Recurve bow Olympic

Presenting an interesting and spectacular from the point of view of external design of cold weapons, reversible bow model Olympic in comparison with similar models has proved itself as a reliable tool not only for entertainment but also to participate in the hunt. With the many benefits, the varnish of this model is easy to use, has a relatively small mass and is characterized by a high degree of reliability and efficiency in application.

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The combination of positive feedback and excellent technical parameters makes the model Olympic the most interesting for beginners archery, and for professionals.

Because the ergonomic handle is black in color, made of with high strength lightweight aluminum, provides the most convenience in use. And the use of modern materials with excellent resistance to external influences (atmospheric and mechanical) guarantees the longevity of the bow.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thanks to the list of benefits you can obtain the most detailed picture, which is especially important when choosing a bow and the analysis of its characteristics. The advantage of the model of Olympic include:

  • proper weight distribution over the shoulders, which is especially important for novice shooters: this characteristic is especially important to improve the accuracy of the shot;
  • ergonomic handle ensures convenience and comfort of use, not allowing the hand to slide off and disrupt balance during shooting;
  • easy transportation is ensured by the possibility of construction;
  • strength shoulder guarantees the use of modern polymer materials, they are reinforced with filaments made from carbon;
  • light weight (only 1.6 kg) adds to the comfort in using a bow.

The cost parameter is important for any buyer, and the price of onions Marseille will surprise those who has tight budget purchase, while trying to buy a reliable and effective tool for shooting. Equal tension is provided by the stiffness of the shoulders, and also verified weight.

The availability of a convenient small shelf allows you to keep set the arrow on the weight, which eliminates the appearance of fatigue, increases the accuracy of shooting. Is possible to install a Central stabilizer.

The disadvantages, according to most owners of this model have not been identified.

Onions recursive Olympic black pen (Blue Knight)

  • Simple design bow Olympic allows you to use it for novice shooters; low weight and intelligent design makes the process convenient and efficient.
  • Designed model like the Olympic training accuracy when shooting arrows, and for professional sports shooting, and for hunting small game and birds.

The market today, there are several models that can be attributed to variations of the considered recursive bow. It’s a bow, traditional Bear Archery Supermag compound bow and Hawk, comparable to the Olympic as its technical characteristics and cost.


With the help of the list of technical data you can see the opportunities and degree of functionality of the bow, because these parameters primarily valued by customers, and provide the possibility of using this model in hunting and target practice.

Specifications Onions recursive Olympic
Country of origin Taiwan
Purpose and use Sports goal
Manufacturer’s warranty 12 months
The speed of the arrow’s flight (initial) 40m/sec.
The increased tension 20 kg
The total weight of the device 1.8 kg
Stretching of the bow in inches 28

The model is great for beginners – light weight of this bow allows you to quickly transfer his, well thought out and relatively simple design ensures ease of operation. And the sight, is equipped with two flies, combined with an ergonomic handle made of durable and lightweight aluminum, has not hampered the use of the bow.

Device bow Olympic

The use of modern and reliable materials that ensure accurate and smooth operation of the model has ensured a high demand for it.

  • Device bows of almost all species is presented in a classic form: the case of onions with a high degree of elasticity, connected with a string.
  • The direction and speed of movement of the boom is attached bowstring because it is extremely hard to pull it.
Picking and packing

This model is the recursive bow is available in the market in the base set.

The bow and bowstring to it, and also a user manual with detailed descriptions of device capabilities – all packaged into a cardboard box. Arrows don’t usually go in the kit.

How to use

The use of any model of recursive bow is determined by its device. The bow of the Olympic quite simple, classic, use it easily: boom is set in a special place, the bowstring is stretched. The direction is given hands, pre-selecting a target in sight.

How to strengthen

The model should consider the possibility of amending the force of string tension. It is possible to achieve with additional twisting of the string or untwisting. To enhance efficiency can be used for additional fastening of the Central stabilizer (it is the basic kit not supplied).

About how much is bow Olympic on 27 kg and other modifications, see below.

The price of the product

Cost as the functionality of the model, significantly affect the demand for onions. And Olympic, with the price from 12 300 to 15 210 rubles, can be attributed to the available models that are of interest to buyers with an average budget of purchase.

Next, let’s talk about reviews about classic bows Olympic khaki, with a black handle and the other types from the Interloper.

Owner reviews
  • In the opinion of the majority of owners, the Olympic model perfectly combines both reliability and perfect striking quality.
  • Coming for both professional and beginner arrow, this bow is particularly common in shooting galleries. And it can be recommended for use in hunting, at target practice, sport shooting .
  • Also owners noted the low cost in comparison with analogues bow Olympic. It constantly attracts the attention of buyers.
  • Analogues, which have similar characteristics, not so attractive for buyers in terms of value. It is in Marseille are concentrated such important qualities as lightness (weight allows it to be used even without special physical training), safety, ability to enhance the bow.

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