Hertha pointer

Hertha pointer is a dog of the red-orange color and is of medium height. On the chest, paws ,muzzle and tail are allowed white markings.

At the Hertha pointer is a lot similar to the English pointer, but he has a more flowing body lines than the latter. At the withers the dog reaches 66 cm, weight 27 kg.

Hertha pointer appeared by crossing a purebred pointer, named Sport, which belonged to the Danish Duke Frederic Christian, a homeless bitch named Hertha, which was the standard gun dog, but had little in common with the English pointers.

The breed was formed in Denmark in 1864, but has still not received official recognition. Unsuccessful attempts to breed enthusiasts to register it do not cease to this day. If the popularity and the pace of the breed in Denmark will remain and the dog will spread across Europe, it is waiting for the imminent official recognition.

Danish hunters love this strong athletic gun dog for good learning ability and great performance. The rock has a pronounced hunting instincts, so her training is not difficult. The dog feels good in the room, and after hunting he prefers to spend time in the house.

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