How to teach your dog the command “give paw”

Often dog owners try to teach them to perform different commands. The most popular orders are considered “sit”, “stand”, “give paw”. Let’s consider effective and proper techniques for the development teams.

At what points you should pay attention to the training took place easily and happily for both the animal and its owner.

Training a puppy pulling legs

Puppy is easier to train the different teams in the first six months of life. Sometimes dog lovers boast that learned their Pets to perform tricks at six weeks of age. But how to teach your dog the command “give paw”.

When training, you should remember some points:

  • It is not allowed to torment the animal;
  • Training should be carried out prior to the meal;
  • The puppy was active and respond to commands, you need to catch a good pet mood.

The simplest way to master the order to “give paw”, is conditioned reflexes. How to call the puppy, the desire to serve?

  1. To hide in the hand some his favorite treat.
  2. Put the puppy there to hold a hand gripped in the fist with the treat in front of his face.
  3. After the pet will begin to stretch the legs to the refreshments, it is necessary to praise, Pat on the head, and then treat hidden piece of sweets.
  4. The puppy will quickly understand that for correctly completed order, he will receive a reward. It is necessary to train 5-6 times a day. If the puppy manifests irritability or starts to whine, the class must be delayed until a more appropriate time.

Other ways to help teach the dog the order “give paw”

If your pet does not show an explicit interest in receiving delicious, you need to apply the second method of training.

Mechanical method

When you spoke the command “give paw”, take the foot of the pet in your hands and hold. While praise and pet it.

To protect yourself from troubles should be:

  • To take foot in the region of the shoulder to be the puppy support. This will prevent falls and frights;
  • Not to raise his paw high up to avoid painful sensations in dogs.

These manipulations need to be done to both legs, alternating them. Every time you say a command.

During training the puppy not to snap and swear. You must be patient and stock up on treats. Dogs understand and feel the mood of the owner. The animal can get scared and stop taking orders.

Exercises for workout

To the owner and the dog enjoyed the exercise and each other’s company, we need to set certain tasks. Teach puppy to give paw not only sitting, but standing, and lying down. Support for it can serve as a hand, foot and knee.

You can not lend no support to the puppy she learned to keep her foot on the weight. These exercises are ideal for the development of willpower and resourcefulness at the pet. After the darling will begin to apply the paw to the owner solved a lot of problems – how to clip her nails, to get a splinter or to wash the mud.

Advice on training

  1. The best time to start the age of 4 months. Of course, to teach you before, but the likelihood that the puppy will be forgotten, great. Up to the age of four months his brain does not retain information.
  2. To facilitate the study of complex commands, the host needs to learn the puppy to sit and lie.
  3. A few hours before training the dog must walk, feed and Pat, to set it in good humor.
  4. If the owner or pet has no desire to train, exercise should cease immediately to safeguard yourself from unpleasant surprises.
  5. After learning puppy the command “give paw”, you can learn another command: “give me your other paw.” The dog understood the essence, it is necessary after filing of the first legs, to ask for a second. Then hold for a few seconds for both legs and release. These steps repeat to secure the result.

The venue for training and expert advice

The best place to train is at home. In a quiet environment you will not be a distraction. The coach must get the puppy to focus on one sequence of action.

How to teach dog to give paw, if the house fails to hold a class? Go to the Park, forest or any other quiet place where you can study without being distracted by extraneous factors.

During training in any case you cannot blame the animal, yell at him, much less beat. Lessons should be a joy. Every half hour you need to take a break to pamper the puppy and treat with something tasty. And then there will appear the question: “how to teach your dog to give paw”.

After training, the house must periodically ask the puppy to give paw and watch his actions. If the training was successful, and the pet received required skill, it can complicate the command to speak them faster, give different paws. Following these simple exercises the result will appear in a couple of weeks, and you will no longer be asking how to teach your puppy to obey commands. Pet would be happy to please the owner the proper execution of orders.

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