How to train a dog at home

Training in the early stages – this lessons at home, when the dog nothing will distract and disturb. At this stage, the dog needs to learn to understand the owner, and the owner to find a common language with your pet.

In the process of training the dog will need to learn the most necessary commands for life.

How to train a dog at home

First you need to understand that there are stupid and unteachable dogs, unless the animal is not hurt mentally. Poet the success of training depends entirely upon the correctness of the approach and actions of the owner. To work with the puppy need since its establishment. At two months of age the puppy is able to master simple skills, and just at this time, he absorbs it beautifully in the power of youth and curiosity. Adults learn new knowledge longer than puppies. But you can cope with how to train an adult dog, if you approach this correctly and patiently.

Of the highlights of the first training:

  1. The first classes for training should not last more than ten minutes.
  2. Ten such training should be performed two to three times a day.
  3. You should always begin with a repetition of already studied teams, and then move on to a new one.
  4. Dog you need to train after she threw the energy, a walked.
  5. No need to get training immediately after eating, after a NAP or in the late evening.
  6. Punishment can be only in words, intonations need to show that the dog has done wrong.
  7. Shouting at the animal or to use force in any case impossible.

All the home training should occur in a game format, so many were interesting and fun to perceive new knowledge. No need to force the animal teams do not need to repeat more than two times. If the dog correctly and in time independently executed the command, it must be commended. Always at first it is necessary to sincerely and greatly to rejoice in the success of the pet, then the dog will be an incentive next time to execute the commands correctly, and hence to memorize them.

Such short courses of ten minutes is perfect in the early stages of taming. You need to carefully monitor the gestures, intonations and mood. Dogs catch this is all very sensitive and they may confuse, for example, different gestures for the same command. Sound team also have the same, no need to change or rearrange words, when the puppy just learning.

How to get pet training

The owner must obtain from the workouts fun and treat them with enthusiasm. Animals are very sensitive to the mood of the owner and with much greater zeal to carry the team, if you know that the owner is happy. No need to start to strictly dominate the pet and play the leader, if this is not necessary. Also should not manifest aggression towards the animal.

To pet was interesting, you need to apply the technique of rewards.

Encourage different ways:

  1. Treat.
  2. Game.
  3. Increased attention.

The effect of training is fixed it is best if after a correctly executed command and obedience on the part of the dog owner emotionally expresses joy and praise, and at the same time gives the pet a treat. But don’t overfeed the animal in the process of such incentives, the pieces need to give a very small, symbolic. The game as a reward works best with hunting and service dogs.\

At first, training can give your pet a hint about the future of the promotion. For example, to carry a belt pouch with a treat that the rest of the time the dog sees. To get pre-workout favorite toy. After some time dog will be alone to do without such prompts.

Proper praise

The dog associates the praise and encouragement with command and obedience, only if they follow exactly at the moment of command execution. If praise is delayed – it will be a big mistake, as the pet can do at this point, the action is not associated with the team.

For example, during the execution of the command “come”, praise should occur at exactly the moment when the dog was close with the owner. It is impossible to praise when she had sat up, lay down or perform another action.

There are teams and development of skills that are difficult to promote immediately. Then you can use the clicker is a little clicky keychain. The dog should be accustom to these clicks is to give a treat to a mouse. Then pet binds for himself a click and positive emotions. Further clicks will be enough to confirm to the dog that makes it all okay and happy with it.

A basic set of commands for working at home

First, you need to learn the most simple commands and then move on to those more complicated. This will be the course of home training.

One of the most important command is “come”. She can later save the dog’s life and know it certainly. For the first time this command say, when the puppy already runs to the host. Then use the attract – a toy or a treat, shown from afar. To start is to give the command from a short distance, it is gradually increasing. Including Supplement, when a dog sees its owner (e.g., he is in another room). To call you need to firmly but very calmly and positively. Her to beckon the dog with negative emotions and in order to punish.

Another very important command is “sit”. It also can be used instead of the commands “stand”, if you need to stop the dog on the street, for example.

The command “stand” is needed for hunting dogs, and the city enough to be able to “sit”. First, the team say, podavlivaya the moment when the puppy sits itself. After that, begin to learn to sit on command. To do this, in addition to voice use gestures vertically raised hand. In the hand you need to start clamping a treat and show it to the dog. You can’t tilt your hand so that the dog she reached for the food. To give encouragement is necessary only after the dog sits before hand. Then you can safely praise it.

These two commands a dog must learn before you become an adult and to comply with total obedience. Otherwise, walks without a leash for a pet will be impossible. The pet leash is also necessary to teach. To start with a puppy to walk on a leash through the apartment at least three times a day for five minutes. The dog should not pull on the leash, give the owner to manage it. Also walk the dog must voluntarily if it goes in the wrong direction, then it is given a signal a leash – a couple of gentle jerks. Drag pet force is not necessary.

Also at home you can learn commands such as “voice”, “SIC”, “barrier” and other useful skills for dogs in urban environments. If the dog is hunting or service, it is to train with professional dog handlers, as any error in education will be much harder to fix later on.

Voice – must take into account that the dog praise after she barked. At first you can provoke the barking the sharp slam of the door, or music after using only a voice command.

Barrier – the command at which the dog has to overcome an obstacle by jumping over it. The dog should involve a toy or treat, and then pointing over an obstacle encourage her to jump and at the same time say the command. If this happens, be sure to praise your pet.

SIC is quite difficult to study team. In the early stages, uttering the command, you need to gently open the dog teeth and put them in the toy for a few seconds with the words “give” the toy gently back. After the dog learns to pick up or drop a toy on command, it will need to carry out, and then throw to a dog it brought.

When all the commands learned in the home, they will need to be fastened again in the street. First time in an unusual situation where many distractions, even an adult dog can get confused. But this is normal and will pass with time. It is important not to lose enthusiasm and continue to train a pet.

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