Dog house for German shepherd: drawings and dimensions

In the modern world, the options for sweet dog’s life a great many. A variety of feeds, clothing and toys is great. The contents in the apartment room small dogs quite comfortably. But how to keep a pet large breed?

Caucasian shepherd, Alabai, or the German shepherd will feel uncomfortable in the apartment. If the dog owner lives in a country house, the correct solution would be building a house for a German shepherd.

In the case of large dog breeds the first thing is the question of the placement of dogs outside of the home. It is better to choose a cage or box?

Enclosure means the premiseswhere the animal is resting and living at ease. Some enclosures contain an enclosed space for walking.

Dog houses also come in a variety of design, for every taste and color.

Booth shepherd has the same functionality as the home for humans, it has walls, a floor and a roof.

Animal it is important that the booth warm in the cold and in the heat gave the necessary coolness. To the dog it was comfortable to be in the booth, room do with the size of the dog. Usually, the height and width of the pet, add 10 cm to the dog comfortable able to move and turn from side to side, in his house. Such dimensions for a German shepherd is more likely to correspond to the normal conditions for the dog.

When choosing a design, consider the features of the roof. The roof, preferably, removable to do – climbing, then, to be able to clean the premises inside and to ventilate in Sunny weather. The roof structure can be any. Only we must remember that German shepherds love to explore their surroundings with the elevation, so easier just to do the roof is flat and planar. In addition, physical exercises like climbing and jumping off the roof, a very useful dog, which in normal time is limited to move and tied to one place.

Start of construction

Before starting construction, it would be nice to draft a drawing of the booth. Calculations sizes. The sizes of the kennels for German shepherd needs to take into account her height, length and width. Booth should be comfortable and designed to protect the animal from cold, rain and wind.

Materials in construction, it is better to choose natural. You can make a design from a thick sheet of OSB. As the insulation is possible to use glassine paper, or any known mineral insulation.

Drawing the drawing and marked out all the dimensions kennels for German shepherd, you can start building a dog house.

Required materials
  • Bruski.
  • Board.
  • Sheets of plywood or OSB sheets.
  • Glassine paper or other material for hydro – windbreaks.
  • Mineral wool, or sheets of foam or other insulation.
  • The iron or other roofing material.
  • Loops, if the roof structure is assumed removable.
  • Siding, or other material for covering the outer layer.

First you need to make a frame. Then, the floor. 4 bars connected in the shape of a rectangle, attach the OSB sheet, or a layer of plywood. The floor is ready. On the 4 corners, vertical, beat 4 of the bar, it will be load bearing for the walls. In the wall where you want the hole, bars too beat, on the border of the hole to log.

Further, the bars, nailed a sheet of material, which from the outside can be warmed with a heater, in advance, obiv sheets waterproofing. Outside can be finished with siding, or nailing one sheet of plywood or OSB.

The roof, better to do it removable, or hinged, which will allow you to recline the roof like Luke. This will allow you to clean the building and ventilate it.

The optimal size

The optimal dimensions of the box for shepherd:

  • width:1.35 m.
  • length 1 m.
  • height:1 m

Don’t forget to insulate the structure. The dog should be warm, even the dead of winter.

How to choose a place to install the booth?

So the dog was comfortable to be in her new house, you should carefully plan the location of the booth. The dog must control all movements outside the home, she needs a good review.

So as not to disturb the person and to not hurt the dog, it is desirable to position the structure is not closer than 10 metres to the house.

It is desirable that the animal housing was in a bright place. But, well, if this place will be in the shade, to hot summer, the dog could take refuge from the heat. It is not necessary to establish the design directly on the ground. Try to build a little elevation.

What tools will be needed in the construction?
  • Hammer.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Roulette.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Stapler.
  • Saw.

Also, please be screws and staples for the stapler.

You need to prepare the insulation – mineral wool, waterproofing and vapor barrier.

Kennel for German shepherd dogs must be strong enough – who knows what the inside of movements will produce a dog.

Very well be to arrange for dog to pedestal bowls with food and water. It would be possible to attach next to the house for the dog, or embed it in the vestibule. Vestibule for dogs – as a necessary design. It is designed to protect lasa dog from wind and snow, with an attached vestibule, direct the flow of the wind can not blow into the room for the dog and to hurt her. If the design of the vestibule is not provided, try to make the roof larger width to a sufficient canopy before the entrance to the booth shepherd.

In the regeneration and construction, try to make it absolutely safe. In the walls, floor and ceiling should not be protruding screws, splinters and other obstructions that can damage your dogs health. And walls and other construction parts for German shepherd needs to be carefully otskaneny, specially primed and, preferably, covered with a colourless varnish.

The floor should be mounted so that there were cracks in the floor. If the dog in the cracks stuck the claw, she can snatch it up and thus cause yourself injury, which then will be a long time to heal. In addition, from the cracks in the floor, can blow out the wind and the room is cold.

If you choose a specific type of material for building a house for a dog, choose a tree of coniferous breeds. It is more environmentally friendly, the scent, and it will not distract the pet and hurt the dog, because it’s a natural smell of wood.

Booth should not stand directly on the ground. You can build her a pedestal of concrete blocks, or wooden platform. This will protect the booth from the cold and wind, and the dog will protect you from ants, bedbugs and other biting insects moving on the ground.

If a pet weighs too much, or the size of his more standard, the booth floor can SAG and even crack. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, it is required under the floor of the booth to fix a few of the bars to prevent deflection of the boards.

For special comfort, the floor to the plywood, or lay him on the linoleum. This will save the paws of your pet from unexpected injuries.

The FFA booth, in the cold season, you can arrange a curtain. It will not give cold air to get inside and prevent the release of warm air from the booth.

How to properly measure a dog

Measure the dog when it lies quietly on its side, legs spread wide. This is the best and the right size, the volume of which is most accurate.

It is very important to make the box the size you want. Indeed, in cramped, uncomfortable booth, the dog will hardly want to stay long. Comfortable room, with proper walls, a pleasant aroma of pine forest, will surely enjoy the German shepherd and is a favorite place of pastime.

If the box is designed correctly, the dog will gladly go into it and settle in his new house. If the design of the booth is too narrow or too short, the dog will not live in it. But in the very spacious indoor dog, though, and will be at ease, but in the winter it will probably freeze. Kennel for German shepherd dog should be a reliable shelter from cold, wind , rain and heat.

It should be noted that in severe frosty days, or in damp, chilly, rainy days, a dog is better to have a home where it will be equipped with an additional place for it. It will protect the dog from cold, disease, and bad mood. A happy dog will serve master faithfully. A booth, which the owner built himself, will be showing guests how their own attraction.

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