Main Hunter Orion compound bow

Story bows out in the old days, and since then they have been greatly improved, they were given a more ergonomic shape, the device became more reliable and convenient.

And model Main Hunter Orion, having collected in itself as a unique technical ability and a lot of positive feedback, highlighted the diversity of such bows.

Today already you will surprise nobody high technical data compound bows, because they firmly occupy the leading position among the models having a different construction according to parameters such as reliability, ease of use and functionality.

Overview of weapons

Having a relatively small exterior dimensions, compound bow models Main Hunter Orion at the same time has a high degree of functionality: the range of the boom is provided with a high initial velocity of its flight, which in turn is due to the excellent quality threads that are made bowstring. Due to the small external dimensions and reduced weight of the product: it provides maximum ease of use onions, they can easily be used even by teenagers and women.

Comparison of the existing models, the advantages and shortcomings will allow greater understand the features of the Main Hunter Orion, to assess its place among peers with similar characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important technical data that distinguish Main bow Hunter Orion among similar block models should include the following:

  • compactness and small weight;
  • use only high-strength materials for the housings and components, which guarantees the safe use, long service life and excellent functionality of the bow;
  • high strength bowstring thread, which is the material for its manufacture, has a maximum elasticity and resilience, and these qualities persist for a long time even with the active use of the bow;
  • the possibility of adjustment of the thread tension of the string allows you to choose the arrow’s range, as well as the effort required for this.

The advantages include relatively low cost model, which is also reflected in the degree of popularity of any bow. The combination of excellent technical capabilities, availability of adjustments and convenience in operation time allows you to call under consideration a compound bow, one of the most successful manufacturer.

In the opinion of the majority of owners Luca Main Hunter Orion, the shortcomings of the model are not available.


Bow used to model Main Hunter Orion may like to develop accuracy while shooting sports, and to participate in professional hunting. This is achieved good technical and functional capabilities of the bow.


Among the bows of block type that have similar opportunities and description include the compound bow Hawk, and the Predator Pro: these models have virtually identical external form and have a high capacity and flight range of the arrow. Their basic equipment is also similar, and the possibility of regulating some of the settings allow you to call the model one of the most popular today.


For the most expanded pattern should analyse the technical parameters that define how the arrow’s range and capabilities of any bow model.

Specifications Block bow Main Hunter Orion
Manufacturer Main Hunter
The total weight of the bow 1.7 kg
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow 97,8 m/s
Model MN 120
Length shoulder 76,4 cm
Base length 8 inch
The tension 20 kg

A significant period of warranty provided by the manufacturer (36 months), due to the high quality of materials and workmanship, and the use of modern technologies also allow to fully manifest model in the process of its operation.

The device Main bow Hunter Orion

The simplicity of the device ensures the absence of problems in the operation. A few models are so easy to use that they could begin to use without having a lot of archery skills. This model fits perfectly into the category of compound bows that can be used for hunting and sport shooting, even teenagers without much physical and theoretical training.

The main part of the model should be considered as the base and the shoulders. Their size determines the functionality. And here the easy configuration and the ability to control load power provide owners Luca, great facilities for a comfortable and effective shooting.

Bowstring – it depends on the bow range. On the string the damper is shot. Kiver, preset peep a rubber band), pre-installed loop, these components form a mechanism of the bow of the model.

Picking and packing

The Main selling bow Hunter Orion presented in a cardboard box, inside which is located the bow, the quiver, the shelf-holder for arrows, the preset loop.

Here we consider shooting a compound bow of Orion.

How to use

Ease of use allows to start the use of the bow immediately after its acquisition.

  1. To the shot should find the target in sight,
  2. install the supplied boom to the designated places on the string,
  3. as much to stretch the arrow and make a shot.

The vibration damper of the shot to minimize the effects of the strong shot.

How to strengthen

According to the owners, together enclosed in the base of the string can be a string with a higher elasticity: this allows you to increase the speed of flight of the arrow and also greatly increase the effectiveness of the shot.

Can also be mounted sight third party, which also improves firing rates of the model of the bow.

The product price

The value indicator, according to most owners of this model, refers to its benefits. The price of this model may be slightly different, it depends on the trade margins by the seller: from 17 to 19 510 210 rubles.

In comparison with similar models Main bow Hunter Orion is more affordable for a greater part of the buyers cost that should also be considered a plus.

Owner reviews
  • In the opinion of most of those who have already shot from a bow model Main Hunter Orion, in it are concentrated the most important indicators that are important for compound bows. This high degree of reliability, which ensures the vendor, great functionality, attractive appearance and affordable cost.
  • By using only high strength and quality materials in the manufacture of the housing and the components of the model bow is durable and high resistance to external influences: the environment, mechanical damage.
  • Carbon arrows have an excellent indicator of range, their strength and lightness provide the ability to hit even a moving target at a considerable distance.
  • Also owners there is a good killability bow of the model, which is a bowshot and a high degree of elasticity of the filament, which is made of string.

Among the models with similar technical parameters are the following:

  • compound bow Hawk;
  • Condor;
  • The Predator Pro.

Block these bows have a lot of positive feedback, have high ratings those who have already had the opportunity to use them in professional hunting or sport shooting. If you do not find the bow that fits you, then you should try it yourself to produce.

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