How to trim the dog’s nails than to cut the dog’s nails

The main thing for the dog and its owner is the right care for your pet. One of the skills that will be taught to each owner of the animal is nail trimming. From theoretical knowledge, sooner or later have to go to practice.

This article describes in detail how to trim the dog’s nails. Useful tips and step by step description will help you make this process quick and painless at home.

How to trim the dog’s nails at home?

Most pet owners conduct a procedure such as removal of claws at home. From the point of view of Finance it sparingly. But how to learn to trim the claws of household pet?

In order to prepare, you should put:

  • cotton pads;
  • a solution of potassium permanganate;
  • any disinfectant, for example, peroxide or alcohol.
  • kogterezki.

A solution of potassium permanganate may be required only in the case that you will touch the living place, and bleed. Potassium permanganate will allow you to treat the wound. But with all the rules, this should not happen. No harm will be to take treats or a favorite toy of your pet. This will help to distract the pet from unpleasant procedures.

To accustom the animal to grooming needs are small. If you decide to do it at home, it pet you should explain why you do it and how fast you’re finished.

When and how to trim the dog’s nails?

This is the ordinary procedure under observance of all safety rules on the pet and the owner will have no problems.

It is not recommended to make haircut in that case, if the animal:

  • hungry and just ate;
  • looks tired, for example, after a walk;
  • sore;
  • behaves nervously.

You need to choose the time when the pet is calm and cool. After a walk, feed it, and an hour later start the procedure. It should be noted that each breed is different claws. Therefore, one pet, you may need to bring legs back to normal in two weeks and the other every two months.

Why cut the nail the dog?

In order to understand why there is cut nails of an animal should be exacerbated in anatomy. During active movement the upper edge of the nail of the dog touches with the surface of the support. Thus, it wears and acquires a certain form. In that case, if the Erasure of the nail is insufficient, then its shape can be distorted. This happens when walking on soft, slippery surfaces or during short walks.

Long nails is a cause of disturbance of the shape of the finger. The incorrect set-on of the legs and lead to damage or injury. As a rule, animals with overgrown nails often subject to sprains and arthritic changes in the limbs.

When the curves of the fingers, the violation of the slope of the pastern is incorrectly grinds the nails. This may aggravate the situation. Dewclaws where nails can not be erased, they can grow several times more than the required length. Thus, they will bend inwards and crash into the cushions of the fingers. The animal will experience pain and may suffer from falling into the wound infection.

Important: the length of the nail is particularly important. Long is able to break down, to lose strength. When you chip a nail can occur bleeding. In the case that the animal blood drips for a long time during the bummer claw should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Than to trim nails at home?

Tools for trimming nails animal you can buy at any pet store. You can buy scissors, or forceps kogterezki.

The owner of the animal can determine what it is more convenient to take care of my dog.

  1. Scissors can go the skillful breeders of dogs. If you plan to clip the nails of an animal you this option will not work.
  2. Kogterezki reminded the guillotine. It has a hole for the claw. Option will be useful to the master, who can quite quickly push the handle. For those pet owners that take too long considering this process, kogterezki not suitable as a dog run.
  3. Nipper is the ideal tool for the care of animals for beginners. They work on the mechanism of the scissors. The main thing is to place the claw between the blades.

For large dogs it is recommended to opt for forceps or scissors. For decorative and small rocks can go kogterezki.

Tips for trimming dog claws

Virtually all breeders sooner or later come to the conclusion as to perform a self-obstriganie nails pet. To carry out the procedure efficiently difficult. It is understood that there is a nail plate that has the keratinized tissue. Inside of it there is a sensitive place is a pulp. There is a lot of blood vessels and nerves.

If it is hurt, there is bleeding.

  • If your pet has light claws. The pulp is illuminated and has a reddish hue. This way you will be able to seamlessly perform the haircut.
  • If the animal has dark nails, you have to see this site not be possible. Therefore shear have random gradually.

If obligada claws pet regularly, but any breed over time the pulp will be to retreat, so as to facilitate the shearing process. For the first time any breeder can advise you how to trim claws in the grooming salon. Looking once this is done, the second time you can start an independent plan of action.

How to trim the dog’s nails: stages
  1. You need to bring the animal. Take his paw and lock. In order for the dog not to pull out the legs, it is necessary from an early age to teach your pet to tolerate touching the claw.
  2. You need to fix the finger, which you’ll be the first to cut. It is not necessary to relate to the interdigital spaces. An animal may reflexively move their limbs, which can lead to your careless actions. Draw the border of the pulp, carefully inspecting the claw.
  3. Carefully cut a small tip. If the pet quietly experiencing obstriganie, continue in the same spirit.
How to trim the dog’s nails: a method of a veterinarian

You can use a completely different method of sostegaria claws of a dog. This method is used by almost all veterinarians. You will spend just half an hour. In order to carry out this procedure, you need a dog, Curling sostegaria nails.

You need sitting at your knees hind legs, while the front is put forward. Next, you’ll need tongs that will help to rid the dog from the claws. Tongs work much more practical and faster. Pinching off one claw after the other, you will be able to quickly bring the case to the end.

If the dog during trimming claws makes whining sounds and tries to escape, not to be carried out on these manipulations. Most often such manipulation can occur in small decorative breeds. Guard dogs, hunting quietly allowed the owner to trim the claws without much screaming and vydergivanii.

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