Best dog breeds: types and description of

Given the fact that modern human life much different from his ancestors ‘ life, she became more comfortable, and more safe and distant from nature, to dogs that have evolved almost in a family member of the conventional pet, are now very different requirements.

So, a few centuries ago the price was strong and powerful dogs that were able to protect livestock from wild animals, to catch rats and help to carry cargo.

Now, when the main work is done by different automated systems and mechanisms, four-legged Pets give birth or for hunting (dachshunds and hounds), or for status (Pomeranian and a Tibetan Mastiff), or for beauty (Chihuahua and Yorkie). But, as a rule, a dog is a friend, but rather a family member who is obliged to differ agreeable disposition and be able to get along with the owner and his family, and other Pets.

With this in mind, the perfect modern dog needs to be good. Well, to pick really the kind dog in the world you can use TOP 10, which was created based on the study of the history of the breed, and with the help of analysis of genetic characteristics, and based on the feedback of the hosts and the audience.

Beethoven and Labrador

There are species of the family Canidae that are included in almost all the hit parade of good dogs. Thus, the Labrador can be seen in the top of the most popular, intelligent, and, of course, the list of the kindest dogs in the world. Most likely, the only rating, which is not the Labrador Retriever is the most evil breed. And ordinary townsfolk, and professional trainers say that the most good dog in the world is a Golden Retriever who is so good-natured and agreeable, that can easily cope with the role of the attendant for an elderly person or a nanny for the baby.

And Retriever are also well protects the house, make friends with the other members of the family. However, despite the fact that the character and appearance retrievers are similar to Labrador, children, especially small, I prefer Labradors.

But if we consider the popularity of the dogs in children, the leadership belongs to Beethoven, and more specifically the Saint Bernard, which was very popular due to its character. Despite the large size, children are absolutely not afraid of St. Bernards, and even in newborns, these dogs fear did not cause. Therefore, in the top dog position among the kindest dogs is a Golden Retriever. But in the hit parade of children in the first place on tenderness is the St. Bernard. Incidentally, the original home of this breed is Switzerland and in this country, and today the breed is used as a rescue.

Returning to Labrador, you must tell about the following qualities:

  • big love to the family, where he lives Labrador;
  • a special attachment to their owners;
  • easy to train and easy learning;
  • the constant desire to please the owner. However, not talking about any “subservience” of the dog.

The disadvantage Labradors is a tendency to melancholy. So, breeders are not advised to leave the animal alone for a long time. From sadness and boredom Labrador can easily throw things in the room or ruin furniture and carpets, ripped Wallpaper. The best living environment for Labrador’s family and with the family the bigger the better.

Golden – denotes Golden

Considering most of the surveys are still the most kind dog in the world is Golden (Golden) Retriever. This breed gained popularity at the end of that century. Equally good Golden retrievers and as a working dog and as a pet. So, now the Goldens are applied in the MOE and the customs, police, and even in medicine.

Due to its unique qualities of nature, Golden can be a real therapist for people who are depressed. Quite popular these dogs are in the role of guide dogs for blind people. Despite the docile nature, Golden can quickly razbaluetsya (from excessive love of its owner). The best training a dog is an alternation of rigor and affection. Given the fact that the dog has a good memory he does not have the same repeat over and over again. So, when the dog to prohibit something once about banning you will remember for a lifetime.

Besides the fact that I think Goldens and companions, and guard dogs, this breed, including applies to sports. Because the animal will require a sufficiently powerful and daily exercise. When you are sure that you will be able to walk the dog 2 times a day for 2 hours, do not need in the house to make puppy Retriever. It is desirable to give preference to good, but the smaller the animal, for example, curly-haired Maltese or Bichon Frise.

Small dogs

There is an opinion that you don’t need a little dog to have in the house where there are small children. This opinion is entirely objective reasons. Because small breeds are often afraid of children and the role of preventive measures themselves unable to attack them. It is unlikely that the bite of York will be able to hurt the baby, but to scare can.

In addition, children risk injury to the animal because of his fragile bones, low weight and short stature. But curly lap dog quite easily with children gets. Incidentally, children also delighted with this white fluffy puppies. So when the Golden Retriever is not the dog of your dreams, you can buy a curly lap dog that will become a full member of the family for a few days.

Kittens and puppies

There’s a stereotype that cats do not coexist with canids. To avoid conflict, experts suggest:

  • don’t need the house to have a hound or Greyhound, where lives the cat, as the dog perceives the animal as game;
  • to bear simultaneously in the house and a kitten and puppy;
  • bowls for eating are required to be different;
  • but the attention and love between animals must be evenly split.

The kindest of the kindest

And yet, what other breed of dog in addition to St. Bernards, Labrador and Retriever can be included in the TOP of the most tolerant, sweet, good-natured and docile?

Can be safely attributed to affectionate, sweet and flexible:

  • of Newfoundland;
  • collie;
  • poodles;
  • retrievers (Labrador and Golden);
  • German shepherd;
  • sheltie;
  • Australian shepherd;
  • Basset hound.

The Scots believethat their beautiful collie, which all began to call lassie with a light hand of cinema, not only the world’s most friendly dog, but the smartest. Collie is in 10-ke the most good dogs.

At the dawn of the emergence of this breed was positioned as the best herding dog that could herd sheep. Goodness this dog is not only at the genetic level but in the peculiarities of the Constitution.

The jaws of the dog have a unique structure that simply will not allow the dog to bite badly. Confirmation of the great good-natured collie is the fact that any attempt to make it more aggressive was doomed to failure. Another characteristic feature of the breed is shyness, which is often characteristic of good people.

The dog will not trust the first comer, but when the owner was able to gain the trust of this dog, it is the end of life. For people who are planning to have your four-legged friend, the collie is the perfect option because she is kind and loyal, affectionate and calm, and, of course, quite clever.

The first impression that Newfoundland can produce is an impression that before you a great guard dog, ready at any moment to attack. But, despite the frightening appearance, this handsome man from Canada is in the top-10 of the kindest dogs in the world.

The Newfoundland rarely barks for no reason and never attack first. A distinctive feature of this dog is almost Buddhist philosophical mind. Dedication has made this animal quite vulnerable. A member of the family this breed will be a few days, but the betrayal just won’t survive.

In addition to docile temper and mind Newfoundland are characterized by a great intuition, which allows the dog to feel the approaching danger. Because quite often they are employed as lifeguards. When the house is already a cat or other pet, this powerful, handsome no problem with him find a common language.

How many people call the collie lassie, poodle many children associated with Artamonov, from the tale of Pinocchio. By law, the poodle is one of the most unique and at the same time one of the 10 most good dogs in the world. The uniqueness of this breed lies in her mind, as well as the ability to adapt to any climate conditions.

What about the history of the breed, some dog handlers homeland poodle called France, the other Germany. In spite of the presence of nature, this breed of dog adapts to the owner and his family. Dog fully feel the mood of the owner and under it is adjusted. As a rule, perceived the poodle as a circus dog. Most likely, this is because this breed easily finds a common language with other animals and is not afraid of the crowd.

To be loyal and loving, intelligent and flexible classifies the dog breed sheltie. Home to this cute and small dogs are the Shetland Islands, in honor of them the breed was named. What about its main purpose – it is a herding dog, which today throughout the world are quite popular. Watch quality of this dog appear in nastorozhenno behavior to strangers. While the owner and his family dog to relate with human caring and openness, which multiplied by the unselfishness of a dog.

Looking at photos of German shepherd, you might think that she is confident and strong and smart, but that she was “fluffy and white”, know about it only people who have the good fortune to own this treasure. When any threat to its owner, the dog will show itself as a great protector and guard. In the quiet time more flexible and loyal four-legged friend is hard to find.

In the German shepherd can live are incompatible at first glance as:

  • emotion and mind;
  • cruelty and kindness;
  • anger and sensitivity;
  • aggressiveness and friendliness.

However, those settings, running in a pair of the latter is for the owner and his family. But the fact that the first part is for detractors and enemies. Incidentally, the German shepherd is in the top-10 most intelligent breeds in the world, and in 10-ke the most loyal, and in 10-ke the most good and in 10-ke the most dangerous.

In the list of the most good and got a Bassett hounds that seem awkward because of their elongated body. But, despite the original exterior, evident even in the photos, Basset hounds are very popular with breeders. Bassett is a true Englishman, not only of its own kind, but as the soul. This breed is intelligent, which genetically bred so well that just do not require any further training.

Care and tenderness native to Australia

Another dog, however, with roots from Australia also entered the top 10 most good-natured and kind. This is quite loyal and intelligent dog, which initially was used as a herding and today has grown to a full-fledged member of the family. This breed is not only helpful to its owner, she just loves kids and protects them better than their parents.

When there was a desire or necessity to acquire the house puppy that will grow into a cute and friendly creature (regardless of its size, teeth and dimensions), it is necessary to follow the hit parade the kindest dog breeds in the world.

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