Today, fans of the crossbow got a great possibility of wide choice due to the variety present in the market models. And among peers, you must provide a crossbow INTERLOPER Legat noted by both buyers and owners of the device on its technical capabilities and extensive functionality.

Model overview

Due to the high power crossbow INTERLOPER Legat can be used not only for fun: professionals point out the range of arrows, and in combination with a high capacity, this quality allows you to hit the target even at a considerable distance. Attractive appearance enables you to attract the attention of buyers: today offered a crossbow INTERLOPER Legat completely black in color, and with insets of color “camouflage”.

The first impression of this model is elegant shape, relatively light weight and small size, which makes the thought of too little power. However, in practice crossbow INTERLOPER Legat has amazing for their size not only power, but also functionality, which provides a high level of convenience and the ability to adjust basic settings.

And light weight are important when using a crossbow teenagers or women: the compact size allows you to conveniently transport the crossbow and the belt, offered to him in the base, adds to the portability of the device additional convenience.

The list of qualities of the model allows to evaluate the possibility of its use, and, according to most owners, the benefits of a crossbow greatly outweigh the same features of similar models. It should be particularly noted the possibility of strengthening crossbow, which is important for those who seek to preserve the main properties of the model and thus to increase the range and power of the shot.

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to its compact size crossbow INTERLOPER Legate is considered to be comfortable for any hand and physique. Usability, provided design, excellent performance, immediately releasing the crossbow in the class, and the smooth running of the trigger button, providing comfort when fired, – all these qualities are noted by the owners.

Also, the advantages of the model should include such parameters, which are taken into account when choosing at time of purchase:

  • attractive appearance;
  • affordable cost;
  • good power when fired;
  • the arrow’s range, allowing you to use the crossbow to hit a target at a distance;
  • the possibility of strengthening of the device by replacement of some structural parts of a crossbow;
  • good basic equipment, allowing to start operation of the device immediately after its acquisition.

According to most buyers, weaknesses in this model were found: a large number of advantages, favorably distinguishes crossbow INTERLOPER Legat among analogs having similar technical capabilities.

Next, we describe whether the Legate Interloper crossbows for hunting.

Compound crossbow INTERLOPER Legat Next 1 (photo)

  • Be used model for training accuracy, for entertainment and sport shooting and hunting: the high power and considerable speed of flight of an arrow provides the possibility of hitting the target, located at a great distance.
  • And the scope included in the basic package, with good technical indicators gives the chance of hitting the target even in motion.

Among crossbows should pick a few that can be considered variations of the model like in appearance and technical capabilities, provided by the manufacturer. These include:

  • Ifrit;
  • Cheetah;
  • Coyote.

They are all represented by one manufacturer have a slightly similar appearance, and their component parts can be interchangeable. According to the price index of the listed models are also comparable, and customers noted their many positive qualities and diverse technical capabilities.


The most revealing technical capabilities of any type of modern crossbow can be attributed to such characteristics as the range of a shot, the force of string tension, size, weight and possibility of amplification. The main characteristics that determine the model are given at the table.

Specifications Crossbow interloper Legat
The type of crossbow Block
Country of origin Russia
The weight of the device 4 kg
The force of string tension 41-56 kg
Purpose Hunting
The presence of arrows in the base There is, in the amount of 4 pieces
Warranty 24 months

Possessing a very warlike appearance, the crossbow block-type INTERLOPER Legate surprised and their capabilities, which can change depending on adjustments. The possibility of strengthening not only improves the power and efficiency of each shot, but to fit the dimensions of the body of the crossbow for a specific arrow.

Device crossbow Legat

Ease of use this model is determined by the lack of complexity in the device.

  • The main parts of the crossbow in question are made of the most durable polymer material, resistant to mechanical stress, shako, forearm and guiding.
  • The string has an excellent indicator of distensibility and elasticity, which guarantees the long period of its active use.
Picking and packing

Basic crossbow is quite rich and allows to begin active operation immediately after purchase. The base set includes the following items:

  • the crossbow;
  • master carton;
  • kiver;
  • boom in number of four pieces of carbon fiber;
  • strap for transporting the device;
  • wax treatment of a bowstring;
  • an optical sight.
How to use

The use involves the administration of arrows with maximum stretch of the string at a target that is defined and coming through the optical sight. Magnetic shelf allows you to give the greatest facilities for the location of the arrows.

How to strengthen

To strengthen the crossbow INTERLOPER Legat by installing other optical sight from a third-party manufacturer, and by adjusting the tension of the string. However, many owners of the model argue that included in the basic kit components are of excellent quality and can achieve maximum accuracy when shooting.

The product price

The cost of the crossbow should be considered democratic for the most part buyers. This means that to purchase it can even those buyers whose budget shopping is limited. The cost varies based on trade margins and terms of sale can vary from 9 to 120 11 250 rubles.

Note that the creation of the crossbow – work is not easy, but it is possible to make your own. Below are reviews of the owners of crossbows INTERLOPER Legat.

Owner reviews
  • According to the owners crossbow INTERLOPER Legat refers to a category of devices that combine the best technical quality and excellent functionality. Thanks to the compact model for women and young people, and a simple device will allow to master quickly with his help shooting skills.
  • Attractive appearance gives a modern and somewhat terrifying painting of the crossbow: the color of the “under camouflage”today is especially popular and allows you to create and invisibility when hunting.
  • Cost factor also affects the level of demand and bestselling crossbow any model, crossbow and INTERLOPER Legate can be attributed to economical options for budget shopping.

Similar models include the crossbow block type from the same Russian manufacturer with similar technical capabilities:

  • crossbow INTERLOPER Coyote;
  • crossbow INTERLOPER Ifrit;
  • the INTERLOPER crossbow Cheetah (not to be confused with the Sport model).

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