How to trim the dog’s nails

Let’s talk about how to trim the dog’s nails. Pets, especially dogs, like small children, and for children, as it is known, should be carefully looked after – to care and surround with love.

However, caring for a dog does not end on such Goodies as timely feeding, regular exercise and tracking direct her hygiene.

As a pet most of the day indoors, often flat, it is prevented from naturally grind down their claws, and in fact for any dog this process is vital.

Time does not cut hard free nogtevoy the rest, brings the dog a lot of discomfort and can be a major cause deformation of the entire limb. This injury is too late to fix it will not be possible and the dog will remain crippled for the rest of her life.

To avoid such problems, it is important to remember the timely haircut, which can be carried out at home, this should be done twice a month and sometimes once is enough.

First, you need to remember that to begin this procedure is required only if the pet is in good spirits, and before the dog had experienced no stress – the arrival of a large number of people, visiting the vet or have not experienced excessive joy. Excessive emotionality of the animal, can only be a hindrance.

Next, you need to take of the dog’s paw to let her know that nothing bad isn’t going to do it. Keep the paw need to carefully pressing lightly on paw, but firmly and confidently, otherwise the animal may simply pull out. You only need to trim the “dead” region of the claw, which has no blood vessels, it should be completely white. Stepping back a few millimeters from the live part of pink color, at a slight slope cutting off unnecessary claw.

We should not forget that the nail clippers and even more common, are not suitable for this delicate procedure, and cope with the claw dogs are large breeds, they will not do. In every pet store there are special nail clippers for dogs, with their help and want to make haircut.

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