Model E Yarrow recursive crossbow pistol

Recursive crossbow pistol Model E is made by the Taiwanese company Yarrow. It is an exact copy of the model D, but unlike his predecessor, the handle and guide are made of high impact plastic. This is a very light throwing weapons low power, designed for recreational shooting. As ammunition is used exclusively plastic Darts with a length of 6.5 inches.

The description of the weapon

Recursive crossbow pistol. The handle and guiding arrows from high impact plastic, Luk – metal plate.

The tension force of 23 kg, the effective range is not more than 15 meters. The fuse is automatic, there is a device for the tension of the string.


The appointment of Yarrow Model E – recreational shooting in indoor shooting ranges and in open areas.

Advantages and disadvantages

Very compact and lightweight (Assembly weighs 400 grams), a small tension force of 23 kg makes it accessible for people with little physical strength.

  • Hand crossbow enough to get pleasure from entertainment. At the distance of 15 meters high penetrating power is quite satisfactory. At the same time shooting for serious purposes it is unsuitable. Shoot it can only light plastic Darts. They are relatively cheap, but great penetrating power. Besides often break down after three or five hits a dry Board.
  • The light weight of the crossbow is achieved by the extensive use of plastic. Metal parts only two – the stirrup and brace nadajniki. To handle it you should carefully. For this reason, there is no way to strengthen arms.
  • The trigger lock-automatic which makes the handling of a crossbow is relatively safe.
  • The rear sight has two adjustment screws – horizontally and vertically.
  • Shoot a crossbow it is possible with high accuracy. On sighting devices no fibre optic strands, it is difficult to use.
Feature The value
Type Recursive crossbow pistol
Bow length (cm) 42
Material bow Metal plate
Tension force (kg) 23
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow (m/s) 46
Sighting range (m) Up to 15
Base material Plastic
Fuse Automatic
Length from backplate to the pads of onions (cm) 32
The weight of the crossbow Assembly (grams) 400
Device crossbow Model E Yarrow
  • Compact recursive crossbow gun type. The handle and guide rail of high impact plastic. Shoulders the bow of metal plates with plastic tips for attaching the bowstring.
  • Stirrup hinged metal rod. From the same material made tensioner – U-shaped bracket with hooks on the ends. For nadajniki made guides, mounted on the handle base.
  • The handle is of rectangular cross section, set at an angle of 450 to the guide arrows.
  • The trigger mechanism retaining tooth plastic. Fuse auto, box it off (backward) accessible from both sides.
  • Sights – rear sight and front sight is also plastic. The front sight mounted on the safety brace on the block, the rear sight has two adjustment screws – vertical and horizontal.
  • There is strip of the type “dovetail”, but it is short and installation of optics impractical.
Picking and packing

The crossbow is disassembled, put in the foam absorber with recesses for details. From above it is closed sliding a cardboard wrapper with a color print. On a gray background says “Pistol Crossbow Yarrow”, there’s a picture of the crossbow in a polygonal projection. Bottom (left) Model E. written On the reverse side of the box all the explanatory inscriptions are in Russian language.

In the package:

  • the base of the crossbow with the handle, a guide pad;
  • bow;
  • two plastic lug for attaching the bowstring;
  • string;
  • three plastic dart with a length of 6.5 inches;
  • Assembly kit – Allen key, bolt, lining-prism;
  • multi-language manual and certificate of conformity of the civil weapon.
How to use

The crossbow is going for the pictures from the instruction manual. The string is better to install two.

  • For tensioning of the bowstring before firing the crossbow put his leg down and hold his feet. The left hand holds the handle, and the right bracket of nadajniki reaches up to the audible click of the trigger. Please note that in order to load the fuse (the box is in its extreme forward position). Otherwise, the string will go on top of the boom.
  • The dart is placed under the clamping bracket of the trigger and abuts the rear end to the bowstring. After that, the weapon locks onto the target. Before firing it is necessary to remove the fuse to move it back.
  • The sighting of the crossbow is due at the same position, for which it is necessary to clamp in a vise or similar device. Shooting three or four times, determine the average point of impact. Depending on its position with respect to the center of the target to produce the adjustment of the rear sight vertical and horizontal screw.
  • The direction of rotation of the screws and the number of revolutions to be written. Do not allow randomness in the process. Usually a satisfactory deviation of the average point of impact from center of target is achieved after two or three episodes of shooting.

 To increase the tension of the bow Model E is not worth it. It is dangerous.

Prices and reviews

Is this a dangerous toy from 800 to 1500 rubles.

According to the owners, the use of this crossbow can deliver a lot of fun. The accuracy at small distances is quite satisfactory. The string is enough for 100-150 shots.

Similar models
  • Absolute copy, both in design and technical characteristics is a crossbow pistol MK-50-A1 company Man Kung.
  • Other products Yarrow also have similar features, for example, is a Model F, D, H, Z. today, the variety of crossbows of this type is very wide.

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