How to feed a Labrador at home?

The acquisition of a faithful friend – is always a joyful event for all family members, you need to prepare for it. Before you have a pet, you need to weigh all the pros and cons, and their potential and abilities, after all, a pet requires special care.

For the proper feeding of pet, you must consider some important nuances.

What to feed a Labrador?

Owners of dogs of this breed can boast of its simplicity, as it requires no special food, gets along well with family members and even eats the food that is consumed by the owners themselves. A logical question arises, is it possible to give a pet the same food. Of course, you need to adhere to certain rules and regulations to comply with a special regime, since the dog requires a balanced diet, rich in vitamins. Nutrition should include a combination of different minerals and vitamins for the dog’s growth.

The most important thing in feeding your pet fresh food in the bowl if there is food, then it must be either thrown away or put into the refrigerator, so she is not spoiled.

You need to learn how to cook food for the dog so that all the nutrients are preserved. Despite the fact that the nutrients in raw foods more, all the same it is better to give your pet cooked foods, because raw foods also contain worms and bacteria that can harm the body of the dog.

Besides, cooked food is better absorbed, helping to prevent the negative effects of bowel disease.

To give raw food to your pet or not, you can ask the vet. Only a specialist can determine exactly what your pet needs.

Labrador is a breed of dog that requires a considerable amount of food. To provide your pet with the necessary energy, you need to ensure that the diet included meat. It is obligatory must undergo heat treatment, as in the opposite case, increases the risk of spreading pathogens. The exception might be the meat of horse meat, in which no germs even when wet. Despite the fact that meat is mandatory in the diet of the dog, you can still feed the dog and sinewy pieces.

Each dog food is like in a different look, some prefer raw meat, others cooked, so you need to listen to the wishes of your pet. The owner should consider that before feeding raw meat it needs to be frozen in the fridge for a few days, and then scalded with boiling water. These actions will help to destroy bacteria contained in the meat. But this does not mean that it is always possible to use this method, it is best to alternate raw and cooked meatto the pet with no issues.

With respect to the bones, in this case, veterinarians do not suggest to include them in the diet, as a dog of this breed struggle to digest such food. Bone in dog food can cause the development of constipation.

The question arises, what to feed a Labrador. It should be mentioned that an equally important product, rich in vitamins, is fish. You need to choose a fish, so she was lean and did not contain a lot of bones. In any case, fish should also be treated and get rid of the bones. The owners may experience a feeling that the dog should only be given meat. We should not forget about the various grains that contain minerals and vitamins.

Perfect these grains:

  • Fig;
  • buckwheat;
  • a variety of cereals, you can add the oil.

Include in the diet of hard-boiled and chopped eggsto the dog was able to learn the product.

This breed of dogs like fruits and vegetables that can be given in any form. Porridge can vary the vegetables such as pumpkin contains useful substances that prevent the development of germs in the body of the dog.

Dog owners should clearly know that it is better to refrain from grapes, as a dog of this breed poorly digests this fruit. Full dog’s diet should include fresh water, especially if the dog eats dry food.

Food plays a huge role in a dog’s life, so you need to provide her with healthy food and to refrain from smoked, salty, fatty and sugary foods. All of these listed products will cause serious disease dogs. Food should be neither hot nor cold, not to hurt the dog. The correct, balanced diet may be the key to your dog’s health.

What to feed a Labrador puppy?

The appearance of a little puppy in your home – not only a joyful but important event, which should be taken seriously. Small Labrador puppy requires special care and attention. In advance and carefully consider all of the puppy’s diet. So, the question arises, what to feed the baby, given the characteristics of the growing organism.

It should be noted that feeding at the initial stage should not be different from the puppy until your home. Such diet need to follow a few weeks, that is, as long as the kid’s body does not get stronger, and then you can go on a diet, compiled by the new owner. At the beginning of feeding it is necessary to give the puppy a food that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Most important products for a puppy are those that contain a lot of protein:

  • dairy products;
  • meat products;
  • eggs.

Small puppies should be given finely chopped meat, so they could easily eat him. For a growing body is perfect dairy products, namely cheese and yogurt, contain calcium reserves, which are so necessary for strengthening the bone tissue of the baby. Moreover, yogurt has a beneficial effect on the digestive system of the baby. An essential element of puppy feed – grains and cerealsthat can complement and pieces of vegetables.

You need to consider that the body of the puppy can’t digest corn and pearl barley, therefore, to give pet a porridge made from these grains is not worth it. Kids can give the vegetables and fruits in raw form, it will be a useful Supplement to the main feed. No need to give babies food, seasoned with various spices and sauces, it can lead to irritation and the appearance of allergies.

Should be avoided and sweets in the puppy’s diet, as sugary foods irritate the dog’s eyes, their use can lead to the fact that the puppy will begin to tear the eye.

Proper diet and give only healthy food to make your pet to become strong and healthy dog.

Features feeding a Labrador puppy

Many people dream to get a pet, and preference is given to dogs, since this animal is like no other proved the affection and loyalty to their masters. So, if you decided to have a little Labrador puppy, you need to prepare for this important event. It is best to buy two bowls that will be needed for food and water.

A bowl of water should always be clean and full. If the puppy is small, he will play with food, so a bowl of food can be left literally for 15 minutes, then remove.

You need to follow the rule of 15 minutes, allowing the puppy to develop the discipline. In that case, if you see that the puppy ate almost nothing, but began to play with your food, it is best to remove the bowl. During the meal it is better not to persuade puppy to eat more, as it can become a habit. We must not forget that it is better to build a comfortable place for a meal, the puppy feel comfortable. You can buy a stand for bowls that you can manually change the growth of a pet.

How many times to feed a dog depends on its size and age. For example, if your puppy is a few months, it is often better to give food about 6 times a day. The growth and development of the dog, the number of times declining and is already an adult dog, it is sufficient to give food twice a day.

You need to remember that it is better not to touch the dog after she ate, as this can lead to problems associated with the stomach. Very frequent feeding is also harmful, so you should refrain from it.

Considering these simple tips, you can achieve a nice result in the contents of the pet.

Food for Labrador

To choose the right food for the dog, you should know some details. Many may wonder, why buy the expensive dog food, when you can give homemade food. In fact, dogs of this breed have one big drawback – the frequent occurrence of allergies. Allergy may appear on almost any product, so if you are faced with this, it is best to start giving the dog dry food.

To choose food, you need to consider how many dog years and how much it can weigh. Dry food should be rich in vitamins, so don’t skimp on the dry food for your pet. Better provide for his food than to spend significant amounts of money on treatment and medicines.

Best company forage

The best firms for the production of dry feed for dogs of this breed is the company Royal Canin and Purina Pro Plan. These dry foods designed for dogs of different age categories, including in its membership the necessary supply of minerals and vitamins. You need to adhere to certain rules, and if you notice the appearance of allergies in dogs, it is better to change the firm products.

If you switched to such products, it is best not to give the dog natural food, as it can cause allergies and disrupt the balance. Puppies this food may seem hard and too dry, so add a little clean water.

All the most important information is usually specified by the manufacturer, which is convenient for many owners who want to pick up the necessary food.

What to feed a Labrador at home?

There are several ways of feeding Labrador, feeding can be:

  • traditional, that is natural products;
  • ready dry food, which contains in its composition a significant amount of nutrients.

To choose a way of feeding your pet you need based on the preferences of your pet and your financial capabilities. Many owners of dogs of this breed are interested in the question what to feed your pet at home.

There are many products from which it is easy to cook food to your pet at home. At home you can cook lean meat without the condiments, sauces and bones. If you feed your dog homemade food, e.g. raw meat, it is best once a month to give the dog medication for worms. First, you need to consult a vet who will help you to choose correct and efficient tool. You can give fish, as it contains a lot of nutrients, including iodine and phosphorus, which are so necessary to your pet.

In any case, feed the dog at home easier and often more useful, as you can all by yourself make. A finished feed are often made from low quality raw materials if you are considering economical feeding option. And when cooking, it is possible to control the quality, fat product. If the dog gained weight due to home food, it is best to go for light meals, limiting fatty foods. In the diet of dogs of this breed can be enabled and homemade sour cream, which you can fill with herbs.

You should think carefully about how many times you will feed the pet and what is food. No need to get involved and give your pet food from the table, it is no good will not result. Labrador loves to eat much, but we should not abuse this and give the dog food as a snack. It is necessary to observe the correct mode of feeding, as it depends on your dogs health.

Of course, it is no secret that a properly diet and feeding by the host requires a considerable amount of time. So, before you get a dog, you must clearly understand that you need to spend a lot of time. This is a very important step that you need to prepare in advance to not be scared of the problems.

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