How to cut your dog in the home: options for haircuts

The Pomeranian is a dog that has a thick, beautiful coat. Looks great area of the collar or the tail. To follow such a coat is necessary, though troublesome. Regular grooming for dogs.

Spitz is one breed of dogthat required a haircut. It allows you to improve the appearance of the dog and make hair healthier.

Sheared Spitz: when you need a haircut?

After the haircut, the hair starts to grow better and thicker. Initially, the puppy Pomeranian is a fluff. To achieve it the age of three months it is replaced by a woolly coat with a thick undercoat. In that case, if you are going to show dogs, then grooming it requires. But the subtleties of haircuts for Spitz and fashion trends knows only specialist.

It is important to know the owner of the Pomeranian that according to the standard the Pomeranian should not have the appearance of a cropped dog. It is necessary to prepare not less than six months before the exhibition. During this time the animal should acquire as follows.

How to cut and care for hair?

Spitz is an amazing feature associated with their wool. To three-year age structure of the coat may vary as well as its color. This process can be linked with the molt season. In addition, the skin of the dog trying to get rid of hairs extinct. Externally, the dog holds the fallen hairs and does not pollute the room. At that moment, when molting occurs in the dog, its coat needs daily care.

Order Spitz had always a pleasant appearance and beautiful coat to care for him you need to regularly. Each procedure should be carried out on time regardless of whether you do it yourself or use the services of a grooming salon.

Preparing for the haircut Spitz: combed properly

Before performing the haircut Pomeranian you need to know how to brush the dog. It should be noted that this dog should be brushed at least several times a week. To groom the pet daily should not, as it is possible to remove the main part of the undercoat.

And in order that Spitz did not feel discomfort at the time of combing need to teach this procedure from the first days of arrival in the house.

  1. When carrying out the first procedures for combing Spitz can sit on the knee. The dog needs to adapt and get used to it. Over time, he will be able to stand still, and you will perform simple maintenance.
  2. For the procedure of combing may be suitable soft brush, it won’t rip the hair out of the dog’s fur, and will, on the contrary, massaging her skin. To practice brushing a Pomeranian can be in any direction. But be sure to do it the wrong way.
  3. The coat of the Spitz basically not break in the mats. The only exception to their appearance can be the underarms, between the toes, in the groin area and in all those places where it is particularly soft. While scratching is to pay special attention to the most vulnerable places. In order to rid the dog from the tangles of their first plucking, and after Bob off. At this stage it is important not to cause pain to an animal. In order for a cat to avoid slightly rasputyvat Spitz manually. Conduct this procedure after carefully comb out the dead hairs.
  4. To during combing hair is not electrified use antistatic agents. For humidification of wool used quality sprays and conditioners. They may need to carry out haircuts dogs with his own hands.
The second stage of shearing Spitz: bathe properly

Before you perform the planned swift dog, the owner of Spitz should know how to bathe Spitz, and to do so as needed. This requires the use of special shampoos and conditioners. You need to try once a month. The only exception might be forthcoming exhibition, when bathing the dog not do.

After a walk pet should only wipe paws with a damp towel. Only in the case if the legs present a large amount of dirt, Spitz wash in the shower. Especially important for the skin of the dog to hold bathing without using detergents. Bathe Spitz dog shampoo no more than twice a year. After the dog is bathed, you should treat the skin of the animal dog a dry shampoo. He will order a woolen blanket Pomeranian. After applying dry concentrated aerosols need to comb the hair of dogs with a special comb.

During shedding season water treatments are contraindicated puppy, because they increase hair loss. Should not comb wet hair as a puppy and adult dog. As a result of these actions can cause the dog a lot of inconvenience. After bathing the dog should be dried in the dryer, as the natural drying is not suitable for this breed. The wet fur of the dog is one of the reasons for the occurrence of fungi and bacteria on the skin of the dog.

Haircut Spitz how to perform correctly?

Today grooming the Pomeranian is a practical option. Dog during walks less soiled and, accordingly, in the bathing and combing she doesn’t need. To cut the Spitz after the age of three. In the event that your pet does not like to spend such procedures, and, accordingly, to insist on holding them not worth it. If the pet will stand unevenly, then there may be a risk with his haircut. Can unevenly cut, and even injure the skin of the pet. But how and what hairstyle can be done for Spitz?

The density and length of hair of the dog allows you to trim it as you like. It may be grooming the bear, the Fox or the lion. This haircut can be done by a professional in the salon and also if there is a special grooming tools you can clean.

In the grooming salon specialists in addition to haircuts can produce other beauty treatments. In addition, you can offer obstriganie claws, combing tangles and many more. At home you don’t have to pay for some services, and you can produce the necessary procedure that is needed.

Since dogs don’t have sweat glands, too short hair deprives it of the natural protection. It is especially dangerous during the hottest time of the year when too a shortened version can open the possibility for overheating and sunstroke. In a cold and rainy day, the dog may also be vulnerable. So a haircut it is better to choose medium length.

It is worth considering that the dog has delicate skin so the short cut will bring the hosts too many problems. In some cases, this can be a serious disease, such as the occurrence of burns, dermatitis, cancer. In addition, during walks korotkometrazhnyy Spitz can become a target for various insects. Dogs of this breed may develop an allergic reaction.

Is not to experiment with haircuts bald. After that, the dog will never grow hair. The necessary amount of wool is three to four centimeter. Quality haircut model will emphasize the beauty and benefits of dogs and will not harm her health.

Haircut Spitz: how to cut?
  1. For the common model haircuts you can gently shave the hair around the root of the tail. And you also need to remove the hair from the ears of the collar. You need to carefully cut between the fingers. In this area dog’s hair may fall off, contaminating. If time does not cut this area, then the dog will hurt to step on paws.
  2. After the completed model haircut main areas. With the help of thinning shears wool level along the entire length.
  3. To make a model a haircut with scissors and clippers, using a large nozzle. Clipper person is not suitable for this purpose. The Pomeranian has a very rough coat. The dog only requires a professional machine.
  4. To perform model haircuts will definitely need thinning shears. They will help to remove the excess hair and trim the ends.
  5. Scissors with blunt ends required for cutting hair on the paws, ears and around the anus. Mowing should be done regularly in order to pet was clean.
  6. You will also need a few brushes. Common and rare combs should be made of metal. And you need massage brush with long metal teeth. After you cut the main length of the head and neck, the comb will need to comb Spitz under the bear.
  7. To perform fashionable haircuts with special care need to cut their paws on the circumference of the knee in front and to the hock in the back.
  8. In the area of the tail can cut hair in any sequence. Standard the tail should be more hairs than the head.

In the hot summer weather too often the dog gets dirty, so more and more willing to cut Spitz curtly. Popular haircuts in summer season is the haircut “under puppy.” It consists in the fact that ostregheta wool equally. The total length of wool is not more than two centimeters. Spitz, meanwhile, is like a puppy or bear.

Grooming a Pomeranian in the grooming salon will cost at least fifteen hundred rubles. Considering the fact that to cut the dog needs once a month. To save on this service, it is possible, if you cut it yourself. With our simple guidelines, haircut Spitz will be quite a force!

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