MK-300 from man Kung crossbow

Presenting a unique combination of modern technology and ease of use, crossbows have gained considerable popularity not only among professional hunters used this type of bladed weapons for killing prey at a distance, but also for sports shooting.

It was the crossbows that has a long history of emergence and improvement, have become a real attribute of a confident person and success.

And among peers, which enjoy today is a special demand, need special attention in a model MK 300, the demand for which is due not only to superior performance, but also the many positive comments from owners.

Overview of crossbow

To get an idea about the structure of this model and peculiarities of its operation, should examine its specifications. The review will enable us to form an opinion about the crossbow, its capabilities and features.

Crossbow model MK 300, having a relatively small settings, different from similar models and light weight allows you to move it, transport and apply, even Teens and fragile women. While killability does not lower similar models. Also consider crossbow compares favorably with others having similar technical parameters and belonging to the same category, the absolute safety in operation: the manufacturer, well-proven in the market of knives for hunters.

Advantages and disadvantages

Most important to obtain a complete picture for the model analysis of the advantages and disadvantages that allow you to see the crossbow in its true light.

The most frequently noted by owners advantages include the following parameters:

  • the relatively small size, resulting in a small weight of the model;
  • the ease of transportation due to low weight and compact size;
  • high speed flight of an arrow, which guarantees excellent killing power of the crossbow;
  • democracy cost, also largely determining the level of demand for the model.

Presenting a more refined version of the predecessor, the MK 250 crossbow MK 300 is characterized by having increased eccentrics and separated arcs, which improves the possibility of aimed fire. All materials used to create the model, have a high resistance to mechanical stress, have long term guaranteed quality work.

The presence of a special protection system that provides protection from unplanned shot, allows us to call this model the most secure among similar models.

The disadvantages, according to most owners, not available.


The use of model MK crossbow 300 due to its capabilities. High arrow speed, the maximum range of its flight, the excellent characteristics of the manufacturer give the opportunity to call in question the most comfortable crossbow for hunting purposes and for fun – shooting sports and development of accuracy.


The varieties of model MK 300 include the following block types of modern crossbows:

  • MK 250 (which is the predecessor of this model, which has been refined and now has the best performance);
  • Jaguar.

The technical parameters allow to understand the model’s capabilities, and to assess them in comparison with the same presented today in the sale of crossbows.

Specifications Crossbow MK 300
Manufacturer Man Kung
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow 88 m/s
The weight of the model 3.5 kg
The recommended length of used arrows 20″
The stroke length of the string 293 mm
The overall length of the crossbow (including the stapes) 924 mm
The magnitude of the swing arms 700mm

Manufacturer Man Kung (Taiwan) established itself in the market of knives as reliable and representing the only qualitative models of crossbows that are pleasing to a fan of his shooting accuracy, great power and wide possibilities in application. Consistent quality, combined with reliability and safety – it’s a real business card of the manufacturer. A democratic value allows us to call the model one of the most popular today.

Device crossbow MK-300 from man Kung

Due to the simplicity of the device model can be used without owning the skills such arms. Its rapid development is guaranteed by the availability and simplicity of the mechanism of the crossbow.

The main parts of this model, like all crossbows, and a block type are:

  • shoulders the crossbow MK-300 splitmovie, as a major constituent part of the body of the crossbow;
  • the buttstock and forend;
  • blocks-eccentric;
  • the string with the highest tension, which provides maximum range of flight of an arrow.

To conquer the crossbow is due to the simplicity of its device, and its small size and light weight make it possible to quickly transport and not feel uncomfortable when operating.

Picking and packing

The basic kit for this model included the following names:

  • the crossbow;
  • optical reflex sight with two illumination options;
  • wax is necessary to care for the bowstring;
  • arrows carbon in the amount of four pieces;
  • kiver;
  • shoulder strap for maximum ease of transportation.

The possibility of acquiring another kind of optical sight third party can enhance the striking ability of this model, however, is attached to the base of the sight has excellent characteristics for prolonged use.

How to use

The use of any model block crossbow is quite simple. Since the device and mechanism of this type of knives no much details, the process operation is available even to a teenager.

Selecting a target in sight, after installation of the boom to the designated place on the bowstring, to stretch the string and then use the trigger to make a shot. If you want to delay a shot, but the device is already charged, the manufacturer recommends to use a guard for preventing the Commission of a single shot.

How to strengthen

Some professionals in archery is recommended immediately after the acquisition of this model to set the string with a higher tension; however, according to the opinion of the majority of owners, and supplied complete string perfectly allows you to make long shots.

Also, in order to gain can be applied to other optical sight.

The product price

The value indicator of the model should be considered the most democratic in comparison with the same crossbows. This causes permanent interest in model MK-300 (MK-300) from Man Kung from buyers.

The price of MK 300 may vary depending on the seller from 14 to 16 981 230 rubles. Below are reviews of crossbow MK-300 from MAN-KUNG.

Owner reviews

You can judge about the level of demand for this crossbow and the capabilities of the model.

  • The owners unanimously called the MC 300 is one of the most successful manufacturer, and the combination of technical characteristics with affordable cost, provides the relevance of a crossbow.
  • Buyers and owners have also highlighted the relatively small weight of the product; convenience of transportation and no need of owning significant physical strength allows you to operate the model, even women slender physique and adolescents.
  • A quality optical sight included in the basic package of this crossbow allows you to use all the features of the model.

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