MK-80 recursive crossbow

Recursive pistol crossbow MK-80, manufactured by the Taiwanese company Man Kung, is a series of three models having the same technical characteristics, but differing structurally.

Device description

Compact – swing shoulders 40 cm, length 50 cm – recursive crossbow gun type. When making use of high-impact plastic, there are models with aluminum rail.

As ammunition used aluminum and plastic Darts with a length of 6 inches.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • One of the most powerful crossbows pistol type. The tensile force is 36 pounds. Is relatively easy. All-in-one bow, made of reinforced plastic, is secured by a bolt with a small allowable backlash. Therefore, extreme accuracy cannot be reached.
  • For convenience, there is a tension stirrup and, most importantly, arm (right and left of rail) by which the crossbow can be cocked even children.
  • Fuse auto, its check box has an outlet on both sides of the body, so a crossbow handy and left-handers. The trigger mechanism unregulated, with one sear. The descent is tight and not informative.
  • Established sights – adjustable in two planes and adjustable rear sights and fixed front sight on the front safety clip – not equipped with colored fiber-optic strands which complicates aiming.
  • There is a level weaver for mounting optics, but with such an effective range (up to 15 meters) – it is rather a tribute to fashion. Mounting optics is possible without removing the rear sight.

Package does not include stringer – auxiliary cord to install the bowstring, so the Assembly process is quite complicated, many users manage to bring a crossbow in a combat situation only with someone’s help.

At distances up to 10 meters crossbow threat to people and animals. Therefore, to trust to his children, and inadequate personalities is not worth it. But you can get real pleasure of owning a weapon that can make a hole in the plate fiberboard.

Crossbow pistol with lever Man Kung MK-80-A4PL


This is an entertaining weapon, but to organize sporting competitions in shooting at a short distance with him.


There are three models differing in design, the first two was so small that it can be neglected.

  • MK-80 A1 and A3. All-plastic construction, including the guide. Pistol grip with a normal angle. Stirrup used for ease of loading, arched metal rods with bright decorative coating. Branches tension lever with vertical hooks for the string located along both sides of the body. The backplate of the handle they go into the bracket that needs to be pulled back to draw the bowstring. All-in-one bow, pressed against the housing by one bolt through three gaskets. The safety clip base front sight – u-shaped.
  • MK-80 A4. This model of crossbow more graceful, the shoulders are reinforced. Arm she has a greater slope and transverse notches for ease of grip. Instead of a stirrup on the Shoe made a pointed projection that when loading you need to cling to some crossmember, stick it in the ground or hold in hand. This method of fixing is defined so that the tension of the string, use a plastic lever, pivoted down, whereby the hooks move backward. A fully plastic model is indicated by the index PL, and an aluminum rail – AL. Clip-the base flies round.
MK-80 A1 A3 MK-80 A4
Type Recursive
Form factor Gun
The stock material High-impact plastic Plastic/aluminium
Bow One-piece, reinforced PCB
Tension force (kg) 36
Swing arms (cm) 40
Shooting distance (m) Up to 20
Sight Front sight, rear sight, strap weaver
Fuse Automatic
Length with stirrup (cm) 50
Weight (grams) 900
Device crossbow MK-80

Recursive crossbow with whole onions, with the swing arms 40 cm form factor of the gun, a handle with a moderate slope, in models A1 and A3 is smooth, A4 transverse notches for ease of grip.

Bow is mounted on the shank of one bolt with three pads – two shock-absorbing and metal. Front models a1i A3 to the deck stirrup mounted (hinged) made of thick metal rod. The model A4 it replaced by a conical projection, which is a continuation of pads.

All models on Board are installed the safety clip is grounds for flies.

Along both sides of the forearm stacked metal levers to the tension of the string. In models A1 and A3, they end the clip by pulling which you can cock the crossbow. At A4 there is a rotating arm made of impact resistant plastic.

The trigger mechanism with one retaining tooth. It is unregulated, with one sear. Fuse automatic, with a flag in the form of a rod available for the manipulation of both the left and right sides.

Sights consist of a bracket weaver and reinforced at its forward end adjustable in two planes pillar (without a fiber-optic threads) and flies to the safety clamp (without backlight).

As ammunition used six-inch arrows aluminum or plastic Darts of the same length.

Picking and packing

Like all Man Kung crossbows, they are Packed in a box with a vibrant colorful print and photography. Inside of box lined with foam absorber with recesses, optionally Packed in a sealed plastic bag. The Assembly manual is located on the back side of the box.

Package includes crossbow unassembled (body, the stirrup, the base of the front sight bowstring bow), and three aluminum arrows and a set of bolts with keys.

How to use

First assembled. The bow fits inside pads on the risks drawn on it. To him the two sides are glued rubber gaskets (adhesive layer applied and secured with tape) to protect from damage by bolt on the front set metal gasket. The bolt is tightened without fanaticism, without deformation of elastic elements of the fastener.

The installation of the bowstring can be problematic because the shoulders of the bow is quite strong, but short. If there is no stringer, it is better to do it together. The bracket with the front sight installed after this operation.

The string is stretched with claws on the levers located on both sides of the forearm. For this model A1 and A3 must hold for the foot stirrup and pull up the bracket located at the backplate of the handle. Model A4 is cocked otherwise. The front conical end of her pads is fixed the arm or between the massive structure, then it is necessary to lower a lever.

The arrow is laid in the trench so that it rested on the end with feathers in the string and pressed by the elastic strap.

To fire, the box guard moves forward, then pull the trigger.

Prices and reviews on crossbow pistol with lever Man Kung (man Kung) MK-80-A4PL (MK-80) is given below.

Prices and reviews

Crossbow MK-80 are relatively inexpensive. It costs, depending on the material of the body, from 1200 to 1700 rubles.

The owners note that the use of this crossbow is quite simple. With the tension of the string can handle any. To use it conveniently and the process is a pleasure, because it is felt that this crossbow is not really a toy. At a distance up to 10 meters easily penetrates the chipboard with thickness up to 10 mm (not through). Aluminum arrows can withstand five or six hits in a solid target.

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