Easy to use and absolutely safe, modern crossbows allow you to master the skills of shooting arrows even without special physical skills, and low weight combined with high power rating, ensures the effectiveness of each shot.

And among the models that can be considered today the most popular is the crossbow INTERLOPER coyote, which is ideal to use and its parameters even to a teenager or a woman, and the functionality it allows the use of a crossbow as in sports shooting when you target practice and hunting.

Having a relatively small size, the crossbow INTERLOPER coyote also has a relatively small mass.

Overview of crossbow

This facilitates the process of exploitation and transportation, and a high degree of power allows you to hit a target even at a considerable distance. Today the model is often most interesting to the buyers with different budget purchases: the affordable cost combined with excellent technical capabilities explains the persistent interest in the crossbow.

The use of modern technology moved far ahead of the functionality of the model. It technical parameters can surprise even professional and high initial velocity arrows ensures the firing range, a large size of the guide makes it possible to greatly stretch the bowstring and let the arrow greater speed.

An important point should be considered and appearance models: an interesting painting of the outer coating (“under camouflage”) immediately attracts the attention of buyers.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important positive aspects in the analysis model should include the following characteristics:

  • attractive appearance;
  • high power;
  • range;
  • the hull strength is provided with application of modern polymeric materials;
  • the presence of a coating with a rough surface that gives the best adhesion with the hand and prevents slipping at the moment of shot;
  • good basic set, giving you the opportunity to start the operation of the crossbow immediately after its acquisition;
  • the possibility of strengthening crossbow INTERLOPER coyote through the use of another optical sight, having the best technical capabilities and the degree of tension of the string.

Affordable price attracts buyers with any possibilities, and are included in the basic kit of high quality components guarantee precise shooting and the effectiveness of the use of the crossbow.

The disadvantages, according to most buyers, and owners of models, the crossbow is not revealed.


Use the crossbow INTERLOPER coyote can as for professional hunting due to its high power, range and effectiveness of each shot and for training marksmanship, target shooting.


The varieties of crossbow INTERLOPER coyote can be attributed to models that have similar technical parameters, have high functionality and capacity, and presents the same manufacturer, which regularly delights his fans with more refined models.

Species that has a crossbow INTERLOPER coyote:

  • crossbow INTERLOPER Phobos;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Legat;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Cheetah;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Ifrit.

These models also have a lot of positive reviews from customers and owners, have guaranteed the manufacturer’s safety when using.


The most important technical data of any type of crossbow can be attributed to the performance of its power, the initial velocity of flight of an arrow, dimensions, manufacturer, and warranty, which gives the model maker. Also an important baseline, and the opportunities to enhance ensure the crossbow potential and increase the effectiveness of each shot.

Specifications Crossbow INTERLOPER coyote
Manufacturer INTERLOPER
The type of crossbow Recursive
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow Of 98.3 m/s
Appointment Hunting
The tension From 46 to 78 kg
The stroke of the bowstring 33 cm
Warranty 12 months

It should also be noted wide opportunities for strengthening the model, it is a more effective shot, the power and the presence of the high functionality makes the model particularly suitable and efficient in use.

Device crossbow Coyote

A simple device of this model allows it to operate even for a beginner. It includes such main parts as the body of the crossbow, shoulders and butt, which is already proven in the predecessor and has established itself as a reliable, which has high resilience to mechanical stress.

Picking and packing

The basic package includes the entire list of components that provide the possibility of starting the operation of the crossbow immediately after its acquisition. All components are Packed in a cardboard box.

The basic set includes the following items:

  • the crossbow;
  • strap for easy transport;
  • wax for the regular care of a bowstring;
  • optical sight having a good technical knowledge;
  • special magnetic rack for holding arrows;
  • arrows from carbon in the amount of four pieces.
How to use

The use model is simple due to the simplicity of the device of the mechanism of the crossbow. Defining the goal should be set in a certain place for it on the bowstring arrow, finding purpose in optical sight for improved accuracy and press the trigger. Smoothness, fuse – these qualities should be considered as additional advantages of the considered model.

How to strengthen

Enhancing any modern recursive crossbows based on replacement of the optical sight on the same side-by-side with the best characteristics, as well as a change in the tension of the string.

Consider the crossbow INTERLOPER coyote can be amplified by these methods, as well as the installation of the shoulders from the models of the same manufacturer. For example, the shoulders are cropped from crossbow Jaguar and Cheetah excellent strengthen and increase the effectiveness of shots, when it’s installation is simple.

Next will be given the price of the recursive crossbow INTERLOPER (Interloper) Coyote.

The product price

The cost in this model is considered to be one of the most affordable among the peers. This increases the interest of buyers to the crossbow, constantly leaving him in the position of particularly popular models.

The cost of the basic configuration may vary depending on the size of the markup the seller from 9 to 11 870 120 rubles.

Next will be presented the reviews of the owners of the recursive crossbow INTERLOPER (Interloper) Coyote.

Owner reviews
  • According to the majority of buyers and owners, crossbow INTERLOPER coyote should be named the most successful variants of the recursive crossbow from the manufacturer.
  • Its technical capabilities and high degree of functionality explains the constant interest of buyers, and guaranteed security and ease of use attracts new fans.
  • Light weight, compact size and surprising even professionals capacity allow the use of crossbow Coyote in terms of professional hunting.
  • Quality materials and provide long string life and excellent performance of each shot.

Similar models include models of the same manufacturer INTERLOPER Ifrit, Phobos, Cheetah (not to be confused with Cheetah-Sport) and Legat and also the MK 52 and MK 250 that stand out among the variety of modern crossbows.

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