Ciprovit effective drops to treat eye diseases in cats and dogs

Like other Pets, cats and dogs can become inflamed eyes. Males may fight with each other. The cat who walks through the streets, you may catch various diseases. For the treatment of animals ‘ eyes use Ciprovit, it’s super easy to apply.

The drug has no contraindications. It destroys the DNA structure of microbes.

The description of the drug

Ciprovit drops for cats contain diluted in water ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (0,45%), and additional substances. Ciprofloxacin destroys bacteria – chlamydia, protozoa Mycoplasma,

Staphylococcus aureus , Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and reduces inflammation. Another advantage of the composition is in its application in cats do not relapse.

The composition is sold in glass or plastic vials containing a clear solution. One bottle costs about 130 rubles. The medicine can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy or clinic without a prescription from the vet. But before applying, are advised to consult a veterinarian.

Ciprovit for cats releases a limited liability company “nvts Agrovetzaschita”, located in Moscow. Also suitable Ciprovit for dogs.

Directions of use

The drug is recommended for a variety of eye diseases in cats and dogs.

They treat diseases and are used for prevention:

  • in acute and chronic conjunctivitis;
  • with festering eyes (septic iridotsiklite);
  • if you get an infection and therefore the deterioration of eyesight;
  • keratoconjunctivitis;
  • inflammation of the cornea (keratitis) and ulcers;
  • with bilateral inflammation of the eyelids – blepharitis;
  • other inflammatory diseases of the eye.

Medicine used to treat injury of the cornea or eyelids. Is used to restore vision after surgery and before surgery to prevent complications.

Using medication, you can not be afraid that there will be strains of bacteria that are resistant to it.

Usage instructions

The bottle is plastic, has a built-in dispenser, which is easy to dig the solution. When backfilling should not touch the end of the bottle with the cornea or eyelid.

If you bought the medicine in a glass vial, for the instillation of a solution to get more pipette.

Usually the vet recommends you to bury the drug four times a day. This should be done within 1 – 2 weeks. The medication is instilled in one eye 1 drop. To cure leaking, fix the hands on the head of a cat or dog, raising it. If the animal has eyes the pus flows, we suggest that drip in one eye 3 to 4 drops, and after some time to clean off with sterile moist gauze or a cotton swab, pus and other dirt. Then the eye should drop another 1 drop and do it 4 times a day, observing the Bush treatment is 7 – 14 days.

The dose of the medicine depends on the weight of the pet. If the dog’s body mass from 2 to 10 kg, was instilled into the eye one drop. If the dog is a larger breed and weighs 10 kg or more, instill 2 drops. A cat of any breed is instilled 1 drop.

After 1 – 2 weeks we suggest to take a break in the treatment. If the animal is not recovering, then repeat the treatment. It is impossible to interrupt the course of treatment, which will appoint the veterinarian.


Medication can be used for treatment, even if the cat or dog is pregnant or feed offspring. They can treat kittens who are more than 7 days. You should not use this medicine if the cat has an Allergy, but this happens very rarely. The medicine should not be used if the animal is disturbed cerebral blood circulation. You can not bury it in the eyes of the newly born kittens and puppies.

Ciprovit eye drops can not be used simultaneously with solutions of drugs which have pH=3 to 4, and which are unstable.

When you use can be side effects:

  • a lot of tears and a burning sensation in the eyes;
  • redness protein.

Discomfort a cat or dog is experiencing 3 to 5 minutes after they pass. But if after applying medication eyes become red, itch intensifies, it is better to stop treatment and to consult with the attending veterinarian.

Perhaps the vet will advise you to use the drug in cases where other drugs don’t have the required effect.

If your doctor has prescribed to use more than one medication, each medication buried a cat or dog, making the interval 5 – 10 minutes.

Storage conditions

The drug can be used 3 years after the manufacturing date which is written on the bottle. Keep the medication in a cool and dark place. The air temperature should be +5 – 25 °C .

Do not put the bottle next to the products. You can store the bottle on the shelf of the refrigerator. Then, before the treatment the animal requires the bottle to warm. After applying the required bottle cover tightly, then it can be stored just one month.

If your pet is sick eyes, no fear, as there is a drug that can cure. But before treatment it is better to consult your veterinarian.

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