Bloody hound

Dog breed the Bloodhound is incredibly charming. In these animals, as many say, not even the face, namely the dog’s face. When the animal lies, deep in thought, unwittingly come to think about that before you a philosopher seeking the meaning of life and speculating about the eternal.

But it is now so we perceive this breed, and last dog was named “blood hound”, which is reminiscent of the name of the breed (“blood” in English – blood).

However, the name is associated not so much with hunting or some other “bloody” moments. It was bred in England, with a pedantry peculiar to this nation, because of that, and gave her the name “blooded hound,” which was a “purebred dog”. There is a version and what the name of my breed was because looking for the best a wounded beast smell of blood. All versions agree on one thing – bloody and murderous is not one and the same.

Deciding to get a dog of this breed, you gain a true friend, loyal and devoted, good-natured and affectionate. Now dog breed the Bloodhound is used worldwide as a great investigative animals, because they have a terrific sense of smell. These instincts and gave rise to a breed in England a noble Lord loved to hunt, but because breeding dogs on this principle.

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