Breed of dogs Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier is a hunting breed. Representatives of this breed attracts breeders around the world its pretty face, excellent hunting skills and a loyal, friendly personality.

The Norwich Terrier is a hunting breed

The history of the origin of the breed

Breed of dogs Norwich appeared at the end of the XIX century. The birthplace of these Terriers is the County of Norfolk, and the “father” is an avid hunter who dreams about dogs, able to work in non-standard conditions on the territory of East of England.

The Norwich Terrier is visually similar to a Yorkshire Terrier, and for good reason. The ancestors of the dogs was black and podpolye English Terriers are bred by breeders by crossing the Yorkie Terriers and Irish Terriers.

Due to the widespread activities of many breeders, the breed the Norwich Terrier became the property of Albion. His first name Rags, which translated to English means “disheveled”, the breed was due to the hard and disheveled hair.

Breed of dogs Norwich appeared at the end of the XIX century

The second nickname, which stuck funny dog, – Radler (translation from English – “a hunter of rats”). Gambling, Norwich were excellent hunters on small rodents and surpassed their skills even small Yorkies. Breed of dogs with a pretty funny face has spread quite rapidly in the UK and even became the mascot of the famous Cambridge University. Many Cambridge students and fans of the dogs were literally lined up for Norwich Terriers. Due to the popularity of dubbed Cambridge Norwich Terriers.

Norwich Terrier soon, mainly because of its fame, has received official recognition. In the 30-ies of the last century Norwich became a participant of the exhibition, after which was made the official description of the breed and the club. However, experts recognize only the red color of dog’s fur for a long time refused to register the dogs with black and tan color.

Breed dogs look very similar to the cores and Norfolk Terriers. Indeed, these rocks are very similar and experts distinguish them by sizes. The weight of Cairn Terriers, unlike miniature dogs up to 6 kg.

Appearance of Norwich Terrier

A dog of this breed, like most hunting dogs, has a small size, strong bone, fairly broad chest and proportional physique. The standard of the Norwich Terrier is written in a separate paragraph of their temperament. Puppies Norwich Terrier, like adults, have an active, exciting and purposeful, but not a playful character. Among dogs of the working class representatives of this breed are the smallest and reach the height of 25 cm and weight – 5 kg.

At professional exhibitions are not taken into account the injury suffered by dog in hunting, but only if the injuries don’t make the dog defective. To the “acceptable” injuries are the scars and torn ears.

Coat of representatives of this breed is hard, wiry. In the neck there is a collar, formed by guard hair. On the muzzle the coat is short, has bushy eyebrows and a beard. The undercoat is well developed. To acceptable colors of the coat of the Norwich Terrier include red (from saturated to pale yellow), black and tan (red palette) and sable (black-and-red palette). It is also possible markings are white, but their presence is undesirable.

Nature Pets

Puppies Norwich Terrier as adults representatives of this breed differ innate ability to self-control. They always think about their actions and not give in to his hunting passion. But the dog is not flexible and needs in education.

The nature of this breed is determined not only proper education but also the innate instincts of the hunter. The hound is not suited to the role of guard, because quite friendly, but to stand up for themselves can.

Dogs and cats Norwich Terriers can live only under the condition of early socialization. The owner should not single out one specific pet, as Norwich might get jealous of him. Small rodents, birds and rabbits for the Norwich Terrier is first and foremost production, so you can keep them in the same house is not desirable.

Despite the small size, this breed is very confident and can fight even with a large dog. The behavior of the Norwich depends on socialization and upbringing. Aggressive males, experts recommend to castrate.

Have dogs or other burrowing Terriers, there are some features. In the course of a game Norwich can gently bite the other dog by the face. Terriers do not perceive this gesture as aggression, but other large dogs can react very unpredictable.

Active and tireless dog needed exercise, workouts, running and various outdoor games. If you ignore long walks with Norwich, the pet will destroy the host’s furniture.

Training and education

The process of training Norwich Terriers similar to the training of all hunting dogs. Some breeders will find it difficult to cope with the temperament of Norwich, and so they may need the help of professional dog trainers. As a rule, the main difficulty is that the Norwich hardly learn the basic course of training. Fascinated by the study area, the Norwich Terrier has ignored the appeals of the owner and may accidentally get lost or get in trouble.

Up to the elderly active, hardy dogs remain restless and mobile. Therefore, to maintain the form they need regular exercise.

Care and maintenance

The breed due to their miniature size makes it easy to live in a city apartment. But the owner must provide the dog long daily walks.

Many potential owners buying a puppy of Norwich, trying to teach it to the tray. Despite the fact that representatives of this breed are hunting, not decorative dogs, if you want it really can be done, but the owner must remember that the dog will still need walking.

You can contain the dog in a country cottage, where the walks will not be strictly necessary, but in this case, there is one caveat: Norwich will try to hunt any animals, and the area it can get with cats and small rodents. Not a trained hunting dog can pounce on “prey” and to be seriously affected by the cat’s paws, and the rats are capable of catching rabies.
Norwich still love to dig. Tireless dogs can ruin the master bed or make a tunnel to escape from the yard. That’s why you can’t leave Norwich Terrier in the yard unattended.

The coat of the pet care simply. Shed Norwich Terriers twice a year, and during this period they need a good comb. Frequent water procedures pet does not need, it is enough to bathe the pet twice a year. Thus it is necessary to wear waterproof clothing before going outside, especially in rainy weather that the pet is not dirty. The hard coat of the Norwich Terrier in the hot season must be cleaned with a special brush.

Despite the fact that dogs of this breed are not prone to eye diseases, to monitor the condition of the eye still need. Norwich’s ears also need regular inspections. When detected in the ears of plaque or odor, you must take the dog to the reception to the veterinarian. Unusual discharge from the eyes may indicate the development of the disease.

Trimming Norwich Terrier

Claws pet, usually erased in a natural way, but only if the long paddock. The condition of the teeth also need to follow. To prevent formation of plaque or Tartar buildup, you must brush your teeth Norwich Terrier on their own or entrust this procedure to the veterinarian.

The diet of a pet is a very important aspect of proper care. Norwich Terriers are prone to overeating and rapid weight gain, which can further cause serious health problems. Feed Norwich can as a natural food, and industrial dry food. Most owners choose the second option, because a portion of dry food is much easier to calculate, and this food is rich with all the necessary micronutrients. Food should not be lower than the premium, since the budget brands could harm the body of your pet.

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