Recursive crossbow MK-150 tarantula

Taiwanese products have an additional alphabetic index A1R, the outer surface of the bow it more smooth. In Russian there is the stigma of “PCT”, located above the trigger guard on the right side of the body.

Vary and packaging – Taiwan more colorful. Otherwise, they are absolutely identical – both in design and in technical characteristics.

Recursive crossbows MK-150 “tarantula,” released two companies: a Taiwanese Man, CIPD and the Russian Interloper. Disputes in the Network who is better and who gets robbed, reminiscent of the debate about what came first, the chicken or the egg.

Description of the subject
  • The classic recursive (bow) crossbow medium power.
  • The tension force of 43 pounds.
  • The bed is wooden, polished, aluminum alloy housing.
  • Shoulders the bow and the bowstring is made of composite materials. Perhaps in addition to get reinforced shoulders for YC-150
  • There is a strip of the type “dovetail” for installation of optical sights.
  • At the front end of the housing is equipped with safety bracket that protects the arrow from shifting random objects and at the same time playing the role of the base of the fly.
Advantages and disadvantages

The entry-level crossbow, the tension which does not require additional tools or excessive force.

  • Bed polupoltina, good quality, with rubber butt plate.
  • There is a stirrup for ease of loading, it is evolving.
  • The method of fastening the bow on the body, an elastic clip with a bolt through the two rubber seals – quite adequate for a weapon of such power.
  • The automatic fuse, which makes the crossbow relatively safe even in the hands of an untrained shooter.

The fuse box is to the right and move it, so the left-handed may not be quite comfortable.

  • The trigger mechanism is simple, with one sear and unregulated, which increases the stress on the hook and affects the accuracy.
  • Fighting tooth holding the string, designed for a force of 80 kg – twice more than in tension. This is the optimal amount of insurance against unforeseen circumstances. Any increase in power of weapons increases the risk of using it. Therefore, the possibility of an upgrade is limited.
  • The crossbow has a bracket for mounting optical sights, but in order to use it, it is necessary to remove a regular sight and managed not to lose it.
  • The rear sight is adjustable, allowing for the zeroing of weapons according to the usual technology. It is not equipped with a fiber-optic thread, so newbies to use them can be difficult. With such an effective firing range up to 50 meters – it is the best sighting device, and a plank for a fiber – redundant.
  • When manual tension of the string may be skewed and asymmetrical stress on the shoulders, which increases their service life. In addition to two white lines, marked on the bow for the proper alignment of his body, there is no longer devices and devices to ensure correctness of the position. Weapon of low power is valid, but the accuracy is affected by far.

For weapons of such power weighs too much – 2.5 kgs.

The recursive crossbow Man kung MK-150 (wood)



Used largely for entertainment and sport shooting on small distances. Dangerous for cats, dogs and other animals, to allow a person twenty meters.


Company Man Kung production model with the index of AR2, which has a bed of plastic, black in color, and the butt is made in the form of a frame with a backplate. Its weight is 1.9 kg.

Next, we consider the characteristics of the crossbow MK-150 tarantula.

Type Recursive
Material bow Composite
Swing arms (cm) 66
The course of the string (cm) 27,94
Bed Tree Plastic
The body of the crossbow Aluminium Aluminium
Tensile force (kgf) 43 43
Fuse Automatic check box on the right
The trigger mechanism Unregulated, with one sear
Sighting device Adjustable rear sight without a fiber-optic threads.
Strap for optics Is, the type of dovetail
Range (m) Up to 50 meters
The length of the crossbow (cm) 86 86
Weight (kg) 2,5 1,9
Device crossbow MK-150 tarantula
  • Recursive source of energy a bow – crossbow. Bow of a composite material with two battle lines.
  • Plugs with hooks for attaching the string – the bundle of synthetic filaments – removable.
  • The housing is aluminum, with the forearm in the form of separate plates of wood or plastic with several holes to facilitate.
  • Chute boom semi-circular, open, expanding to the trigger.
  • There is a foldable stirrup for ease of loading and front screen guard. The bow mount bolt, elastic, using two damping (rubber) and metal pads.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, with one sear. Fuse auto, its check box is to the right on the housing, above the trigger guard. There is a clamping strip for holding arrows.
  • Polupoltina bed, wood, with rubber butt pad. As a variant – plastic black with a large cut in the butt.
  • Sights: adjustable rear sight without a fiber-optic strands and a strip of the type “dovetail” for mounting optical sights.

Simultaneous use is impossible due to the fact that the sighting line is too short for the optics at a high bracket.

Picking and packing

Products of the company Man Kung Packed in a colorful box with a photographic image of a crossbow. The “Interloper” printing modest box blue. In both cases, on the reverse side of the box is drawn step-by-step Assembly instructions. Inside the foam absorber with the slots sealed in plastic bag.

Equipment similar. The body of the crossbow with box, bow, bowstring, stirrup, two arrows, a set of mounting bolts and Allen keys.

Assembly and use

After unpacking it was assembled.

  1. The bow is mounted using two rubber and one metal (from the bolt) gasket. For proper alignment it is necessary to focus on two white risks. The bolt is tightened without fanaticism, not allowing deformation of the gaskets. The elastic connection, for example a small gap.
  2. Two bolts fastened the stirrup (optional).
  3. For onion sets the stub hooks for the string.
  4. The string before installing it is necessary to twist two or three turns to get a uniform burn, which is not divided into strands. Its middle part for the gutter, rubbed with wax or paraffin to prevent abrasion.

For shooting, you first need to draw the string back, holding it with two hands and while holding the crossbow in the stirrup with a toe. If you have a lot of energy, then it can be done without the stirrup, just resting the butt plate in the chest. The disadvantage of this method is that so you will surely percocete the string. When he reached the combat of the tooth, the string is fixed on it without a distinct click, so make it only slightly loosening the grip. The trigger mechanism is placed on the fuse automatically.

Arrow is skipped inside the protective bracket at the front end of the housing and fit into the chute cocked crossbow. Its rear end with the tail should rest on the string and adhere to a clamping bracket that is part of the trigger mechanism.

Put your butt plate in his right shoulder and point your arrow at the target, fixing the line of sight notch rear sight and front sight on the front bracket. Slide the fuse box with the thumb of the right hand forward and hit the trigger.

About tuning and upgrade (upgrade) crossbow MK-150 tarantula see below.

Possible upgrade

For this crossbow you can put a reflex sight on a low bracket, rear for him as a cow a saddle – and many boast no sense, because the firing range is not more than 50 meters.

A significant strengthening of its dangerous, because the strength of the trigger has a two-fold excess over the standard tension force is the optimal value to decrease which is not recommended. Twist the string a little tighter, thus reducing its length by 0.5-0.8 cm. This will give a slight power increase, but it will certainly lead to accelerated wear.

Prices and reviews on the recursive crossbow MK-150 tarantula is presented below.

Prices and reviews

The cost of the crossbow with a plastic stock starts from 4500 rubles. With a wooden stock, and it could cost 6,500 rubles, but not more than seven thousand.

The owners are MK-150 mark easy to use, fairly flat trajectory of the arrows, and satisfactory accuracy. Penetration at a distance up to 30 meters is sufficient to flash a cat or dog through and through. So you should not trust to his children and people in inadequate condition. Regular arrows fall apart after 3-5 shots on a dense target – Board, plywood, chipboard.

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