Yarrow model H recursive crossbow

Recursive crossbow Yarrow Model H – ranged weapons primary level. Simple and reliable design – handguard made of aluminum alloy allow to use them in the most adverse conditions without fear of damage. Enough power to hunt game birds, though not legitimately.


Recursive crossbow with rifle stock poliestireno type, made of wood and varnished. Forend and guide rail is made of aluminum alloy, which significantly increases its survivability.

As ammunition used boom length 14 (regular) or 16 inches.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Beautiful and comfortable bed made of real wood, without any newfangled delights with cutouts. On a butt pillow under his cheek, the arrow (like Monte Carlo), but it is only on the left side, the crossbow is clearly not designed for lefties. The butt plate of plastic, unfortunately, it is unregulated.
  • The advantage of the design is all-metal handguard (aluminum), which makes the crossbow practically unkillable. Handguard high, with a wooden pillow for the comfort of the grip. There is no fear that when shooting fingers will go under the string, resulting in traumatic amputation of the phalanges.
  • Onions recursive, composite. It is attached to the block with one clamping screw. Therefore, it is possible to replace more powerful.
  • The trigger mechanism without the possibility of adjustment of the stroke of the trigger. He had only one sear, so the force on the hook is pretty good, but the descent uninformative that sniping is unacceptable. Fuse automatic it box big, convenient for operating by the thumb of the right hand.
  • The crossbow has no protection from a single shot.
  • The crossbow is equipped with an adjustable in two planes entirely open and fixed front sight mounted on the front bracket. Fiberopticheskie threads on them, this complicates the aiming. But the main drawback – the inability to use optics. Bracket rear sight is undercut, behind which you can hold on, but without any guarantee of reliability. In addition, to mount optics you have to remove the rear sight.

The crossbow is suitable for target shooting at distances up to 30 meters and hunting small game.

Assembly Yarrow Model H

Feature The value
Type Recursive
Bed Rifle, polupoltina
The stock material tree
Material bow Composite (carbon fiber)
Swing arms of the bow (cm) 66
Tension force (kg) 43
The initial velocity of the arrow (m/s) 64
Fuse Automatic
Protection from a single shot No
The length of the crossbow (cm) 86
Weight (kg) 2,545
Staff munition Boom length 14 inches
Device crossbow Yarrow Model H
  • Recursive crossbow with rifle stock poliestireno type, made of wood. Handguard and rail of aluminum alloy. It has a wooden pillow for the comfort of the grip.
  • On the bottom of the forend has three mounting holes threaded for installation of the quiver (not supplied). Shoe bow is an integral part of the design of the forearm. Below it is attached a steel brace which can be folded. The top is a metal safety clip, which serves as the base of the fly.
  • Onions recursive composite (CFRP) with a removable end for attaching the bowstring. In the block it is attached with one bolt.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, with automatic fuse box which is on the right.
  • Sights are only adjustable in two planes and adjustable rear sights and fixed front sight. Straps for the optics no.
Picking and packing

Box-standard Yarrow – light gray background, inscription Rescure Yarrow Crossbow, crossbow image of polygon positions, the bottom marking of the model – Model H.

  • The inscriptions on the outer side of the cover – slide cover – made in the English language.
  • All the other sides of the box – side face and back side with Russian inscriptions and explanations.

Package includes:

  • bed Assembly fore-end, trigger and pad bow;
  • onions without endings;
  • bowstring for crossbow yarrow;
  • two aluminum arrows;
  • plastic endings for fastening of the bowstring on the bow.
  • stirrup;
  • set screws and Allen keys;
  • the manual, a list of service organizations, the certificate of conformity of the civil weapon.
How to use

The crossbow is collected in accordance with the drawings given in the instruction manual.

The string is better to install two. If you can not find the attendant, and force to install not enough, take a sturdy synthetic rope, make at each end of the loop.

The total length of the fixture should be 10 cm longer than the string.

  1. Loop one end of the string to the middle of the shoulder, another put on the staff.
  2. Put the loop of rope on the bow and pull it straight up, holding the crossbow in the stirrup feet.
  3. Slide the loop of the bowstring to the regular places. Loosen the rope and remove it.
  4. The tension of the string when setting the crossbow is cocked by hand or cord-nateniyom, which are purchased separately. The stirrup should be thrown forward, put on the floor and fixed feet. The string stretches to a good audible click of the trigger. Loosen the grip for it it is necessary smoothly.
  5. The boom is installed on the rail with one of the stabilizer (in red) in the groove. Its front end should be under a safety pin on the last bow, and the back should rest on the string and stick the clip running from the base of the pillar.
  6. Zeroing is conducted at a distance of 10-15 meters. The rear sight should occupy the middle position on the vertical adjusting screw.
  7. A crossbow fixed in a Vice or similar device. Is shooting five or six bolts (arrows).
  8. The median point of impact. If it is below the center of the target, the rear sight is raised. Deviations to the right and left offset horizontal screw of the rear sight.

 During shooting it is impossible to randomly twist the adjustment screws. Acceptable accuracy achieve in three or four series of shots at a target.

How to strengthen

The bow is attached with just one bolt-hex. So you can pick up in a big way shoulders and elasticity. The main thing that it was not wider than a groove in the block. Without fundamental changes in design can enhance the crossbow, tightly twisting the strands of a bowstring.


The owners of the crossbow speak of him as unpretentious and easy-to-use weapons.

  • The tension of the string with your hands does not cause special difficulties.
  • When shooting at a distance of 30 meters the arrows form a circle with a diameter of not more than seven inches.
  • Arrow retains the stopping power at distances up to 100 meters, so be trusted to use this model only the appropriate people.
Similar models
  • Almost all models of recursive crossbows from Taiwan are clones of each other, differing only by brand names and minor details. For example, the twin brother of the Model H is the product of the company Man Kung MK-150A1R.
  • Similar technical characteristics are crossbows “Scorpion” company Interloper.
  • Good price and positive reviews along with the crossbow Yarrow received model H model B, C and A (wood), as well as models D, E, F, Z.
  • Crossbows pistol type have Interloper: Scout, ASP and Black Python.

Before choosing any model, it is necessary to examine its pros and cons and only after doing a purchase.

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