Bavarian mountain hound

This breed is virtually unknown in Russia, it is the result of crossing a variety of hounds Bavarian region mainly Hanoverian and Tyrolean.

The Bavarian mountain hound is a dog of medium size. Its weight is less than other blood hounds have a highly developed musculature. High set, hanging ears are medium length. The head is quite heavy. The dog’s coat is smooth, short, shiny. The color of the dog may be pale yellow, bright red or brindle. For good physical shape, the dog just needs a serious hunting load.

Ability to work on cold track makes Bavarian mountain hound an indispensable companion on the hunt. One advantage of this breed is its endurance and speed. With her hunting deer in the highlands of Bavaria. But, not only.

The same dog can work and game. Dogs need constant, close contact with the owner. Breed Bavarian mountain hound is not suited for living in the apartment as your beloved pet. It is perfectly suited to the Forester, the hunter, the crawler lands. This dog is a vital load for hunting, long walks and natural habitat.

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