Chihuahua: the maintenance and care of the puppy

Small dogs are a delight and the desire to hold them. And even if these kids are too hyperactive, jealous and different frequent causeless barking, fans of small dogs that don’t stop. The Chihuahua is a typical representative for small breeds.

Sociable and affectionate, always tries to lick the owner right in the face and it is completely unpretentious in life. Chihuahua love in their eyes, or rather, a look that is hard to convey in words.

How to care for Chihuahua

It is sad and at the same time very smart. The kid with the big sad eyes never fails to please its future owner. Because seeing once this breed, people tend to buy it.

Raising a puppy

Puppies are very curious, and, considering their small size, they are and strive to get in all the cracks. Before you bring a puppy into the house, prepare housing beforehand. Close all the exits to the balcony and veranda, secure pet from falling from heights. Puppies love to get under furniture, where they can damage the back and then the exhibition may be closed. After all, according to the standard of this breed the Chihuahua back should not be concave or sagging.

Fragile items can become a real disaster for such small dogs. Things that are considered of small size for them is huge. These dogs have one problem spot – the Fontanelle, which is not overgrown. In the event that any object will fall on the puppy and hurt it, the consequences will be terrible.

In addition, to be careful from now on and you’ll have yourself. Moving around the house, try not to step on your pet, and when you sit on the couch check does not pick up the kid in the folds of blankets or under a pillow.

What you will need for a puppy

The necessary items required for keeping a Chihuahua, such as:

  • Bowls for food and water. You will need at least two pieces.
  • Toilet filler.
  • The presence of the dog house would be ideal. Given the size of the dog, the house will look compact and in a relatively small apartment. You can restrict the dog’s bed.
  • A small toy.
  • Food for dogs.
  • Comb and shampoo.

Equipping a dog house, put on the bottom a warm blanket. Basket or the bed should be made of durable material. Selection of models of houses or couches are huge and will satisfy any taste.

Bowls for the little dogs must be small. Well if they are made of metal. So they are easier to clean and the metal remains germs in the scratches.

As early as possible teach your pet to toilet. The tray should have low sides that the baby was comfortable to get in it, and to attract the pet to the place there lay a crumpled paper.

If you are taught to go to the toilet on the street, then walk the dogs at least twice a day. Just let them do their thing, and then plays. Don’t forget to praise him and to show their approval after the puppy will defecate. Let him know what he should do during the walk. Walking dogs is usually after a meal.

Chihuahua is very playful, so take care of toys for your pet. They must be appropriate size, not too big but not small, otherwise the dog will swallow. Best suited to various soft tweeters. Pet will love to chew on them and will forget about your stuff.

Coat Chihuahuas should be brushed twice a week, and if a dog with long hair, and more. The brush should be special for dog hair, your hair brush is not suitable.

Characteristic of the breed:

  • The head dog of this breed has an unusual shape in the form of eggs.
  • Ears and eyes large.
  • The body length of about twenty centimeters and a weight of not more than two and a half pounds.
  • Coat color can be red, black, white or brown. The most rare and accordingly expensive color Chihuahua – silver-blue. The price of this puppy is more than ten thousand dollars.

It should be said that such a variety of colours the Chihuahua are bound to cross with other breeds. So the short-haired dogs – the result of crossing with Deuteronomy, and long-haired appeared due to mixing with Spitz.

Caring for a Chihuahua

To care for the coat of the animal owners should regularly and thoroughly, regardless of its length. All the dogs bathed four times a year, once a day to wash feet after walking, the muzzle and ears, if dirty. During washing make sure that no water gets in the ears and soap in the face of an animal. You cannot bathe a dog after vaccination.

During molting, which occurs every six months, try to give the puppy vitamin food or just vitamins. Be sure to cut your nails regrown otherwise the pet will begin wrong to make the legs and in the later curvature of the limbs.

Follow the dog’s teeth, check them regularly and brush. The stones on the teeth of a Chihuahua because of the characteristics of the organism are formed rather quickly. Since seven months of age they erupt teeth. During this period, due to the lack of calcium can fall off the ears. Try to follow the dog’s diet and to fill it with necessary microelements. Dental care should become permanent.

One of the features of the breed is weak the change of teeth. Sometimes the baby teeth hold for a long time, not letting the native to stand in their place. In dogs in such cases a bad bite. Contact your veterinarian to help your puppy. By this problem is not corrected.

The owners of Chihuahuas noted a certain cunning and capriciousness of their Pets while eating. Despite a good appetite dog can act up and demand what he likes. Sometimes the vagaries delayed, but the owners should show resistance and not to go on about the little blackmailer. After all, in the end, the food should be healthy and not just tasty.

Health care Chihuahua

These dogs do not differ good health and require constant care. As mentioned, they are born with dental problems. Long does not fall out milk teeth and saliva Chihuahua not clean the gums. The normal body temperature of a dog is 37-39 degrees.

Chihuahua possible fractures, so as to jump from any height for these kids is problematic. And also due to the tension sometimes increases the pressure, which in turn causes vomiting.

It is very important to keep a dog first aid kit to care for the dog, which will contain the following items:

  • Iodine, brilliant green and furatsilin for emergency treatment of wounds.
  • Valokordin, kordiamin and ammonia.
  • Activated charcoal for poisoning. Suprastin and Regidron. As well to the solution of manganese.
  • Herbs keep the oak bark and chamomile.
  • Must be wool and a bandage. As well as pipette, syringe and the thermometer.

If your dog is having stomach problems, give him one drop of iodine in fifty milliliters of water and add the solution of tincture of Valerian.

If suddenly your pet is picked up worms, it will help the drug Dental.

Be sure to pass annual medical examinations and make all necessary vaccinations. The first vaccination the dog doing in two months. And also is recommended four times a year to subcutaneously inject Immunofan.

Follow the dog’s behavior in time and pay attention to all of her oddities. Some may seem shocking. For example, the dog may start eating your own. This means that it lacks minerals. Add in food vitamin supplements and after a time all will be restored.


There are three types of feeding dogs and cats:

  • Natural food. This is what you will cook for him.
  • Dry food bought in a pet store.
  • Dog food.

Of all these types of the junk will dry food. Keeping the animal constantly on such food is not good for the health of the pet. Primarily dry food are suffering teeth.

As for canned, they are better than dry food, but too monotonous.

Perfect food is natural food. It is possible to carry cereals, meat, vegetables and dairy products. Meat is best to choose beef or chicken. You can give every day is enough three times a week. You can add a few small pieces of meat to mush.

Of cereal for dogs are ideal Hercules or rice. Add to ready-made porridge, butter. Be sure to give animal milk products: yogurt and cottage cheese.

Vegetables dogs prefer eggplant, boiled potatoes and carrots. The carrot helps to prevent the appearance of the worms.

Walking with a Chihuahua

Given the size of the dog, walks it most often on the hands of the owner. Keep it properly. It is recommended your left hand to support the breast and right under the seat. You can’t miss it for the skin and the ribs.

Start a daily walking can six months. Ensure while walking the safety of the baby. Because of the size it may simply not notice people. Unwanted contact with other animals for Chihuahua it is unsafe.

Let your chosen place be as far as possible from the road. Use the leash to restrain the dog from the temptation to chase cats or other dogs. To deter a dog there is the command “fu”, which it is necessary to train the dog. Do not use rude! For any pet, it’s stress, because he wants to see in you a caring owner and friend.

And also, always ensure that the dog does, especially if she is eating or just chewing. With the command “fu” stop your pet.

Little dogs need winter clothes. If it’s freezing outside, and the dog must walk definitely, get her a special dog clothes. Besides the freezing, for decorative dog dangerous and the sun’s rays at noon. It may be enough for sunstroke.

Teach your Chihuahua to the collar gradually, without violence and after a while you’ll be happy to drive your miniature handsome man on a leash.

In short, care for Chihuahua absolutely not troublesome, and at times even fun and enjoyable.

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