MK-CB50 (MK-50) compact compound bow for hunting and sports

MK-CB50 is a compact compound bow from a company Man Kung, which is positioned by the manufacturer as huntingA feature of his designs are eccentric enlarged diameter, due to which compensated the decrease in the arm length and the stored speed of the arrow’s flight, pricestoday throwing weapons such appointment.

The description of the weapon

Compound bow with two equal eccentric to almost round in shape. The shoulders of the two fiberglass plates, they are mounted on the handle at a steep angle and the tension of the string becomes almost parallel to the arrow.


The manufacturer is positioned as bow hunting, but it can be used for sports.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The bow is compact and lightweight to travel with him along the forest thickets are not so burdensome.
  • The increased diameter of the eccentrics and the fact that they have almost a perfect round shape, the tension of the string is uniform, deprived of the clearly evident peaks.
  • Upon reaching efforts in 54 lbs (about 24.5 kg), it is reset to 70 percent, but because of the round shape of eccentrics so-called wall felt bad blocks range, that clearly interferes with accurate aiming.
  • Onions have rod-damper that reduces the impact of the bowstring on the accuracy of the shot. But if its mass is not compensated by counterweight, the onions with the gathering arrows from the shelf much throws up. This device package is not included.
  • Bow somehow not equipped with a safety stropkai, greatly facilitating its carrying and retention. Add package such a trifle, would be trifling.
  • Adjusting the blocks on excentrico marked, which facilitates the configuration process. But they are made of plastic – not too viable design solution for weapons with which conditions obviously will not blow off the dust.

Onion has the ability to adjust within wide limits. It can be configured and under the teenager, and under adult male.

  • The bowstring has been installed NOK-point, loop for a release and peep site. This allows you to use it immediately after unpacking. PIP-hunting website, with increased diameter, but the valve had not, because of what it can be rotated sideways.
  • The hunting sight with three pins of a fiber-optic yarns of different colors. It is mounted so that in closed-website is not visible right side of the rim osprey – it blocks the hilt. The disadvantage is purely subjective, but for the weapon of the professional level is unacceptable.

On the handle there are no mounting holes for a quiver, which can also be viewed as a disadvantage.

Bow Man Kung MK CB50 RTH


May be completely black or with a camouflage handle colors.

Feature The value
Type Block
Cable system Two Cam
Swing arms (cm) 76,2
Shoulders Fiberglass, from two plates
The handle aluminum
Tension force (kg) 13,6–25
Length of stretch (cm) A 48.3–73,7
Base (cm) 16,5
Stress relief 70%
The initial velocity of the arrow (m/s) 97,6
Weight (kg) 1,4
Device bow MK-CB50 (MK-50)
  • Compound bow with two equivalent eccentric scheme (Quad) is of large diameter and almost round in shape.
  • Adjustable eccentrics blocks made of impact-resistant plastic. Holes marked the length of stretch in inches.
  • The fiberglass shoulders of two parallel plates (split system).
  • The handle is aluminum, with mounting places for sight, shelves, outlet rod, rod-damper of vibration of the string, of a stabilizer. Placing the quiver on there. Both shoulder plates clamped on the pad with one hex slot.
  • Comes preloaded with peep site (no nipple), nock point, and a loop for a release.
Picking and packing

Packaged in a cardboard box without images and distinctive characters. A bow with a diverter rod, damper vibration of a bowstring and cable system with installed release loop and peep site put inside a plastic bubble package. Package includes:

  • sight with three pins;
  • leaning shelf;
  • two aluminum arrows with svenciausios (sports) tips;
  • release, adjustable at five points. The wrist Velcro closure;
  • the certificate of conformity of the civil weapon;
  • the keyset of hexagons.

Here’s the adjustment of a compound bow Man Kung MK-CB50 (MK-50, SV-50, SB-50 Mankung).


Thanks to the installed peep site and loop release bow can be used after installation of sight and shelves for arrows.

The length of the cord connecting the shelf with the cable system must be such that its mustache was raised immediately after the string begin to pull. And despicable was falling when the string returns to its original position. Otherwise, the tail boom will strike the shelf, and to gain momentum that lead to the correct flight path.

When strung, the hole peep site should be exactly opposite the pupil of the right eye of the shooter, provided that the retaining bow left hand strictly horizontal. If not, adjust its position, removing the wrapping thread and moving it between the strands of string up or down.

How to use pins

The sight has three pins. This pin is fixed inside the frame and equipped with colored fiber-optic strands in red, yellow and green colors for better perception.

With their help, build a line of sight at different distances.

  • When you hover the upper pin to the center of the target, the arrow flies on a flat trajectory for a short distance.
  • The lower pin is used to launch arrows on a ballistic trajectory for maximum distance.

Zeroing distance is performed by moving the rim along with sight pins vertically. The deviation from the target horizontal kompensiruet its offset to the right or left. In the bottom of the frame is level (spirit level) through which the handle of the bow is installed vertically.

Why you need a release

Release, included in delivery, allows not to touch the string with your fingers, much more convenient that traditional means of keeping the boom and the tension of the bowstring. It has a hook to loops on the string and a small trigger. The release is fixed on the wrist and is located on the inner side of the palm. Before shooting, you put an arrow on the shelf and rests its shank with the split in the string.

After that, hook release the loop and pull the string. When reaching the maximum stretch of the bow is necessary to press the index finger on the trigger.

If you can’t pull the bow with a stationary left hand, lift it up, and then, together with the lowering, pull the bowstring with your right hand. In this case, you use both hands and make it easy for yourself.


The magnitude of the stretching bow is made changing the position of the blocks relative to the eccentrics. To do this, Unscrew the locking screw and move the unit, aligning the hole with another marker with the hole in the eccentric.

Weakening or strengthening of the bow is achieved by changing the density of bolts pad holding the shoulders.

Reviews about compound bow Man Kung MK-CB50 (MK-50, SV-50, SB-50 Mankung) is given below.

  • According to owner reviews, this bow comfortable to hunt from the blind.
  • The small size guarantee that neither the units nor cable system will never be delayed.
  • The stretch of the block is smooth, without noticeable peaks efforts.
  • However, the “wall” – stress relief – feels weak.
  • MK-CB50, you can easily customize yourself to achieve good results in shooting.
  • At distances within 30 meters of the ellipse of dispersion sighted the bow does not exceed 15 cm.
Similar models
  • Most similar to constructive and technical characteristics of a compound bow, Barnett Vortex Hunter. He has the same almost round blocks-Cams, the shoulders of the two fiberglass plates. The distance between the axes of the eccentrics 72 cm, the tensile force of up to 27 kg, stretching from 66 to 76 cm can be configured both for the teenager and adult male.
  • The similarity is characterized by a different model from the man kung MK-CB75.
  • Also among the good block models it is possible to allocate Moodle from Interloper like the Condor, the Hawk, Rex and the Predator.

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