How to teach your dog basic commands at home?

Many people when choosing Pets prefer dogs. Some people buy puppies from other adults give birth to dogs, but sooner or later a question: how to teach a dog commands?

The process of taming can be quite difficult, but avoiding it is impossible, as it is the basis of the relationship between the owner and the pet.

To begin training is best from an early age of the pet. Exercises should be regular. So the taming was successful, you will have to learn basic rules, techniques, and, of course, make a lot of mistakes. However, err is not necessary, because this article will tell you how to teach your dog commands.

The rules and methods of training

Before you start raising a pet, the owner will have to be patient. The pet owner must understand the dog and to do everything that she enjoyed the educational process. You need to remember that dogs have a fine sense of the emotional state of the person, therefore in a bad mood taming is better not to start. And here is the pet feel that the owner is in a good mood, he will gladly carry out any task.

As the dog defines the owner? It’s very simple. Her owner is the person who feeds, waters, plays with her and walks. Therefore, in the first months of the puppy’s life are very important to pay much attention to him, to caress him, feed a treat, calling him to her.

One should not perceive the training as education in General. Training is just training to specific commands. However, it is very important for understanding the animal with other people.

So, how to teach puppy commands? The trainers say that the best age to start training 2-3 months. At this moment the puppy begins to adapt socially. At first, you need to do more than a couple of tens of minutes a day. Classes should be regular and take place in the form of a game. We definitely need to encourage the puppy with treats after each successful execution of the task. It is also important to praise and stroke the pet.

What commands to teach a puppy first?

According to the dog handlers, first you should learn team, which will most often be used:

  • In the first month, you should learn the commands “come” and “Place”.
  • At the age of 2 months, you can start learning the commands “Stand”, “Lie” and “Sit.”
  • After the puppy-age 3 months, you can begin learning the command “heel”.

During training, you need to tell the puppy the right actions with hand gestures. For example, when teaching the command “Lie” the owner can show a pet treat in your hand, and then uttering the word you need to lower the arm so that the pet are attracted to it and lay down. Once the puppy will fall, the master must once again in a firm voice command – “Lie”. So it will lock the word in memory pet. In some cases you can lightly press down on the withers of the animal, forcing him to lie down.

Even if the puppy has performed the task with the help of the owner, he should be encouraged to voice, petting, and a treat.

The main mistake beginners dog in training – trying to train a pet to multiple teams. Of course, some people get it, but it does not figure. So no need to try to prestiti your dog or start to consider it stupid.

There are persistent rumors that the trainability of a dog depends on its breed. This is a misconception. It all depends on the development of a specific dog. Even within a litter, the puppies become susceptible to taming at different times. We just need to be patient, and after some time the puppy will begin to perform the basic commands. And when that moment comes, you can move on to more complex tasks.

The success of training depends not only from the dog but from the owner. It happens that people just do not have enough willpower and patience. So to be lazy in the upbringing of the dog not.

General course of training

Before starting to teach your pet, you need to prepare everything necessary to train and prepare a dog to her.

  • Before exercise to prepare their leash, collar and treats to reward your pet. As a food incentive, you can use small pieces of cheese, boiled meat and beef liver.
  • You should not feed your dog before training. Satiety is the enemy of effective learning.
  • If classes are not at home and on the street, you need to make sure that they will be safe. That is, classes should be conducted on a specially fenced platforms at a considerable distance from water and roads.

General course of training includes the acquisition of pet the following skills:

  • A quiet movement next to the owner.
  • The command “To me”.
  • The failure of the pet to take food from strangers.
  • The rejection of selection of food from the ground.
  • The termination of unwanted actions on command.

If the dog is hunting or service, it is advisable to teach her not to be afraid of fire. Some training should be conducted on the shooting range.

The most common commands for the civilian dog

Every pet owner chooses which commands to teach her. There are about ten of them, which are often used in everyday life. The rest of the team does not need a civil dog, as fit only service animals.

How to teach your dog commands from the civil list? You need to be patient and to follow these guidelines:

  • “The voice”. Despite the fact that this is one of the most useless teams, many dog owners start the training with her. To teach this command, you need to take a treat in your hand and show pet. He wants to take it but to give him food impossible. You need to say “Voice” and to wait, when the pet barks. This exercise should be performed for 15 minutes each. After some time, the pet learns to perform a task without the encouragement of food.
  • “Sit”. To train your dog this command easiest. You have to wear a pet collar with a leash. Then you need to ensure that the animal became the right hand of the master. Then you need to bend the arm so that the palm was facing forward. The owner says “Sit” while the left hand presses on the rump of the animal, and the right one twitches the leash up. After the dog task, it should be encouraged.
  • “Lie”. Learning this command begin after they have learned the command “Sit”. A dog wearing a collar with a leash. The owner takes the leash in hand so that he was sagging to the floor. After this he gives the command “down” and leg presses on the free part of the leash, pulling the collar to the ground. Once the dog lay down, need some time to hold her in this position in a firm voice repeating the command.
  • “The place”. Quite a useful team. Start to teach the dog with the choice to fit it in. Then you should walk with your pet, so he was tired. When the dog wants to relax, her need to move to the desired location and give the appropriate command. The action should be repeated until the skill is fixed. It happens fast enough.
  • “To me”. This team is of the required set of modern dressage. How to teach your dog the command “come”? You need to take a treat in your hand, show the dog and firmly say the command. When the pet is suitable, be sure to give him food and as encouragement to Pat. To make the dog better understand what they want from it, should gradually complicate the task, but it should be done only after she will learn to run the command “To me” without a leash.
  • “Fu”. It is an absolute order to stop performing unwanted actions. It is important to remember that this command can only be used when absolutely necessary. The easiest way to teach this command, the puppy. Baby will be constantly sticking his nose where it should not. If the owner is going to tell him “fu” and pull up, then the puppy will understand that performs a bad action. In the process of teaching the mild spanking for motivation of refusal of action, but heavy blows are unacceptable.
  • “Next”. This is another useful command. Its essence is that the pet is walked without a leash. To teach this command, you need to give the dog a good work up. After she gets tired, you should attach to a collar leash. Then, the word “near” jerks of the leash to prevent any attempts of the pet to be left behind or run ahead. If the animal obeys, you must praise him. You need to understand that in the home such training could be carried out.
How to teach your dog commands if she’s an adult

Immediately it should be said that training an adult dog takes a lot of time and effort. The fact is that before you start training, the new owner will have to ensure that the dog is used to it.

To establish a good relationship, often need to pet the animal, feed it and play with it. While walking on the street should be of reasonable severity, but as not to forget to caress the pet.

Remarkable is the fact backyard adult dogs learn faster Pets. These dogs are not afraid of people, but can sometimes snap during training, because they used to protect themselves and their territory. However, watchdogs are very quick to adapt to new conditions, and become very loyal Pets.

Adult cats have already formed character. When training commands you need to be prepared for the fact that the dog will show aggression towards the new owner. Is it possible to overcome the disadvantages of education? Of course, you can.

For this you need to follow the following plan of action:

  1. The owner should keep his negative emotions in the presence of the pet.
  2. Better not to do when an adult dog sudden movements.
  3. Need more to play with him.
  4. It is more likely to show kindness and affection towards the dog.
  5. Often to talk to her.

Eventually the dog will become kinder and will cease to be aggressive. Then you can proceed to basic training.

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