As a dog to teach him not to pee at home

A pet is a big responsibility that not everyone is ready to go. Pet needs care and lots of attention. One of the most important habits is the ability to relieve themselves on the street.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to achieve the desired result, and the dog still insists on shitting in the apartment.

But sometimes happens that well-mannered pet, which always went to the toilet on the street, began to spoil in the apartment. What could be the reason for this behavior and how to teach your dog not to shit in the house?

As a result, you may experience a lot of difficulties, which will need to immediately fight.

  • To wean the dog to shit at home should still a puppy, but the owner could ignore this rule and do not pay enough attention to your puppy that in the result entailed unpleasant consequences.
  • Must be timely and regularly take the dog outside, otherwise none of the bans will not be valid. Pet for a long time can endure, but not to wait for the arrival of the owner.
  • Piles or puddles on the floors can be formed in the flat in revenge. Similar phenomena can occur due to the fact that the pet was severely punished the owner not the cause. In this case, to wean the pet from bad habits quite easily: it is enough to show your love and devotion.
Pet is not shit on the street: cause and effect

Quite often dog owners are faced with the problem when, during another walk with your pet, he can not celebrate the need and bravely endured before coming home, where joy runs into his usual place. How to teach your dog not to pee at home in such cases?

Follow the below listed guidelines:

  1. It is necessary for your dog to organize long walks in the street after a meal. A high probability that after a hearty meal the dog will just need to go to the toilet. Of course, that animal will wait until you return home and endure, that is urine. But this is not a reason to rush home, on the contrary, walk as long as the pet is not gonna celebrate need on the street. After the implementation of the “desired” shower your dog with gentle words and praise, and indulge her treat. All subsequent treatments should be supplemented by incentive, and when the puppy poops at home, to ensure a long and edifying conversations.
  2. Effective way to teach writing and to spoil a puppy home are the active games on the street. Active games are a lot of advantages: improvement of physical condition, socialization and habituation to the owner, as well as physical activity stimulates the release of the intestine. As a result, at the end of the short game, the dog will be forced to do their business.
  3. How to wean a puppy to spoil the house? Quite simply, if you use water. After an active walking puppy want to cool off and plenty to drink. The drink will bring the desired result and your dog will run to fertilize the plants in the Park. Don’t forget the reward after the case.
  4. The natural desire of each puppy is to make contacts with their own kind. Highly recommended to introduce your puppy with other dogs, with which he will follow the example and start writing on the street.

Every owner needs to have patience, because to wean the pet from the home toilet can not at once. Important is to choose tactics and to develop a reward system for completed tasks. Of course, to punish the Joker for what he did need, but the beat is screaming and aggressive behavior is unacceptable!

A more effective method for them are long moralizing conversation with a disgruntled and simply notes in his voice. Dogs perfectly capture the emotional state of a person, so realize that they are guilty at some point.

Change dog behavior: why?

If a dog which is vaccinated to write and shit on the street began to defecate in the home, it could indicate health problems.

A large number of dog owners do not know that extreme cold can trigger the development of many diseases, especially, this topic is relevant for the representatives of the decorative rocks, which at low temperatures is not able to warm even in warm overalls.

Many breeders, it was observed that females write at home, usually up to two years. This is due in most cases not fully formed hormonal system. The reasons for this is poor diet or bad genes. All the difficulties and problems associated with hormonal system, disappear after the first pregnancy.

The main reasons

The main reasons that encourage your pet to defecate outside the toilet, include not only genetic predisposition and health problems.

Sometimes the reasons may be the following:

  • uncleanliness;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • the lack of attention;
  • jealousy;
  • the loss of the authority of the master;
  • the lack of routine.
Effective ways of dealing

To date, developed with respect to many techniques that are intended to wean the pet to relieve themselves indoors.

In our article we have selected the most effective recommendations in the fight against the bad habit of the pet.

Basic rules:

  1. Do not allow yourself to yell at your pet. If you start to raise your voice during or after the crime, the dog realizes that in your presence can’t do this, just start to hide.
  2. Do not allow yourself to hit an animal and poke his face into his pile. Such actions hurt the pet, it is not aware of what he swears. Sometimes the fear of dogs begin to eat their feces.
  3. Consistency of action – the key to success. If you wish to teach your pet to go to the toilet outside, to walk regularly and at the same time. If there is no constancy in action, the dog simply will not understand that want from it.
  4. Developed a system of rewards. When going out with the dog for a walk, be sure to grab some Goodies. Encourage your little guy is always after the “completed action.”
Successive steps of learning
  1. If after the quarantine, you have decided to start to introduce your puppy to the street, it is recommended to do it before little one will want to use the toilet. Watch and consider how much your pet will need time to after a meal to want to use the toilet. As soon as the dog starts to behave suspiciously, immediately going for a walk.
  2. A daily walk at the same time. Properly designed regime of walking will allow your dog to feel not only proper care but also facilitate trips to the bathroom.
  3. The use of special deterrents. In veterinary pharmacy offers a wide range of sprays, the smell of which deters animals and they cease to go to the toilet at the same place. If you can not purchase the drug, you can use ordinary vinegar to which quadrupeds are also experiencing hostility.
  4. You need to teach the dog to commands. If you wish to have your pet learn to walk on the street, then come up with a team that will be constantly repeated. After the case made, be sure to encourage your pet.
Methods of punishment

As we have said earlier, dogs are intelligent animals that catch the mood of their owners. If you are showing aggression towards your pet, he is always happy to respond to your request.

Of course, to react calmly to such scagliotti difficult, but can demonstrate their dissatisfaction in the following ways:

  1. Make the tone of his voice more formal and restrained, swipe edifying conversation;
  2. Take a favorite toy the puppy and return only after he defecated on the street;
  3. If you see that your pet is already going to make need, use the command “no”. Pet needs to see how you feel about such behavior.

Summarizing the foregoing, it should be noted that all the advice helped the owners to achieve the desired result. Do not lower the hand and continue to stand on his own, adhering to the sequence. Dogs always respond to your love and care.

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