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The history of the use of onions for various purposes (for fun or hunting) has a considerable amount of time and respect for people to the onions justified several centuries of its application.

From the point of view that archery is not just a recreation or extreme sport, many would agree. After all, it is also a special philosophy, which reflects the inner world of man and his relation to the world.

Many fans of the shooting Luke appreciated the functionality of traditional archery Bear Archery Supermag, because this model has a lot of positive reviews from owners and has high functionality, which is important for modern bows and makes this kind of knives are constantly popular. Through the analysis of the advantages and flaws of this model is to obtain the most comprehensive picture about the bow Bear Archery Supermag, which, among other advantages, has a relatively low cost, which is also important when buying.

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The shoulders of Luke, which is especially strong impact in the process of its operation, is made of solid maple. The degree of reliability can surprise even professional: slim and straight, they are remarkably elastic and can withstand a significant load when pulling the bowstring.

The coating on the shoulders protects them from the negative impact of atmospheric phenomena, and the duration of the service thanks to it is significantly increased in comparison with similar models without the necessary coverage.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering any model bow, should conduct a comparative analysis that will allow you to discover the strengths and weaknesses. And model Bear Archery Supermag, offering lovers of archery provides a lot of opportunities to personally verify the excellent quality of performance, severe shooting efficiency, but also the safety of using this bow.

The most important advantages of the model Bear Archery Supermag should be considered the following parameters:

  • the elegance of form draws attention to the subtlety and craftsmanship of the bow, however, unsurpassed reliability and durability are confirmed by the manufacturer, because maple possesses the necessary characteristics to make use of it for making shoulder a bow was proof of the strength and reliability of the model;
  • the handle of the bow is made of very solid wood that ensures clarity and accuracy of the arrow’s flight, and hence the effectiveness of this kind of cold weapons;
  • ending shoulders reinforced with black fiberglass, and it passes the arrow during its release the most energy is needed for accurate defeats the purpose;

Each instance of the model is made by master by hand, which ensures a continuous interest in the bow Bear Archery Supermag on the part of those who collect bows because it has originality and uniqueness.


Deficiencies in the model, according to the reviews its owners were not found.


Bow models Bear Archery Supermag is one of the most powerful among the traditional bows that can be used in sports shooting for training accuracy and clarity of the work, and to participate in professional hunting. The bow used by hunters for the production of small and medium-sized animal, and for use on rough terrain, in the woods and in bowfishing.


Traditional bow models Bear Archery Supermag usually varies in terms of tension, and are distinguished by this parameter the following varieties:

  1. with a tensile force of 45#;
  2. with tension force of 50#;
  3. with the force of the tension 55#;
  4. with the force of a tension of 60#.

With the aid of technical data provided by the manufacturer, it is possible to obtain a detailed picture of the work and the quality of the model. The following are the most important technical characteristics of the bow Bear Archery Supermag, which allow to judge about its effectiveness and the reasons for the popularity among its owners and buyers.

Specifications Bow , traditional Bear Archery Supermag
Material shoulders Maple, covered with a special coating to increase resistance to mechanical and atmospheric influences
Handle material Solid wood
Variants of string tension 40, 50, 55, 60
Length of the bow 745 mm x 320 mm
The warranty period from the manufacturer 12 months
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow 95 m/s
The possibility of using Precision training, entertainment, hunting (fur-bearing animals, waterfowl)

In professional hands, bow, traditional Bear Archery Supermag is a real killer, however, and the beginner will be able to cope with it and quickly master the science of launching arrows. Positive reviews owners deserve this bow due to its reliability, high strength and great shoulders striking qualities, which is largely due to a high speed of flight of an arrow.

Device bow Bear Archery Supermag

Bow models Bear Archery Supermag is easy to use thanks to its design: the lack of complexity allows it to adapt quickly to the specific use of the bow.

The basic components of any model of the modern bow are the shoulders, the string made from stretchy material and which can be adjusted according to the degree of tension depends on the speed of the arrow’s flight.

Picking and packing

The basic kit archery Bear Archery Supermag includes the bow itself and the bowstring to it, instruction manual. Carton packaging ensures the safety of the bow during transport.

The arrows of light wood are sold separately, for easy storage and transportation must purchase a quiver, and also to increase your comfort while shooting, you can buy a magnetic ledge for fixing the arrows.

How to use

The shoulders of rigid and elastic maple can deceive its apparent fragility. But the outward elegance hides a unique resistance to mechanical stress.

For the most effective launch arrows and giving it maximum speed to properly position the hand on the Central part of the shoulders (left hand) and the right to stretch the string with embedded in it the arrow (the arrows usually are not included in the basic package and must be purchased separately).

How to strengthen

For an increase in the degree of string tension, which greatly affects the speed of an arrow’s flight, it is recommended to change this indicator with twisting of the bowstring.

Price on recurve bow Bear Archery Supermag (Supermag) is given below.

The product price

Being in the medium price segment, the traditional model bows Bear Archery Supermag can be purchased by buyers even with average budget of purchase. When caring for the weapon, and with proper storage it is possible to transfer onions from father to son. Designer models are of interest for a long time the representatives of different generations.

The cost model Bear Archery Supermag can vary depending on the seller: 18 390 20 140 rubles.

Reviews for recurve bow Bear Archery Supermag is given below.

  • Positive comments about the exterior design of each model of the manufacturer, as well as allow her to understand the reason for the constant popularity consider the traditional bow. For decades models Bear Archery Supermag continue to amaze professionals and Amateurs archery its design and functionality.
  • Especially attracts buyers in this model the grace of external appearance; deceptively gentle appearance does not inspire fear when you look at it, and the lethality can surprise many. Simplicity of design is an important component of the success of any model. It is also important for easy operation of the bow.
  • Speed features ensure active use of the bow models Bear Archery Supermag hunting even large animals and design makes all the models bows Bear Archery Supermag coveted specimen in any collection.

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