What bows are

The hobby of archery in our country has emerged relatively recently, and almost spontaneously, mostly after appearing on the screens of the Saga about the adventures of hobbits.

Judging by the number of materials in Runet about bows and shooting of this ancient missile weapon, the number of followers of Robin hood and William tell is growing at a geometric rate.

The burning question neophytes have with how to start, how and what kind of bow should I choose? Simple answer no, so we will try to tell you a little of everything: the types of bows, their advantages and disadvantages, the selection criteria, a process in which the last word will be for you. So, let’s learn what are bows for shooting, what to stop the choice for hunting, anyway, what to choose, bow or crossbow?

What bows are

The design of the arms for throwing feathered stick with a sharp tip has been refined over thousands of years, disproving the adage about the futility of reinventing the wheel. So today we have three varieties of onions.


Those used by our ancestors to the moment in their hands were firearms. This bows of the Indians, the Papuans, the eskimo, Chukchi and other indigenous peoples. This replica military weapons of the peoples of Europe and Asia.

They are produced by a technology known and restored, using natural materials – wood, leather, natural adhesives. About any mass production of such products can be no question, each weapon will have its own characteristics, style, behavior, character. In order to skillfully wield a traditional bow is require daily exercise lasting for years.

About how to choose a traditional bow, we’ll talk later in this article.


Is that Luke used in sports and therefore called “Olympic”. They have in common with the traditional method of energy storage for the shot – by bending of the elastic branches (arms) of the bow. Most of these bows has a recursive shape – a double curve of the shoulder.

This design generates twice the energy for the same length of elastic beams. It’s very simple – one arc compression the other in tension. The emergence of recursive bows Europe owes the Huns – nomadic people who came from the Steppe.

Sporting a classic onion assigning predetermined that it began to set the elements to significantly increase the accuracy and to exclude from the process of training the elements of chance. It’s the sights, balance weights, shelves for arrows, with which they go, not hitting the handle, the vibration dampers.

Makes them the traditional way and hold the arrow under the tension of the string. The most famous two of them: English – shaft arrows between the index and middle finger, and the Indian behind the string holding the index (it has a shank) the middle and ring finger.

The most essential element of a classic bow, with its external insignificance, is the shelf on which the arrow is held. Ingenious design, which forms innumerable, lets go the arrow from the string, not hitting the handle with the tail. It allowed to refuse from natural feathers to replace them with rigid stabilizers and considerably enhance the accuracy.

Sports rules forbid to install on the classic bow device, with which you can build a line of sight based on more than one point.

In addition, stretching the string is always the exercise of force, in fact, as the flexion of the shoulders is increasing their resistance. Therefore, to learn to fire such bows are almost as hard as traditional. But workout, you can organize and achieve good results much faster.


Their appearance in 1969 we owe Holles Allen, who lived in Missouri (USA). Design based on system blocks (pulleys), which increase the force applied to the running end, as many times as there are these blocks.

Energy to throw arrows accumulate not only in the shoulders, but in the system of ropes, one branch of which is a string. A feature of these bows is the effect of “the wall” – stress relief, when the maximum point of stretch. It reaches 80 percent. If, for example, compound bow MK-СВ75 maximum tension force is equal to 27 pounds at the time of aiming the arrow to hold the bow requires a force of 4 kilograms.

Power diagram in tension “blochnik” is a mirror reflection of the same process at archery classic. First there is the overcoming (peak effort), the elasticity of the shoulder, possessing potential energy. As tension accumulates in the ropes (to kinetic) as the force applied by the Archer to the bowstring decreases. Athletes have recognized this phenomenon a Scam, so block bows to the Olympic games is not permitted. But it became possible to equip it with those elements that equate its efficiency to firearms.

In addition to shelves for shafts, balance weights and vibration dampers (optional) are installed on the block Luke complexes for building the line of sight. It’s loaded with an annular rim and peep the website – ring in the bow through which the arrow shows the target.

But the most interesting detail is the release device, whereby the shooter pulls the bowstring shoulder and elbow joint like a lever. The fingers in this process are not involved, brush relaxed. The choice of a compound bow can be difficult.

The most popular block models are:

  • MK-CB50,
  • Condor,
  • SB-75,
  • Hawk,
  • Orion from Main Hunter
  • Hoyt Rampage camo,
  • Rex,
  • Predator.

How to choose a bow for shooting for beginners block for hunting, sporting or otherwise – all of this you can find below.

The problem of choosing

Choosing a throwing weapon, usually guided by the historical truth (aesthetics), combat effectiveness, ease of ownership, price.

Truth and aesthetics

Many in the archery sport brings the desire to be like the elf Legolas, other fantasy or historical characters. Although archaeologists proven fact that English archers suffered a terrible scoliosis.

  • Most faithfully follow the contours and construction of traditional bows and arrows the products of the company Sāmik (St. Deer Master). The handle is made of glued solid wood and removable shoulders – laminated with the outer plastic coating. The only thing they can be installed without damage to the structure is a shelf, allowing the use of arrows with natural feathers. Similar model, from the company SF (Sebastian Flute). Good and Mongolian bows from Interloper, Supermag.
  • Real Olympic recursive bows are manufactured by SF. The series begins with the model Axiom. They have an aluminum handle, which you can install a sight, a stabilizer, plunger, kiver. This is a transitional variant between tradition and the classics: the shoulders of their laminated – wood, covered with plastic. There are variants of the classic bows are made from modern materials. For example, Onion Knight Blue (Marseille), whose shoulders are made of fiberglass, and the handle is aluminum.
  • Luke’s block is an industrial aesthetics, they are a machine for throwing arrows.
Combat effectiveness
  • Luke classic give all my energy to the arrow during release of the bowstring. Due to the short duration of action of impulse of force the arrow flies at a speed not exceeding 50 m/s and does not have great punching power. However, this allows to increase the rate, if you do not pull the bow to full strength or to do it overnight.
  • At the blochnik arrow accelerates relatively slowly, and the peak force is at the time of her vanishing from the shelves. The speed of flight of the arrow up to 90 m/s, it is possible to use heavy arrows with great penetrating power. For this reason such bows are often positioned as hunting. Incomplete stretch of a bowstring impossible, the rate is low. But the accuracy and grouping of shots is comparable to firearms.
Convenience owning

First and foremost, this is an opportunity to set up the bow for themselves.

  • Classic models are no wonder are collapsible. And due to the fact that the settings we need to change the shoulders for shorter or long, rigid or elastic. When such a bow is customary to focus on the rising arrow. Although English came from other considerations: long bow with the same tensioning force to deform less, and therefore lasts longer.
  • Block the bow is adjusted by changing the position of the blocks on excentrico. It does not require master qualifications, the additional cost of purchasing the shoulders and bowstrings.

At the same time:

  • By today standard, classic bow hunting may not be longer than 60 inches (150 cm). Bows sports reach a length of 70 inches. Length of Plotnikov does not exceed 90 cm, to get with him in the woods less difficult.
  • By weight of bulochnikov benefit only of the classics used in the barebow version – without the modern kit, including rifle scopes.

This is the most controversial criterion. If you evaluate onions combined with combat efficiency and a wealth of configuration, block bows are cheaper.

  • For example, Sāmik Polaris, which the manufacturer is positioned as a bow for beginners, a good choice, worth more than 11 thousand rubles, and included only a string and a simple shelf. The force of its tension not more than 36 lbs (16,3 kg). A set of replacement shoulders is not less than five thousand.
  • Compare it with a compound bow Barnett Vortex of the same level, which is 15 thousand. The tension force from 19 to 45 pounds (9 to 21 kg), adjustment of the monetary investment is not required. Supplied with three arrows, sight with three pins, shelf, kiver.

If you want to learn archery as an art, your aesthetic taste entertain the shapes and lines, then buy the classics, which, by the way, it is possible to manually recreate.

Block bows for those who value practicality, who have no time to visit gyms and good results you want to achieve quickly. But if you want to switch to classic bows, then learn them again.

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