive Jaguar Interloper, which is widely used as a hunting weapon, the bow is equal to 24.5 cm in length of the bow is 67 inches.
The value of 24 cm it is necessary to remember as a minimum, distinguishing hunting and sporting weapons from the entertainment.
At block crossbow for shorter bow stroke of a bowstring more. This is due to construction – a large ratio of the specific stretching of the cable system, which collects the bulk of the energy for the shot, and the powerful shoulders that can be bent without break.

But the difference is not just that. Diagrams of the force impulse in tension and the descent of the string of recursive and block crossbows mirror opposite. The classic recursive force reaches the peak when setting the string on the tooth of the combat mechanism. And spent almost immediately after the descent. Bulochnikov there is stress relief almost 70 percent, and spent it gradually, increasing to a maximum at the time of the descent of the jib rail.

Therefore, the flight speed of arrows from recursion does not exceed 60, Plotnikov reaches one hundred meters per second.

  • Since the “blochnik” the force on the retaining tooth of the trigger less, it will keep ticking without the risk of breakage of the string. By analogy with gas spring air rifles.
  • But recursive crossbows have the advantage: they’re simpler and easier – MK-380 weighs 4.5 pounds, and Jaguar Interloper is 3.1.

Detail of the Lodge called the fore-end, hunting with a crossbow needs to be metal.

  • First, it allows to make massive Shoe bow, dampening vibrations and residual tension in the shoulders.
  • Secondly, it is attached the trigger mechanism and it should not hang, that not only affects safety but also for accuracy.
  • Also, it is possible deformation of the plastic guide under the tension of the string.

For hunting and sporting crossbow be sure to set optical sights, which uses a specialized strap – weaver, Picatinny, dovetail. Therefore, recursive crossbow MK-120 with the tension force at 43.4 kg and the stroke of the bowstring 24 cm, cannot be considered as a full-fledged hunting. He has a plastic guide rail, and sights only the external – the rear sight and front sight without a fiber-optic threads.

Shooting less dynamic, but the requirements to the results above. Remember the axiom that “the barrel shoots, and gets the bed”. So choose a model with adjustable shoulder rest and the form factor of the bullpup, which is more balanced. For example, the model “Interloper Styx”, which features and other “Goodies”: a stabilizer of the string, the pressure adjustment strap arrows, adjustable strap weaver.

Crossbows for entertainment

Any throwing weapon with the string less than 20 cm can be considered entertainment. First and foremost, that crossbows in the form factor of the pistol. Companies Man Kung is a series of letters from 50 to 80. All of them are recursive, but the housing and guiding are executed as plastic and metal. Swing arms they have 42, and the stroke length of the string 12.7 centimeters. The tension force of 23 kg. Ammunition – short arrows (Darts) length of 16.51 (6 inches) centimeters.

Effective range of which not more than 15 meters, so they are not considered hunting, but at this distance a “toy” crossbow deadly.

Stand crossbows-snappery, shooting steel balls. All slippery block rifle with box. In any case the ball does not fly on 15 meters, so they belong to the entertainment arms. Even if the stroke length of the string exceeds 24 cm as the “Black Python”.

More common are compact models. Such as TDR-2005R “Tiger”. The scope of Doug he 42,9 cm and the tensile force of 25 pounds. In addition to steel balls, whose diameter is 8 mm, it shoots a dart with a length of 6 inches. On forty meters the dart does not fly. Known crossbow picolet Scout, and ASP.

The choice of arrows

Arrows for crossbows are available with a length of 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches. The recommended size indicated in the instruction manual. It is permissible to use longer. In any case, the arrow shaft should fit snugly to the rail throughout its length.

Now they are made from the following materials:

  • carbon fiber – carbon fiber plus binder;
  • aluminum core with replaceable tips;
  • fiberglass (GRP).

At the same time:

  • For hunting use heavy arrows flying slower, but have greater penetrating power. This full-bodied carbon (the most difficult) and aluminium, suitable for hunting small game.
  • For sports use aluminum, and to a lesser extent, of fiberglass, which, because of the small weight are highly susceptible to wind action.
  • Fiberglass, the lightweight, are used for recreational shooting. In most cases, their use for serious crossbows undesirable as equivalent for a single shot, leading to breakage of the arms.

Hunting arrows at ungulates have massive metal tip, often with several blades. For better stabilization of their long plumage. For hunting feather and small game is quite simple sharpening.

Block arrows for crossbows have at the end of the recess for the string (nock moon). They have streaked plumage stabilizer, different color is inserted into the guide groove.

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