Recursive crossbow Man Kung MK-XB21

Current models of crossbows have already surpassed commercially available types of weapons of destruction in the distance: a large number of advantages have allowed to define them on one of the leading places, and explained the growing popularity.

Among the variety of models is particularly interesting, according to customer reviews, is the recursive crossbow man kung mk xb21 – his appearance is obliged to the improvement of already known to many brand MK-150, which most successfully combines ease of use, security, and perfect striking quality.

What new model man kung mk xb21 especially surpassed other kinds of popular crossbows and what are its technical characteristics that allow us to be confident in the quality and the possibility of hitting the target, even at a considerable distance?

Browse crossbow Man Kung MK-XB21

To understand the benefits of this model to analyze the technical data in conjunction with the reviews of those who already became the owner of the crossbow, and managed to try it in action. Used to defeat targets at a distance using a bow, any crossbow must have a set of basic parameters that will allow it to operate safely and to see it in action regulated to the manufacturer specifications.

Comparing with the previous modification, it should be noted a number of changes in the structure of the device, and in the process, as well as the particular combination of external parameters and indicators weight of the whole structure. For the most expanded pattern, it is recommended to analyse the existing strengths and weaknesses of the model, as this will help to more objectively evaluate the merits of man kung mk xb21.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since the first crossbow to assess falls into the hands of the user should evaluate parameters such as the weight of the device, its design features and dimensions: this largely depends on the usability of the crossbow and its effectiveness.

  • Reduced in size in comparison with the previous modification, crossbow man kung mk xb21 has a powerful shot, and the destructive power of even regardless of the bowshot can surprise anyone. Small size means reduced weight, which is especially useful when using the crossbow, because when falling into the hands of the woman this factor will play an important role.
  • The absolute safety of the use of the crossbow provided by the changes in its structure. Reduced weight allows you to focus on correct usage, forearm, acquired a more ergonomic shape, protected from the possibility of getting a finger on the Cam. This is particularly important for beginner archers, who when the wrong location your hands on the device often receive a very tangible and painful blow by a bowstring.
  • The trigger of the crossbow forward, and this increased the size of the guide, which largely depends on the distance shots and the possibility of defeat. In comparison with the previous model crossbow man kung mk xb21 has a 15% increased rate of bowshot. The advantages also include the ability to adjust the device to the growth of shooting with the tactical stock, which increases the degree of convenience of use of the crossbow.
  • During the discharge of arrows are usually for a certain period of time is not too pleasant for the ears shooting specific vibrating sound, which in this model is damped by special vibration damper. It is a small size metal plate held tightly to the rail. Due to the interaction with sound is a very short time and does not affect the hearing and shooting other people.

The disadvantages, according to the opinion of the greater part of the respondents should include the relatively high cost. Technical data the model surpasses its counterparts, and important indicators must be considered as compliance with all safety requirements during the operation and excellent consumer quality: good build quality, plus the possibility of adjustment.


Model man kung mk xb21 may be used for the following purposes:

  • in the hunt – the destructive power is quite high, which allows for quick killing of small and medium-size beast;
  • for entertainment – the development of accuracy with a crossbow is provided by the regulation and development of abilities to hit in the goal.

Crossbows all models are suitable for professional hunter and novice: all technical data allow the use of this type striking weapon, even with basic shooting skills.

And the high build quality and guaranteed security gives you the opportunity to avoid even a small injury with proper hand position while releasing arrows.


The market today, you can see several modifications of the crossbows, which have similar technical characteristics and are suitable for both professional and novice shooter. Most popular. According to customer reviews should be considered following models:

  • crossbow MK 52;
  • model mongoose;
  • kind of MK 250.

These varieties have similar specifications, have a high level of security in the process of operation, and have relatively low cost, which ensures a constant demand for them.


Technical help options to get an idea about the capabilities of a crossbow Man Kung MK-XB21, as well as on indicators of penetration and the degree of security guaranteed by the manufacturer. And to get the most detailed picture, you should analyze the advantages of this model are displayed in the table below.

Specifications Crossbow man kung mk xb21
Country of origin Taiwan
Action type Recursive
The materials of the crossbow High-strength plastic, metal
Total weight 2.5 kg
The initial velocity of the arrow 75 m/s
Penetration Up to 50 m (especially important indicator for hunting)
Warranty 12 months

Package contents of the crossbow allows you to immediately begin using it: attached to the crossbow with two arrows and lubrication for long-term work mechanism to guarantee the quality and joy of use.

The device of the crossbow

In our model, some changes in design that led to its ease of use and comfortable operation. So a guide in the crossbow became more elongated, which provided the greater the speed of a flying arrow.

General diagram of the device of the crossbow man kung mk xb21 as follows:

  • the handle, which in this model is rendered slightly forward in comparison with the previous variant. It is possible to increase the degree of convenience of use of the crossbow, but also allows you to shoot it, even if you use only one hand;
  • universal bracket, to which is attached the damper, has the ability to control;
  • handguard, which is now over is some extension of the case: this measure allowed to increase the safe use of a crossbow, because my fingers are not able to get to the bowstring;
  • tactical butt stock gun is made of plastic, has high degree of strength and can be adjusted according to the height and arm’s length shooting.

A high degree of accuracy and increased the security guarantees are listed the technical characteristics and design features.

Picking and packing

The model presented for sale complete with two arrows and lubricant that provides long-term mechanism of the crossbow. All this Packed in a cardboard box, which has colorful design and can be a great gift.

This is considered a basic configuration of this model. In the package in any type of configuration is also a manual with a guarantee of operation of the device for a period of 1 year.

However, there is also an enhanced package which also includes additional sight, tensioner manual, convenient carrying strap of the crossbow. This configuration allows to improve the basic model of the crossbow, but according to customer reviews, even the base set will feature a model of the man kung mk xb21 good opportunities.

How to use

For best results (defeats the purpose) as in the hunt, and when using the crossbow man kung mk xb21 as entertainment should comply with the rules of use.

  1. Before use should be placed in a crossbow arrow to securely lock and to see the target through the scope.
  2. Then, after placing the crossbow at her shoulder, you can start shooting, which is pressing the trigger.

To do this it should be possible slowly to avoid the sight and shot it turned out to be the most effective.

Next, consider the price and the reviews on the recursive crossbow Man Kung MK-XB21 (MK. 21).

The product price

In comparison with analogues, which have similar specifications and features, brand crossbow man kung mk xb21 has a relatively affordable price. The price of this model may vary depending on the seller and the value of trade margins of the manufacturer. Today, the model man kung mk xb21 can be seen at 5 to 6 620 830 rubles.

Owner reviews
  • According to most reviews, the kind of crossbow is similar to that of models a high degree of accuracy: the defeat of the goal allows you to use it as a professional shooting with a crossbow and beginner: it is enough to practice quite a bit to learn how to use this model (simplicity of design, ease of operation) and using the exact sight to hit the target.
  • Also note the owners of the convenience model, which provides a unique design that was refined and improved: adjustable indicator guide and the length of the shoulders allow maximum use of the existing potential models, sending all the power to defeat the purpose.
  • The enhanced package adds convenience to usage: the presence of additional arrows, wax, and strap of the crossbow allows for more convenient to carry it, take care of the mechanism and to avoid potential breakdowns. The ratio of cost and technical characteristics in the model man kung mk xb21 is considered, according to a large number of positive reviews is the best.

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