How to teach your puppy to toilet in the apartment and on the street

The appearance of the pet in the apartment – the event is exciting and happy, but marred by a small puddle or a pile on the floor. Do not rush to scold a puppy: he tends to do his business in the toilet like an adult dog.

The task of the owner is to teach your baby to go to the toilet, in the apartment at first, and then on the street. How to teach your dog to celebrate need in the right place?

A few simple tips on housebreaking a puppy

Most importantly, to begin to accustom the puppy to the toilet all the time and not to miss this moment, adults are much harder this process. The formation of all habits and characteristics occurs in dogs up to 6-7 weeks. At this age the dog should already understand where it is possible to celebrate the natural needs, and where it is not welcome. Housebreaking is a long process, so you should arm yourself with patience to complete the necessary steps and wait.

To speed up the process of schooling, it is important to adhere to the following rules and recommendations:

  1. Accustom the puppy to the toilet should be from the moment of its independence or the appearance of his apartment.
  2. The equipment of a toilet for a pet in its territory. Puppies small age will be better on an enclosed space or enclosure.
  3. Cleaning carpets and tracks from all of the sexes. When the dog will understand how nice it is to wet the soft carpet, he’ll never want to repeat this process on the cold hard floor.
  4. Selection of the most appropriate solution to the toilet for the puppy given the option preferred by his mother. Most popular special single or reusable diapers, less trays.
  5. The use of special sprays as tools for toilet training.
Ways to accustom the puppy to the toilet

Accustom the dog to the toilet, using a number of ways:

  • sheets of paper;
  • diaper disposable and reusable;
  • tray;
  • on the street.

In the case of not knowing how to accustom your pet to the toilet, use the newspaper.

The puppy will be indifferent to the spread on the floor the pages, but the important thing is that they were designated for this process.

After spravleniya dog needs immediately remove soiled newspaper, except for a little piece. Next must necessarily be based on fresh sheets.

This is for a puppy to smell the Orient, where the area for the toilet.

After that the dog will develop the habit of going to a newspaper, put it in the tray. These devices are considered practically ineffective, so is used together with the diapers, and Newspapers.


Diapers – best solution for dog toilet in the apartment. Apply them from the outset, as accustom the puppy to the toilet. The appearance of the dog in the apartment, just enclose a small area (about 2 square meters). There should be only a Cup of food, bed and diaper.

After the puppy should immediately change the diaper, since dogs are very clean, so next time he can choose for their cases another place.

All the mistakes by zabyvayutsya with detergent to smell.

After some time passed, the area expand, and diaper sizes, make less. At first, she becomes less than two times, then remains¼. After eliminating all guards diaper is placed in the pan. Pet will quickly learn to walk in a specially designated place, and will not make puddles and piles, where there should be. In this respect, dogs are interested in not only carpets, but also clothes, footwear, interior items, so to fully accustom to the tray such items are put away.


Before to accustom your pet to the tray, he is introduced with a diaper or newspaper. Then shift them in the pan, so the dog knows that this is a place for large and small Affairs is there now.

The tray should be without high sides, stand straight and not wobble, the puppy could easily get there and go to the toilet. There are trays for both boys and girls, characterized by the presence of the special column. Such containers are metal and plastic.

The tray must always be kept clean, but not to change it because the dog recognizes the toilet smell. It is not necessary to change the area where there was capacity. If the breeder is away from the apartment for a long time, put some containers, as the puppy will not go in heavily soiled toilet.


How to teach your dog to defecate on the street, not in the apartment?

After obtaining all the necessary puppy vaccinations, he is 2-2,5 months in the apartment, then it is taught to the toilet on the street. Before that, the dog goes in the pan or on the diaper. As the dog grows up, a cloth or the tray move closer to the exit, and then completely removed. If the puppy darted to the door, with no diaper or tray, pet it’s time to go outside.

Successful training is impossible without a strict daily regimen of the animal.

All puppies go to the toilet:

  • after awakening;
  • after eating;
  • after or during the game or walking;
  • when frightened or overexcited.

With the puppy go outside after all the above situations, not allowing him to shit in the room. Regardless of these cases, the dog can show that he wants to use the toilet by showing this circling, sniffing the floor beside him. It is important not to miss such a signal. If the dog found the dog’s dirty work, he needs to distract the animal. Enough cotton or whistle. Swearing will not help, in this case, it is important to take the pet outside to complete his business.

On the street it is better to choose a quiet place where the puppy will not be distracted. You should be ready that it will take a certain amount of time. If after 15 minutes of walk desired effect, you can return home, and after 30 minutes again to take the dog outside. Night better to forget about the food and give drink to the pet.

After spravleniya needs praised, petted the dog and reward with a treat. Before returning home with the pet play. The puppy needs to relate the shipment needs something good, not punishment (by the end of the walk). After fixing the skill to go toilet on the street, are taught to implement it on command, for example: “Go do”. You should repeat the command for each case, facilitate dog, then the animal won’t forget it.

In the growth process of a puppy, he learns to control his bladder then reduce the amount of walking 2-3 a day.

Some significant moments

When searching for the answer to the question: how to accustom your pet to the toilet, significant are the following:

  1. It is important the observation of the behavior of the animal. As soon as the dog began to run around the room, sniffing around, barking, and – time to the toilet.
  2. With detection from the side of the dog’s bad actions, it is necessary to scold and carry in position for the toilet seat.
  3. You should not ignore the misconduct of the pet that was right in the eyes. He will think that everything is permitted and would do again the same steps.
  4. When doing things dog in the right place, it’s essential to praise and give treats.
  5. The tray must be kept clean so that the pet is searched for a suitable place to carry out their Affairs.
  6. To guarantee the implementation of a puppy of their own Affairs, the walk should be long.

So, the puppy will learn to toilet in the apartment and on the street, with proper implementation of all the recommendations in the article.

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