Yarrow Model Z compound crossbow

Yarrow Model Z is the block – type crossbow with a rifle stock. The tension force and the cost of it can be attributed to throwing weapons initial level. However, field tests show that it is not almost as advanced professional models. Yarrow, Model Z – block entry-level crossbow for target shooting and hunting

The description of the weapon

Compound crossbow with rifle stock. Internal frame made of aluminum alloy. The tension force of 43 pounds, as ammunition used arrow length of 20 inches. Package included red dot sight.

Effective range of 30 meters.

Advantages and disadvantages

The choice of the crossbow should be approached with care:

  • Ergonomics of the Lodge, the crossbow is well balanced. Handguard high, which eliminates the ingress of fingers at the cables and the bowstring. Unfortunately, the butt plate is unregulated.
  • The power of the crossbow enough for effective firing at a distance of 30 meters. According to the results of field tests found that the arrow can fly 100 meters without losing half of lethal force. On the one hand, this is an excellent result, allowing the use of Model Z in the hunt. On the other, makes it extremely dangerous in the hands of an inadequate hand.
  • The crossbow is equipped with a trigger mechanism with automatic safety catch. Its check box is available to operate both the left and right sides of the box. Guard from a single shot no, this is a clear disadvantage of this model.
  • Package includes a set of external sighting device – adjustable rear sight and front sight with a fiber-optic thread, and reflex sight with three labels (adjustable in brightness), which simplifies zeroing of the weapon and allows you to shoot without changing the angle of inclination of the bar.
  • There is a shoulder strap for easy wearing. He, of synthetic fibres, but this can hardly be considered a disadvantage.
  • The crossbow is quite heavy at 3.4 kg, use it on sea hunts can be burdensome.

Package contents of the crossbow Yarrow, Model Z


The crossbow can be used for sport shooting and hunting.

Feature The value
Type Block
Bed Rifle, polupoltina
The stock material and guide High-impact plastic
The scope of Doug Luka (cm) 70
Tension force (kg) 43
The initial velocity of flight of an arrow (m/s) 58
Effective range (m) 30
Length from the buttplate to the stapes (cm) 93
Weight (kg) 3,4
The outer sighting devices Adjustable target and front sight
Strap for optics There, weaver, 11 mm
Device Yarrow, Model Z

Compound bow with one bend. Shoulders – two parallel plates of a composite material embodied in the block with one bolt. Both rollers in the form of a Cam, the tension force is not adjustable.

  • The Shoe attach the stirrup and quiver for the three spare arrows.
  • The bed with the butt and guide of impact-resistant plastic on an aluminum frame. Handguard high, with a cushion for comfort of grip. Between the pistol grip and butt wide cutout for the thumb. Butt stock with high comb and bilateral pillow under his cheek, the arrow (like Monte Carlo). The butt pad is unregulated.
  • The trigger mechanism with a fixed stroke of the hook and automatic fuse. To turn off the fuse from either side of the bed.
  • Is possible to install exterior sights: front sight with a fiber-optic thread with a bracket on the bow pad, and adjustable in one plane (horizontal) of the rear sight on the bar weaver a width of 11 mm. Position the slats (the vertical angle of the line of sight) is changed in discrete screw-lamb, located on the right side of the cover release mechanism.

Package included red dot sight with objective lens of 30 mm. it has three permanent markers, brightness can be adjusted. This allows you to build a line of sight depending on the distance to the target, without changing the position of the bar.

Picking and packing

Crossbow Packed in the box company-specific Yarrow. It is light gray, the cover reads “Compound Crossbow Yarrow”, is a picture of the crossbow in polygon position, and set down the type (model Z). On the lid the inscription in English on the reverse side in Russian. The box has a handle for easy carrying.

Inside the foam isolator with cavities for components.

  • Bed – butt guide;
  • The bow Assembly has a cable system and string.
  • Four aluminum arrows.
  • The stirrup.
  • Reflex sight.
  • Kiver.
  • The rear sight and front sight with a kit of parts to install it.
  • Separately guide the cable system.
  • Strap for carrying on the shoulder.
  • A set of fasteners.
  • Cord to ease the tension of the string before firing.
  • The manual and certificate.
How to use
  1. Assembled the pictures shown in the instruction manual. The first installed guide rope system, and then the bow is fastened on the shank by two bolts. Installation of a rear sight and front sight are optional, but they do not interfere with the reflex sight, so to avoid losing small fasteners (bracket flies of the four elements) it is better to do it.
  2. Pull bows better with stretch cord from the delivery kit. The loop should be fixed at the back plate of the trigger, but it would be safer to skip the cord into the hole in the box for the pistol handle. The hooks snapped onto the bowstring on both sides of the guide. Place the crossbow stirrup on the floor, step on it and lock it, and then take both free ends of the cord-tensioner and pull them up. When the bowstring will stand armed, you will hear a distinct click.
  3. The boom is mounted on the guide so that the two stabilizer lying on top of her, and the third was omitted in the groove. The rear end of the boom should rest on the string. Before beginning the search for targets you can turn off the fuse, sliding the box back.
  4. If you are entirely and fly, then position bracket weaver should change depending on the firing range. This is done by the screw-lamb on the right, on the cover of the trigger. Change the position of the discrete, it is marked by dashes and numbers. Normal (constant) sight to the distance of 30 meters and marked with the number “0”. The rear sight is mounted on the rear end of the strap. If the shooting distance increases, it is necessary to lift. Each division of the screw is five meters.

When using the collimator sight focus on the label. Mid – normal (constant) distance and the lower for long-range goals, top – located closer to thirty meters.

How to strengthen

The strengthening of this crossbow is impractical. In addition, the mounting hole pads bow rail and coincide only in a regular combination. Nothing else for this crossbow you will not find.

Prices and reviews on crossbow Yarrow, Model Z are shown below.

Field tests and prices

The cost of this crossbow in different online stores ranges from 14157 to 15190 roubles.

On the Internet there is a video of field tests of the Model Z. Inexperienced shooter, using only entirely and fly from a distance of 35 metres put five of five arrows, not going beyond the limits of “eight” of the target.

  • At a distance of 65 metres this score is 2 of 5 in the range of “nine.”
  • At a distance of 100 meters hit one arrow out of five. The depth of the arrows (used strip of two panels of construction foam) remained the same – about a third of the length.
Similar models
  • Almost an exact copy of the Model Z is the crossbow MK-300B company Man Kung. Advantage – the presence of a fuse from a single shot.
  • A slightly lower swing arms (65 cm) and the same tension force at block crossbow “Cayman”. Shoulders his whole plate, and it weighs 600 grams more.
  • Models D, E, F, H is also a good similar characteristics.
  • Among crossbows pistol type, it is worth mentioning TDR-2005R, Scout, the Black Adder and Python.

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