SF 68 from the company Win&Win

The abbreviation SF to designation of the model line classic recursive bows Korean company Win&Win Archery is a tribute to the famous French Archer Sebastian Flute (Sébastien Flute), Olympic champion in 1992.

In fact, already in the model index you can understand what these bows are.

Figure 68 is the distance between the extreme points of the shoulders in inches, and the names of Optimo, Axiom and Premium clear a priori optimality, postulate, self-evident and something that has special qualities.

Series description

SF series 68 is represented by three types of classical recursive bows – Optimo for beginners, the Axiom for the “advanced” Amateurs and Premium sports. They have the same swing arms – 68 inch and one design feature – they are collapsible.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The main advantage of these bows is that they are collapsible – shoulders bolted to the handle bolt. This gives you the opportunity to not only easily transport them to the competition or on a picnic, but to find the optimal value of the tension and also the size of the bow to your height.

For each model there are four types of shoulders, wherein a degree of elasticity and length. Another advantage is that there are models for left-handers (LH) and right-handers (RH).

  • The workmanship is very high, the ergonomics of the handles are thought out carefully, just begging bow in hand.

The disadvantages include a very scarce complete set.

  • For example, to the model attached Optimo only a string and a simple plastic shelf.
  • And Premium have the plunger, but the string you have to buy them, since the onions with a claim to the professionalism of the owner.

However, immediately, plus, even the simplest, sold almost “naked”, Optimo has the handle space for mounting all the accessories used by professionals (sights, plungers, rods counterweights, vibration dampers and other “Goodies”).

The bow is made from wood, the model Optimo from it, even the handle. So to use them better in dry weather, despite high quality coating of varnish and plastic.


Recursive bows 68 SF designed for fun and sports.

  • Model Optimo – a handle from valuable breeds of a tree, the shoulders with a double bend, puff: in the center of the tree, the outside reinforced plastic.
  • Model Axiom – stick aluminum, without holes for relief. Can be red, blue, black, white.
  • Model Premium – aluminum handle, lightweight. The range of color the same as the Axiom.
Optimo Axiom Premium
Type Recursive, portable – removable arms made of wood and plastic
Base length (cm) 173 (68 inches)
Base bow (cm) 17
Tension force (kg) 11, 13, 15, 17 13, 15, 17, 19 13,15,17, 21
Weight (kg) 1,2 1,5 1,5
The handle of the bow Tree Aluminium Aluminium
Device bows SF 68
  • Classic recurve bow. The shoulders are removable, fixed on the handle, one bolt with proprietary head-shearling logo SF.
  • Shoulder bow puff – inside wood, outside plastic. Two bending (recursion), pointed end shoulder with an annular groove. On the inner surface of the end made a groove for the bowstring.
  • The design provides the handle for right and left grip (model indexes RH and LH). Optimo – handle wooden, Axiom and Premium aluminum alloy. Everyone has a space for fixing the shelves, sight, stabilization system, of the plunger.
  • String Optimo and Axiom of Dacron, Premium model it is not equipped.
  • To adjust the stress and selection of the size of the onion growth possible choice shoulder different degrees of elasticity and length. Online shopping ought to do it!
The choice of onion on the growth and hand

Among the boxers ‘ qualification is by weight, for Archer important height and arm length. If you have a “meter with a cap”, then you are, no matter how hard, will not let the arrow with greater force than “uncle, get the Sparrow”. But in accuracy you can work around it, if the bow will be best for the length and stroke of the string (the stretch).

Become in a position archery: feet shoulder width apart, left arm extended, head turned to left. Squeeze your left hand into a fist and push them into the wall. Measure the distance from the wall to the right corner of her mouth. Having in his right hand the cord, you can simulate the movement of drawing the bowstring. This is an optimal amount of tension bow.

Now check the result of the length of the stretch with the table. Note that if you have a bow recursive (classical), the length of the bow should be about 1-1,5 cm larger. It’s better than if it was shorter. Values are given in centimetres.

Growth < 130 130 -140 140 -150 150 – 160 160 – 170 170 – 180 180 – 190 > 190
Stretch 35 – 40 42,5 – 50 50 – 55 55 – 60 60 – 65 65 – 70 70 – 75 >77,5
Length of the bow 120 135 145 155 160 – 165 165 – 170 170 – 175 175 – 180

Next, let’s talk then, prices and reviews sets, archery bows, SF Optimo 68.

Picking and packing

Bows are Packed in a cardboard box labeled SF Archery. The complete set very much at the discretion of online stores. Model Optimo and Axiom in the base is accompanied by only a mantle and a bowstring. Premium shelf and plunger.

It is possible to add certain accessories like leggings (protection of the forearm), fingertips (sports and recreational), sight. There are equipment options, including the sight, stabilization system, plungers, leggings, a cover for the bow, quiver. In this case, the price of onions doubled compared to the basic configuration.

How to use

Shoulders are screwed to the handle bolts with a shaped plastic heads without the use of tools.

The installation of the string takes place in four stages

  1. Slide the bowstring loop on one end and pass it to the middle of the shoulder. The other end with a loop put on the annular groove at the end of the shoulder.
  2. Take a sturdy rope, a length of one and a half times more string. Make a loop at each end and put them on a ring groove shoulders of the bow.
  3. Put the handle on the floor and hold her feet. Pull the rope with one hand and slide the loop of the bowstring from mid-shoulder to the ring groove. This operation is easier to perform together.
  4. Remove the loop of rope from the shoulders of the bow.

Glue the shelf to the arrows supplied with the left side of the handle bow (if you’re right handed), focusing on the hole in it.

Using a ruler, similar to drawing t-squares, determine the position of the arrow on the bowstring. The ruler should touch the shelf with the long side, and perpendicular to the strap – to the bowstring. In the place where the line crossed the bowstring, attach the NOC point – a piece of soft metal, compressed around the string. It is possible to use fishing sinkers with the notch.

If compression do not overdo it with force, otherwise you will eat the string!

  • If desired, you can install a second nock point above the location of the arrows.
  • Shoot, using the classic English grip (release) the arrow between the index and middle finger, or “Indian” – three fingers holding the bowstring below the nock point.
  • Used for aiming peep-website – part in the form of a ring fixed on the string above the nock point. Its position is determined empirically. Depends on the flatness of trajectory of the arrow.

In the base the minimum configuration model 68 SF Optimo is 9400 rubles. Complete with full equipment, up to 18,000 rubles.


Users report good workmanship, strength and reliability of the bow. It is easy to upgrade, increasing the shoulders, their elasticity, changing the configuration of the kit for firing. You can shoot at the Olympic rules or “bare bow”, adhering to the historical truth.

  • An absolute copy of the SF archery Optimo 68 is the product of Polaris RH 68 26 company Interloper. It is cheaper (6500 rubles) due to poor set – apart handles and shoulder it nothing, not even a string. Bow Blue Knight is somewhat smaller in length (162 cm) and almost the same tensile force (13 kg).
  • Is not an analogue, but also popular this recurve bow is like Olympic.
  • Maybe you are interested in traditional patterns of the bows, for example, Supermag, Deer Master.

Choose bow, as well as to make it – no easy task. It is important to consider all the nuances.

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