Diet dogs

Any conscientious breeder is concerned that his Pets were provided with all necessary conditions to maintain their full life until, while kids will find their new home with loving owners.

To ensure that the children received proper and full development, and had good health, few of them just to keep warm and comfort, they also need to provide adequate nutrition. To do this, you must know and follow some of the rules certain standards for feeding dogs, which must necessarily be taken into account in the compilation of the daily diet.

How to prepare or choose food for dogs? How do you hard you try and no matter how much time spent on finding answers to this question the perfect answer. The fact that for each dog and its individual characteristics must be the diet and also it is desirable that the veterinarian took part in it too.

When puppies grow up, they can be translated into finished feed. For example, Grandorf – dog food with a balanced composition of natural ingredients suitable for nutrition of your pet. Dog food Grandorf available in both dry and wet.

But, as long as the puppies are small and of the same breed, the process of feeding becomes easier. For the first time months after the puppies have stopped eating mother’s milk, their body continues to need dairy products. Therefore, they must be a large part of the overall diet, especially in the period up to 2.5 months. The daily puppy’s diet should include dairy products like sour cream, milk and cottage cheese. Fat, which is minimal: up to 1%. A big fat can cause the baby indigestion, vomiting and heartburn.

As a rule, healthy dogs at a young age, in principle, like all carnivores, have a good appetite. But it is important to remember that overfeeding Pets is also not necessary, it may lead to the development of many diseases, first of all, obesity. For this reason, in this age period puppies should only be given the food which is average in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Important in ration formulation to account for the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates and of course vitamin and mineral components. With age, a dog’s need for nourishment decreases and already at 6 months of age Pets can be translated into 2 meals – morning and evening.

To dog been good and support the immune system, must include in daily meals not less than 25% protein, which is contained in large amounts in meat. However, it is worth remembering that the unilateral feeding can lead to abnormal development of the young organism and also become the main reason for the existence of various diseases. It’s also essential in the diet of kids should be such vitamins as A, C and D. Their deficiency in the body inevitably contributes to the malfunction of the musculoskeletal and chromosonal systems.

The daily rate of feed dogs under the age of 2.5 months is 180-230 grams. Bones can be included in the diet of Pets only when they reach the age of 1.5 months. It is important to note that bones give the dog is generally impossible, and only mild or cartilage.

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