How to teach your dog the command to lie

“Lie” is one of the basic commands on training, which is often used in everyday life. It can be useful when transporting on public transport, at the inspection of the veterinarian. With the participation in various shows and exhibitions this skill is also required in the program of performances.

Anyone who has a dog knows how difficult it is to live with though home, but the unruly animals. And it doesn’t matter what breed the dog is. In any case, it will be common to all animals instincts and its own special character. It is therefore particularly important to be respected for your pet and teach implicitly and in any situation to perform at least basic commands.

In life can happen any occasions. The dog might turn on the native or random person, to run over a cat or a car, to become aggressive in a public place. Situations can be many. For responsible approach to the issue of training, any unwanted behavior is quickly suppressed, a single word or a gesture.

“Lie” is one of the key taming. It is often necessary in everyday life. For example, during transport in transport, during the inspection of a veterinarian, in the show for dogs or at shows. On this basis, it is very important to understand how to teach the dog the command “down”.

The first thing you need to decide which position the dog must take if the order was “lie”. It depends on the breed, size or other important host factors. For home and hunting the most common posture, in which the dog’s head rests on the front legs elongated, and his nose was slightly touching the tips of the feet. Service dogs, even in the supine position should be always ready to perform another command, so they should be head-on.

Why is the command “down”?

Dogs hard to learn to force yourself to be alone in a strange place and at the same time run for the owner. Other team “to me” or “stand up” is performed with more joy and stop an unpleasant task. Precisely for this reason, the first thing you need to train your pet “sit” and “lie”. Other teams to train would be easier. Competently trained dog needs to go to at any time fun, fighting or hunting. Only in this case, you can be completely sure that the dog fully grasp this team and will not fail.

How to teach puppy the command “down”?

At an early age to teach commands makes no sense. Pet must be ready to receive new knowledge. Otherwise, he will not be able to understand the meaning of each team. Attempts to train a puppy under three months is equivalent in most cases teaching three-year-old subjects of first year higher education institutions. Puppy with a very playful and active nature is just very fast will be forgotten, and the next day everything will have to start over.

In domestic animals, all about the same as in humans. One obtaining new knowledge in childhood come easily, and others need to be repeated many times. So, be careful and don’t miss an important moment. The first lessons are spent in the form of the game. And when you realize that your pet is ready to learn new skills, begin to approach the matter already seriously.

Experts recommend to start training at the age of three months. This is the best age for dog training. This recommendation is relevant not only to the command “down” and other commands. Also, for effective training, the dog must clearly understand who is its owner. It should be the person who a lot of time with her and spends childhood cares for her. Therefore, in the first months of life of your pet, it is undesirable to allow other people to spend a lot of time with him, often to buy treats, to pet, to play.

General rules

One of the basic rules is regular and consistent approach to this matter. For proper dog training commands, it is important to learn proper training techniques and possible errors. Experts advise to view the different videos on the Internet, in order to clearly understand the techniques and methods of teaching the command “lie”.

The place for training is chosen is quiet and peaceful, where there will be no distracting sounds or other animals. You should pay attention to the fact that the place was clean. The dog will be more pleasant to lie on the ground. To conduct classes only at home is risky because the animal may learn that to obey is only necessary within the apartment. While training in any case, do not use brutality or cruelty. Any contact with the animal should be based on affection and understanding. In the eyes of the pet needs to look like the leader but not a tyrant.

The approach should be from the right, so as to retrain will be much more difficult than training from scratch. Try not to confuse your pet trying to accelerate and match the command “down” with others, especially in the same sequence. A dog can memorize a sequence of commands and order they will perform. It is important when teaching the command “lie”, not to allow the pet to stand, till the master gives permission. Discipline and precise execution of commands, the most important stages of training.

The algorithm is learning the command “down”

Begin to teach the pet the command “down” with sitting posture, so it will be easier. For this reason, the first thing you need to teach the command “sit”. When this command is mastered, let the puppy sit at your left foot.

Next, are the steps:

  1. Bring to the nose a little delicious food and clearly speak of “lying.”
  2. Slow motion put the food on the ground. Dog reaches for a treat and he will have to go.
  3. Praise the puppy, stroke and repeat the exercise.

Some animals may try to snatch food from the hands, to get underfoot. Give a treat only in case, if you’ll notice at least a little insecure or trying to lie down. If the dog isn’t listening to you, it is not necessary to give a yummy. Of course, it is advisable to train on an empty stomach. But in any case should not be that you need to bring pet to the point of exhaustion. If the dog will have a desire to change the position, slightly push your hand on his back or pull down on the leash. In case of disobedience, should be punished mildly, but at the same time to act with confidence. When the pet is still lie, try to keep it in this position for at least 5 seconds. If they have attempt to change position, tell the dog in a calm voice “lie”.

Immediately pay attention to the fact that the dog laid down, as necessary and did not fall to the side. Some animals with particularly stubborn character, may not want to go by order. In this case, try to catch the moment when a dog has to be willing to go. It was at this point tell her “lie”. She feels that this was done on your orders.

Try not to make following mistakes in training:

  • Yummy don’t let each time for the team. Better to do it in time, or even less.
  • Say the command only once. Let the dog get used that the owner is required to obey the first time.
  • Make sure that the dog was not tired. Swap one class to others from time to time.

Secure the call is a voice command “lie down” gesture. To do this stretched out his hand, palm down, quickly put her.

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